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COVID-19 Application Template

Template of an internally developed OMNIA application to help companies overcome some of the prevention, documentation and information centralization issues that the COVID-19 restricitions triggered. This application is free to use for everyone (scroll down if you want to use/try it).

Getting started

  1. Import to your OMNIA tenant the template Zip;

  1. Build & Deploy the model;
  2. Visit the application and use the "Configuration" tile and fill the configuration form with your company info;
  3. Add your coworkers (or a shared internal email) to the role "Consult";
  4. That's it, all your coworkers now have access to your company's COVID-19 documents and communications.


  • Admin: the person (or people) responsible for inputing and updating all COVID-19 information within the workforce;
  • Consult: the role that the workforce will use to access all information and documentation;

Application Features

  • Automatically generate COVID-19 guideline documents and general workforce recomendations. These documents are template-based (adapted for Portugal by default), allowing companies to easily edit them, if needed.
  • Upload internal company documents such as Contingency Plan, new time tables, etc, and make them imediatelly available to the workforce;
  • Upload COVID-19 related internal bulletins (separate from other documents)
  • Check the current status of the pandemic on a dedicated "Status" dashboard embeded with the recommended WHO COVID-19 tracker (see dashboard source).

User Interface

Admin Configuration Dashboard

Admin Configuration Dashboard

Admin Configuration Form

Admin Configuration Form

Consult Home Dashboard

Consult Home Dashboard

Consult Document-specific Page

Consult Document-specific Page

Consult Status Page

Consult Status Page

Let's overcome this together

We urge everyone interested in this application to join us and contribute to improve it as needs start to appear. Together we can improve faster, better and without wasted time (there's no need for two companies to develop two solutions to the same problem).

We'll be improving upon this application soon and updating it right here for all to use it as well.

Thank you and stay safe, this too shall pass.

Do you want to use this app? Talk to us

If you want to use this application and don't have a subscription of our OMNIA Platform, let us know and we'll setup a demo environment for your company, free of charge.

If you already have an OMNIA subscription simply follow the "Getting Started" and you're good to go.


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