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New Features

All Editors

  • New no squares font engine, find best replacement font for characters
  • Ability to distribute data in tables
  • New fonts in default font set
  • Fully rewritten composite input for characters
  • New header and background color
  • Support of shape side panel for images
  • Change table size by drag'n'drop
  • New bullet list marker -
  • Redone connection of second user to document in Strict mode
  • Increase supported document size (without media-content)
  • New help entries
  • Search in help

Document Editor

  • Ability to set Tab Leader symbols
  • Support of Table of Contents
  • New Navigation left sidebar
  • New Reference tab
  • Rename Review tab to Collaboration
  • Changes history in Strict Co-Edit
  • Rename Display Modes entries for Track Changes
  • File tab Go to documents opens in new tab
  • Ability to set negative top and bottom page margin
  • Copy paragraph style will not overwright custom run style
  • Special paste of tables

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Custom user cell styles are now placed before default ones
  • New None Table Template
  • New editing tools for Pivot Tables
  • New regional presets - Deutsch (Schweiz), Español (México),
    Nederlands (Nederland), Slovenčina (Slovenská republika)
  • New date formats yy/m/d, yy/mm/dd, yyyy/m/d
  • CSV preview before opening

Presentation Editor

  • Special paste
  • Presentation level comments


  • Added Macros plugin
  • Fix plugin autostart problem


  • Support a lot of features in xls format (macros, controls etc.)
  • Speedup of opening ooxml files on 5-10%
  • Better compatibility with OpenFormat, RTF
  • Fix a lot of error in user-send files in all supported formats

Document Builder

  • Add new GetSheets, GetSheet, methods
  • Add GetVisible, SetVisible, GetName GetIndex for ApiWorksheet
  • Add getter and setter properties Visible in ApiWorksheet
  • Add getter property Index in ApiWorksheet
  • Add getter and setter properties Name in ApiWorksheet
  • Add getter property Sheets in Api
  • Add getter property ActiveCell in ApiWorksheet
  • Add function GetValue in ApiRange
  • Add getter property Value, function ForEach in ApiRange
  • Add function Format in Api
  • Add function GetCells in ApiWorksheet
  • Add getter property Cells in ApiWorksheet
  • Add function GetUsedRange in ApiWorksheet
  • Add getter property UsedRange in ApiWorksheet
  • Add function GetRowHeight in ApiWorksheet


All Editors

  • A lot of bugs fixed
  • Fix toolbar icons problems
  • Fix editing problems while connecting to document with a lot of changes
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