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New Features

All Editors

  • More options for Paragraph Spacing
  • Ability to set paragraph Outline level
  • Ability to get current color scheme
  • Redone Document Info page
  • Better and more templates for tables
  • Select languages using keyboard (bug #24317)
  • Ability to show shadow for images/shapes
  • Add mentions to comments
  • Show multi-gradient fill in shapes (bug #40719)
  • Add onRequestSaveAs Api event for saving file to storage
  • Add onRequestInsertImage event and insertImage
    method for inserting image from storage

Document Editor

  • Ability create new style - next style same as previous
  • Ability to add watermarks
  • Ability to print selection
  • Ability to save docx in mode compatible with old versions
  • Add tooltip for table styles
  • Add onRequestMailMergeRecipients event and
    setMailMergeRecipients method for mail merge

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Ability to change look of chart elements
  • Ability to set Headers and Footers
  • New tab for working with formulas
  • Ability to group data
  • Spellchecker
  • Support of Print area
  • Ability to resize autofilter window
  • Show the number of cells in autofilter window
  • Save 10 last used functions
  • Set default value for regional settings (bug #41549)
  • Asynchronous loading of formulas

Presentation Editor

  • New themes for slides
  • Print selection option for slide
  • Ability to set Headers and Footers
  • Ability to insert slide number
  • Ability to insert date/time
  • Add tooltip for table styles


  • Asynchronous loading of plugins

Mobile All Editors

  • Redone Document Info page
  • Ability to set color scheme
  • Ability to set unit of measurement
  • Show comments
  • Show users editing the document

Mobile Document Editor

  • Ability to view/accept/reject review changes
  • Ability to set display mode for review changes
  • Ability to add footnotes
  • Download to RTF format
  • Merge/split table cells
  • Add settings for non-printing characters
  • Add settings for commenting display

Mobile Spreadsheet Editor

  • Work with autofilters (bug #34113)
  • Add settings for commenting display
  • Add regional settings
  • Ability to set R1C1 mode
  • Add settings for formula language
  • Additional settings for search in the spreadsheet
  • Add settings for headings and gridlines
  • Add layout settings (page size, orientation, margins)
  • Ability to freeze panes from context menu

Embedded Viewers

  • Translate embedded viewers (bug 31297)


All Editors

  • A lot of bugs fixed


All Editors

  • Clipart plugin removed (third party service in unavailable)
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