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Etienne Carriere and jforissier plat-stm32mp1: assign last 4kB of sysram as shared memory
Allow the last 4kByte of stm32mp1 SYSRAM internal RAM to be
assigned to non-secure world when used as SCMI shared memory.
ETZPC memory firewall is configured accordingly from service
late initialization level as ETPCZ driver is initialized from
service init level when embedded BTD support is enabled.

Platform configuration switches CFG_STM32MP1_SCMI_SHM_BASE and
CFG_STM32MP1_SCMI_SHM_SIZE are used to define the SCMI shared
memory location.

Compilation asserts that if CFG_TZSRAM_START is define inside SYSRAM
then it fully resides inside the secure SYSRAM area as per SoC ETZPC
implementation that mandates the non-secure SYSRAM to be above (higher
address) the secure SYSRAM.

Signed-off-by: Etienne Carriere <>
Acked-by: Jerome Forissier <>
Latest commit ee4d159 Apr 8, 2020


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.github GitHub: use GitHub actions to close stale issues and PRs Jan 9, 2020
core plat-stm32mp1: assign last 4kB of sysram as shared memory Apr 10, 2020
keys TA as ELF + signature Sep 9, 2015
ldelf ldelf: ldelf.ld.S: make sure _ldelf_start() is first Apr 6, 2020
lib Squashed commit upgrading to mbedtls-2.16.5 Apr 7, 2020
mk core: lockdep: introduce CFG_LOCKDEP_RECORD_STACK Apr 7, 2020
scripts add -L option to the "file" command Feb 24, 2020
ta ta: pkcs11: drop derive from AES_ECB Apr 8, 2020
.gitignore Open-source the TEE Core Jun 12, 2014
.shippable.yml shippable: build one imx platform with CFG_RPMB_FS Mar 30, 2020
.travis.yml ci: travis: Use proper construct for full clone Feb 11, 2020 Update CHANGELOG for 3.8.0 Jan 24, 2020
LICENSE LICENSE: all files are licensed under BSD 2-Clause by default Feb 11, 2019
MAINTAINERS MAINTAINERS: fix my email address Feb 20, 2020
Makefile Makefile: add .DELETE_ON_ERROR Sep 30, 2019 docs: Remove current docs and link to the new location Feb 21, 2019
typedefs.checkpatch Add SLIST_HEAD() and SLIST_ENTRY() to typedefs.checkpatch Jun 27, 2019

OP-TEE Trusted OS

This git contains source code for the secure side implementation of OP-TEE project.

All official OP-TEE documentation has moved to

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