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Database spikes for customise my data


The purpose of this project was to find the most appropriate database for storing and querying ONS datasets with dynamic queries.

Cassandra / google big table (distributed wide column store)
  • Filter large tables quickly given a known key
  • Tables built around queries
  • Specific queries not known up front
  • Not practical to model a table around every combination / permutation of filter
MongoDb (document database)
  • Stores individual documents
  • Created a single collection to hold the dataset
  • document per row in the dataset
  • Filtering was reasonably fast, but not efficient
  • using a lot of disk swap space as it could not all be held in memory
Elastic (document database)
  • Same considerations as MongoDb
Hadoop (Distributed map reduce)
  • Can solve the problem as is scalable
  • Not optimal for the problem
  • More of a sledgehammer solution
Apache Ignite (in memory data grid)
Neo4j (graph database)
  • Optimised for traversing relationship between data
  • More performant with more filters applied

The input files used in the tests are zipped in the input-files directory.

Test queries

Queries are in 'pseudo' sql due to variances in the databases. They are provided only to show the variations on filters

File size Rows Dimensions File name
1030612770 10620815 3 CensusEthnicity.csv
285529619 1486273 6 ASHE07E_2013WARDH_2015_3_EN_Earnings_just_Statistics.csv
82417638 652159 4 RGVA01.csv
4554415 39425 4 UKBAA01a.csv

ASHE07E dataset

select all data
SELECT * from observation
select a single point (filter on all dimensions)
SELECT * from observation
WHERE Geography="K02000001"
AND Year="2015"
AND Sex="CI_0006618"
AND `Working pattern`="CI_0006618"
AND Earnings="CI_0021537"
AND `Earnings statistics`="CI_0006603"
select a single dimension value
SELECT * from observation
WHERE `Earnings statistics`="CI_0006603"

(123856 results)

select multiple dimension values
SELECT * from observation
WHERE `Earnings statistics`="CI_0006603"
OR `Earnings statistics`="CI_0006604"

(247712 results)

select cross-dimension and get multiple values
SELECT * from observation
WHERE Earnings="CI_0021537"
AND   Sex="CI_0005444"
AND   `Earnings statistics`="CI_0021539"

(5161 results)