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Template Name: Register
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<h4>Career&nbsp;Summit & Job&nbsp;Fair</h4>
<p>A full day of career-oriented sessions plus a job fair with media companies looking to hire.</p>
<p class="register-button"><a href="">Register &rsaquo;</a></p>
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<div id="register-3" class="grid_4">
<h3>ONA12 General Pass is SOLD OUT</h3>
<p>You can still register for<br />
The Thursday Workshops<br />
And the Career Summit & Job Fair</p>
<p class="register-button"><a href="">Become a Member &rsaquo;</a></p>
</div><!-- #register-3 -->
<div id="register-5" class="grid_4">
<h4>Workshop Passes</h4>
<p>Individual passes for all the hands-on workshops on Thursday.</p>
<p class="register-button"><a href="">Register &rsaquo;</a></p>
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