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The Train

Transactional file publishing tool over HTTP, name inspired by The Train from The Magic Roundabout.

Runs an embedded Jetty server that accepts files in parallel over HTTP and commits them to a local directory, backing up replaced files as necessary and providing optional encryption.


FIve APIs are available to control file publishing:

  • POST to /begin to begin a transaction and get a transactionId.
  • POST the files you want to publish to /publish to add them to the transaction, specifying transactionId and uri (destination path within the target directory) parameters in the url.
    • To transfer multiple files in a single API call, send a zip file and specify zip=true in the url. Paths in the zip will be appended to the uri parameter when extracting files in the destination.
  • POST to /commit or /rollback, specifying a transactionId parameter in the url to end a transaction.
  • GET /transaction, specifying a transactionId parameter in the url to get the details of a transaction.

By default the publisher will operate on temp directories. It prints out console messages about the configuration variables you can use to set up directories in production, or take a look at the Configuration class.


If you wish to encrypt transferred files until a transaction is committed, specify an encryptionPassword parameter in the url. This will be used to trigger AES encryption when files are written to disk.

NB to secure the transfer of files to The Train, run it over HTTPS. Encryption functionality is provided for data written to disk between publish and commit.

HTTP uploads are processed by Apache Commons Fileupload and, if stored as temp files, are transparently encrypted using classes based on the implementations provided in Commons Fileupload:

  • EncryptedFileItemFactory
  • EncryptedFileItem
  • EncryptedDeferredOutputStream

The EncryptedFileItemFactory class ensures that any data written to disk as temp files are encrypted using a temporary AES key.

File upload encryption is implicit and requires no adjustment to the way Fileupload is used.