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ONNC Umbrella


ONNC Umbrella is the umbrella for all ONNC projects.


  1. git
  2. Autotools
  3. GNU Libtool
  4. pkg-config
  5. Protocol Buffer
  6. glog
  7. flex
  8. bison
  9. curl

Ubuntu - with Apt

apt install git automake libtool protobuf-compiler libprotoc-dev pkg-config python2.7 python2.7-dev python-pip libgoogle-glog-dev flex bison curl
pip install lit

macOS - with Homebrew

xcode-select --install
brew install git autoconf automake libtool pkg-config protobuf coreutils

Compilation Instructions

The simplest way to compile this package is:

Dance with script.

  1. Check out ONNC from the repository.

    git clone --recursive ${ONNC}
  2. Type cd ${ONNC} to the directory containing the source code.

  3. Use to compile the package.

    ./ [mode] [target folder]

The package is built at ./build-<mode>/, and installed to ./install-<mode>/. It is a staged installation if the third argument (target folder) is given. Check GNU automake's DESTDIR for more information about a staged installation at the below link.

For example, use ./ dbg /opt/onnc to build the latest revision in debug mode for installation at /opt/onnc.

It will build in build-dbg, install to install-dbg, and generate a binary package named onnc-<branch name>.tar.gz.

Deployment Instructions

You can use the following instruction to install the binary package.

tar zxf onnc-master.tar.gz -C /opt


mkdir /opt/onnc
tar zxf onnc-master.tar.gz --strip-components 1 -C /opt/onnc

Recompile with the same arguments ./ dbg /opt/onnc, or make with DESTDIR=./install-dbg to ensure the binaries are installed to the staged installation path instead of being installed directly to the target folder /opt/onnc.

cd ./build-dbg
make DESTDIR=$(pwd)/../install-dbg install

Building Mode

There are four building modes, regression mode, debugging mode, optimizing mode and normal mode. Select mode by changing the second argument.

mode description
normal (default) build with normal compilation flags
dbg build in debug mode (unittest enabled)
rgn build in debug mode (unittest enabled) with regression test
opt build in optimized mode

Target Folder

The package is configured to be installed at the target folder (PREFIX).

Directory Structure

  • README - This document
  • - Same document in Markdown format
  • - The building script
  • src - The source directory of onnc project
  • external - The external librarys

Compilation Instructions (CMake)

We also provide for people love cmake. Currently, this script is experimental. It only pass deployment test on ubuntu Linux environment.

  1. Check out ONNC from the repository with --recursive flag

    git clone --recursive ${ONNC}
  2. Type cd ${ONNC} to the directory containing the source code.

  3. Use to compile the package.

    ./ [mode] [target folder]

The behavior of this script is as same as ./, but driven with CMake instead of automake.