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PIC32MZ2048ECH144 development board
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PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_B.brd PIC32-HMZ144 CAD files upload Feb 20, 2015
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_B.pdf PIC32-HMZ144 CAD files upload Feb 20, 2015
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_B.sch PIC32-HMZ144 CAD files upload Feb 20, 2015
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_C.brd Revsion C board changes Mar 11, 2015
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_C.pdf Revsion C board changes Mar 11, 2015
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_C.sch Revsion C board changes Mar 11, 2015
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_C1.brd update Oct 18, 2017
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_C1.sch update Oct 18, 2017 update May 8, 2019
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_C2.brd update May 8, 2019
PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_C2.sch update May 8, 2019 update May 8, 2019

PIC32-HMZ144 development board

Product web-page:


  • Completely OSHW (Open-Source HardWare)
  • PIC32MZ2048EFG144 512KB RAM 2MB Flash (was PIC32MZ2048ECG144 prior to 20.10.2017)
  • USB-OTG connector
  • MicroSD card connector
  • Standard ICSP for debugging and programming
  • JTAG pins exposed on 0.1" step 6 pins
  • EXT1 and EXT2 50 pin 0.1" connectors for all PIC ports
  • RESET and USER buttons
  • LiPo battery charger and connector
  • UEXT connector
  • Dimensions: 77 x 52 mm

Demo-software can be found in the software section of the board's web-page.

Hardware revsion note:

A small number of initially distributed boards might beed a hardware patch for better operation. If your board is revision B and has Q1 with value of 24MHz make sure to apply all of the revision C changes listed below (1, 2, and 3) manually. These hardware changes are required ONLY for boards with printed board revision B and crystal Q1=24Mhz. If your board has a printed revision C or newer, or if Q1=12MHz no hardware changes are required!

Hardware revisions:

  • Revision B patch and revision C notes:
  1. The crystal Q1 was changed from 24MHz to Q12.000MHz/HC-49S/SMD/20pF/30ppm;
  2. Crystal capacitors (C29, C32) were changed from 27pF to 20pF as required in the errata: "C2=Cload, C1=Cload-2pF" and to have some pF spare, because during production, the capacitance is increased due to flux or dirt;
  3. R36=10k pull-up to 3.3V was added to the OSCO pin, i.e. MCU pin<72>.
  • Revision C1:

    This is the patched version of PIC32-HMZ144_Rev_C with soldered PIC32MZ2048EFG144-I/PH processors instead of PIC32MZ2048ECG144-I/PH

  1. The main processor was changed from PIC32MZ2048ECG144-I/PH to PIC32MZ2048EFG144-I/PH (the ECG was declared "not recommended for new designs" by Microchip)
  2. R36 was changed from 10k to 1.5k;
  3. Removed quartz Q1. Q1, C29, C32 and R30 were changed to NA - this is because of the errata sheets of both chips. Refer to 4;
  4. Added oscillator CD1 instead. CD1 is 24MHz oscillator;
  5. Q2, C30 and C31 were changed to NA.
  • Revision C2:

    Only difference compared to C1 is a typo in the schematic values, R36 should be marked as 150 Ohm resistor.

    No boards with R36 = 1.5k were ever produced.

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