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I have attempted to get most of the documentation up to date with this branch. The user documentation and distributed memory developer documentation have been updated with the latest features of the OP2 API and library.

I have also added the airfoil documentation that was previously only made available on the OP2 website.

The developer doc is the one that is less up to date, given the extensive changes done to the CUDA back-end and code generator.

If every one can go through these documents and raise any issues, it would really help to continue the maintenance of OP2. This will be particularly important as we are looking forward to integrating OP2 into the production line at RR.

gihanmudalige and others added some commits Dec 4, 2013
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Updating readme file 3735661
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige setting up .gitignore correctly 7e61457
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Minor modifications to the ignored directories d0af211
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Further additions to .gitignore 5161ab1
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Minor changes 489d32e
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Adding a table of contents to the user doc 1ee5444
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige formatting 47ff59c
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Further formatting 15bc5fd
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Noted about gen_seq in documentation -- needs to be updated further a…
…fter the vectorization branch is mearged
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Adding airfoil README and build documentation ef4b0d1
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige changing READEME extension f289ea3
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Adding details of Airfoil 3e266af
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Cleaning up Airfoil and adding details to README 4141b41
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Update to Cmake build as some airfoil versions were removed a491a4b
@reguly reguly Some update on simplified OpenMP and CUDA, plus AVX 976f808
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Format update for airfoil doc 6fccff4
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Changed code generation instructions from MATLAB to Python 96333ac
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige update README for airfoil with code validation details 99fa64d
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Add compare bin utility for airfoil 9f3b38f
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige minor formatting e4041c1
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Formatting 722050e
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Adding figures for airfoil documentation 62b2970
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige shell script to make documentation 39e1557
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Remove build of docs in c libs 20fe3b2
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Minor formatting 0d19441
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Updated user guide 9a50b39
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Modifications for MPI-dev docs fcd9540
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige op_fetch_data_hdf5 further clarification to its functionality 9621341
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Details on partial halo exchanges 8eb44ab
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Adding documentation on fully hibrid execution, this is not included …
…yet in the user documentation as this feature is only supported by the fortran backend.
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Adding breif details on mesh renumbering 83f2a5d
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Minor commit d062d7b
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Airfoil doc restructured 5406e75
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Corrected spelling and minor mistakes in mpi_dev fdd60ec
@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige Update document format ecc2fe1
@kynan kynan commented on the diff Dec 20, 2013
@@ -40,8 +40,8 @@ option(OP2_BUILD_ALL_AERO "Build all aero apps" ON)
- airfoil/airfoil_vector
- airfoil/airfoil_hdf5_vector
+ #airfoil/airfoil_vector
+ #airfoil/airfoil_hdf5_vector
OP2 member
kynan added a line comment Dec 20, 2013

Why are these commented?

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OP2 member

It seems this pull request conflates a number of unrelated changes:

  1. Changes to the airfoil demo:
    • Why were the demos airfoil_hdf5_simple, airfoil_hdf5_vector and airfoil_vector removed?
  2. Documentation changes:
    • I don't think you want to commit the PDFs
    • I don't think you want to commit .sty files either

The only committed PDFs are figures.
The .sty files are needed to build the latex document. If there is another way to do this, please go ahead.

airfoil_simple was using simplified OpenMP But now we do this simplified version every where.
airfoil_hdf5_vector and airfoil_vector are versions with vector maps. I think there are test cases for this in Aero.
We will have a vectorised version of airfoil in a future pull request.

OP2 member

Sorry, my bad. I hadn't realised that the PDFs were images.

For the .sty files I would simply document that these latex packages are required and maybe also which Debian package they are part of (e.g. latex-xcolor for xcolor.sty).

I think I'm fine with removing those demos. I'd only have done that in a separate pull request.


Added documentation detailing dependencies for the .sty files while removing the .sty files.
This should enable us to merge this pull request. Let me know if there are further issues

OP2 member

I think this is fine overall. You could squash some of the commits e.g. all of those with small formatting changes.

@gihanmudalige gihanmudalige merged commit 97f50f6 into master Jan 2, 2014
@kynan kynan deleted the update/documentation branch Jan 2, 2014
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