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ONEMenu for PSVita


OneMenu for PSVita is a simple to use UI which separates the installed games and apps into categories.
Onemenu comes with a built in file explorer which has many advanced features such as installing/uninstalling apps/games, move the selected app/game to diferent partition (ux0-ur0-uma0) connect via ftp or usb to the pc, restart, shutdown, rebuild db.

Changelog 3.09

  • The bars showing the partitions sizes were removed and now the sizes for:
    folders are showed only for vita games.

  • Also, added to the Shrink Game option, shrink the addcont/readdcont folders of selected game.
  • When a vita game is uninstalled, you'll be asked if Readdcont/GAMEID folder should be removed.

Changelog 3.08

  • Bug Fixes.

Changelog 3.07

  • Updated kernel and user modules taken from vitashell.
  • Added fix for the USB connection and udcd_uvc.skprx. 100% thanks to TheOfficialFloW and Xerpi.
  • Re-added "Install CustomThemes" from Livearea.

Changelog 3.06

  • Fixed downloads using QR SCAN, added ability to download from servers: Mediafire, Zippyshare, Gdrive.
  • Totally renewed the translation method, all translations must be updated according to new english_us.txt file.
  • Fixed STITLE error (max length 52) when editing bubbles.
  • Few small bugs fixed.

Changelog 3.05

  • Support to detect a game cartridge.
  • Added option to open ux0:app/(gameid), ux0:patch/(gameid) and ux0:repatch/(gameid) folder.

Changelog 3.04

  • Added support for detecting correctly the bubbles made with Adrenaline Bubble Booter v.06 and Adrenaline Bubbles Manager v5.05

Changelog 3.03

  • Updated kernel and user modules taken from vitashell.
  • Added option to open ux0:app/(gameid) folder.
  • Few small bugs fixed.

Changelog 3.02

  • Fixed error with sfo files containing STITLE_XX AND TITLE_XX from the SFO at appmeta.
  • Added option to backup/restore savedata to/from ux0:data/ONEMENU/saves when uninstalling/installing games.

Changelog 3.01

  • Added option Edit Bubble (by TheRadziu) allowing to edit the game STITLE and TITLE from the SFO at appmeta (Thanks to TheFloW for User/Kernel Modules).
  • Added sort list by Region.
  • Now you can set the sorting categories to Ascendant/Descendant.
  • Now the option Move App will only be enabled for homebrews.
  • Now the pvf font is shown in Bold style (improving presentation).
  • Took care of some bugs.

Changelog 3.00

  • Now the submenu in main screen have 2 pages (press triangle to open, and alternate pages with L and R), Same for submenu in Explorer.
  • Added the option to download and install ONEMenu themes to the main screen submenu.
  • Added the option "RELOAD Content" Allows to install games (NONPDRM) in ux0:app (Thanks the plugin Nonpdrm from TheFloW).
  • Added the option "Shrink Game" to the main screen submenu, allows to free up some space by eliminating some game folders/files.
  • Optimized the code a litle.



Changelog 2.05

  • Edit param.sfo (decrypted).
  • Fix automatic network update (Add TLS v1.2 Support).
  • Updated to the latest version of ONElua.

ONEMenu icons


UP/Down: Category change (5 categories available: Vita/Hb games, PSM Games, PSP/Hbs Games, PS1 Games, Adrenaline Bubbles).
L/R: Fast scrolling.
Start: Opens a submenu with a list of system apps.

Triangle: Open Submenus

  • NOTE: Press L/R to alternate between submenus (options).

Submenu 1:


RELOAD Content Allows to install games in ux0:app (Thanks the plugin Nonpdrm from TheFloW).

Uninstall Allows to uninstall selected app/game.

Shrink Game Allows to free up some space by eliminating some game folders/files such as: Game Manual, and some folders/files from ux0:app/(GAMEID) since those folders/files are also at ux0:patch/(GAMEID) (ux0:Repatch/(GAMEID)).

This option is based on TheRadziu's Tutorial

  • NOTE: Be very careful after using this option, because if the folders/files get deleted from ux0:patch/(GAMEID) or ux0:rePatch/(GAMEID) the game will stop booting cause there won't be any folders/files left at ux0:app/(GAMEID)

Switch app Allows to move the selected app/game between the 3 available partitions (ux0-ur0-uma0).

  • NOTE: When moving apps/games to ur0 or uma0 some will not start or will give a savedata error.

Show PICS Allows to show the selected game PIC in the submenu.

Mark Favorite Allows to mark a game/app as favorite.

Submenu 2:


Themes ONEMenu This option now allows to download and change themes for ONEMenu (moved to this submenu for best accessibility).

Style Allows to interchange ONEMenu category slides position and icon list style. Up: Clasic Menu style with mirrored icons and the category slides above the icons list. Down: Simple menu similar to PS4 with the category slide below, this option does not have the icons reflections.

Scan Favorites If this option gets enabled, when ONEMenu is restarted the icon list will only show the games/apps marked as "Favorite", is necesary to have marked one game/app at least to enable the option. If you want to have all the games/apps listed again then this option must be disabled.

Sort Category by Allows to sort the icon list by Title (alphabetically) or Gameid.

Enable AutoUpdate Enable/Disable the AutoUpdate feature to allow or block future ONEMenu updates.

ONEMenu Explorer Files

Triangle: Open Submenus

  • NOTE: Press L/R to alternate between submenus (options).

Submenu 1 with basic functions as:


Extract (zips and rars).
Size (folder/file size)

Install games as vpk or folder
Export multimedia files (mp4, mp3, png, jpg).

Submenu 2 with advanced functions as:


USB connection
Livearea Apps (install games in ux0:app)
Update Database (app.db)
Rebuild Database (app.db)
Reload config.txt
Favorites section to manage the games/apps marked as faverites and/or enable the option to scan only the favorites the next time you open ONEMenu.


Xerpi for vita2d.
TheFloW Pkg installer & USB Modules & User/Kernel Modules.
Yifan-lu, XYZ and Davee and every coder and dev contributing to Vitasdk.
Team Molecule for Henkaku.
WZ-JK For Graphics.
Yizhi gai For the text editor.
(Tuto Pro Play).