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Test suite
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ricardosalveti and jforissier ta/derive_key_taf: fix build warnings
Use correct type size when printing size_t content and remove unused err

Signed-off-by: Ricardo Salveti <>
Reviewed-by: Jens Wiklander <>
Latest commit 40aacb6 Jun 26, 2019
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cert cert: add some test certificates May 24, 2018
host regression_8100: use null terminated strings with file_to_c Jun 28, 2019
package/testsuite/global_platform/api_1.0/GP_XSL_TEE_Initial_Configuration-Test_Suite_v1_0_0-2014-12-03-STM Increase stack size for GP TTA_Arithmetical TA Apr 16, 2019
scripts regression_8100: use null terminated strings with file_to_c Jun 28, 2019
ta ta/derive_key_taf: fix build warnings Jul 1, 2019
.gitignore Move GlobalPlatform tests to their own test suite Apr 4, 2017 regression: add tests for panic events handling May 7, 2019
CMakeLists.txt cmake: locate files WRT to project home directory Jan 22, 2019
CMakeToolchain.txt Create an explicit LICENSE file Apr 25, 2016
Makefile xtest: use imported OpenSSL Jun 5, 2018 docs: Remove current docs and link to the new location Feb 22, 2019

OP-TEE sanity testsuite

This git contains source code for the test suite (xtest) used to test the OP-TEE project.

All official OP-TEE documentation has moved to The information that used to be here in this git can be found under optee_test.

// OP-TEE core maintainers

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