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How to configure Snap4Arduino for eduArdu:
1. Download and install Snap4Arduino from:
2. Download and install latest Arduino IDE,
run it and Include the libraries from ./libraries directory in ARDUINO IDE:
Sketch->Include Library-> Add .ZIP library
3. Open "eduArdu_Firmata.ino" located in ./eduArdu_Firmata
4. Select a board to be Olimex32-u4 or Arduino Leonardo, select com port, get board info
5. Upload the sketch
6. Launch Snap4Arduino
7. From the File menu choose "Import" and select eduArdu.xml file located in this directory
8. Click on the Arduino label, located on the main screen of Snap4Arduino
9. Now you can see additional eduArdu blocks
10. Press " Connect Arduino " button located on the left pane
11. You will see dialog box confirming that you have been connected to Arduino (eduArdu)
12. Now you can create interractive Snap programs.
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