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This wiki is home to planning and roadmap documents for the Natural Resources Revenue Data website.


Our team follows user-centered development practices as best it can. As such, we follow a hypothesis-driven design and development cycle.

Project background

In 2011, DOI entered into the international Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI). In 2015, with the help of a Presidential Innovation Fellow and eventually 18F, DOI developed and published their annual EITI reports to an interactive website, originally called the U.S. EITI data portal. The content of these annual reports (and therefore of the content on the site) was directed by a Multi-Stakeholder Group representing industry, government, and civil society (NGOs, academia, etc). More about this site. The site served as an interactive annual report for EITI from 2015 to 2017.

Current status

The United States withdrew from EITI in November 2017, but DOI & ONRR remain strong supporters of good governance and the principles of transparency represented by the EITI, and are fully committed to keeping this data open and available. The Department of the Interior is actively working to institutionalize the website and the open source and open data practices that support it. This shift ultimately represented an opportunity for ONRR to revisit and sharpen the goals of the site to help it respond more directly to user needs.

You can track our overall development and design progress by viewing open issues. We archive what we learn from each usability sprint in the research branch of this repo. Any memos on broader user experience research will be in that research folder as well.

Participating in development

You can add a new issue to make a suggestion or let us know about a bug.

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