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OP2: open-source framework for the execution of unstructured grid applications on clusters of GPUs or multi-core CPUs
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OP2 is an API with associated libraries and preprocessors to generate
parallel executables for applications on unstructured grids.

This repository contains the implementation of the run-time library
and the preprocessor, and is structured as follows:

`- op2: Implementation of the user and run-time OP2 C and Fortran APIs
`- apps: Application examples in C and Fortran
|  These are examples of user application code and also include
|  the target code an OP2 preprocessor should produce to correctly
|  use the OP2 run-time library.
`- scripts: simple basj scripts for quickly testing OP2 backends and applications
`- translator: MATLAB and Pyton OP2 preprocessor for C and Fortran
`- doc: Documentation

For build instructions see README files located under op2/c (for C/C++ backend libs), 
op2/fortran (for Fortran backend libs) and apps/c (for C/C++ API based examples).
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