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@OMENScan OMENScan released this Jan 1, 2020 · 1 commit to master since this release

Changes since v4.0:

AChoir v4.0

  • No changes - Releasing v4.0 in honor of the Mr. Robot Season 4 premier 10/06/2019

AChoir v4.1

  • Add OPN: Opens a file for output, if a file is already OPN, it will be closed. Only one file can be OPN at a time.
  • Add OUT: Action - Appends a string to the OPN: File
  • Expand parsing to &LSA - &LSP and &FOA - &FOP
  • Add Experimental Unicode File Processing
    • Only UTF-16 (Big & Little Endian)

AChoir v4.2

  • Make Log File consistent (set to ACQName)

AChoir v4.3

  • Added &HST Variable (Host Name)
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