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OPC UA NodeSets and Other Supporting Files


Files Found Here

This repository contains UANodeSets and other normative files which are released with a specification. Any change to a specification (release of a new version or errata) may require a change to the files in this repository.

For each specification the following normative files need to be published:

  • .NodeSet2.xml - The formal definition of the Nodes defined by the specification;
  • .Types.xsd - The XML schema for the DataTypes defined by the specification;
  • .Types.bsd - The OPC Binary schema for the DataTypes defined by the specification (obsolete);
  • .NodeIds.csv - A CSV file containing the NodeIds assigned to Nodes defined by the specification;

In addition, the following non-normative support files may be published:

  • .Classes.cs - C# classes for Nodes used with the .NETStandard stack;
  • .DataTypes.cs - C# classes for DataTypes used with the .NETStandard stack;
  • .Constants.cs - C# constant declarations used with the .NETStandard stack;
  • .PredefinedNodes.uanodes - A non-normative binary representation of the UANodeSet for use with .NETStandard stack;

If a companion specification working group uses the ModelCompiler to create the UANodeSet then the following files are published:

  • .Model.xml - The Nodes defined by the specification using the schema needed by the ModelCompiler;
  • .Model.csv - The NodeIds assigned to the Nodes defined by the specification;

For the core OPC UA specifications the following additional files are published:

  • StatusCode.csv - The StatusCodes defined by the OPC UA specification;
  • AttributeIds.csv - The identifiers for the Attributes defined by the OPC UA specification;
  • UNECE_to_OPCUA.csv - The numeric codes assigned to the UNECE units (see Part 8);
  • ServerCapabilities.csv - The ServerCapabilities defined by the OPC UA specification (see Part 12);
  • Opc.Ua.NodeSet2.Services.xml - A UANodeSet that includes DataTypes which are used only with OPC UA Services;
  • OPCBinarySchema.xsd - The OPC Binary schema definition;
  • UANodeSet.xsd - The UANodeSet schema definition;
  • SecuredApplication.xsd - The SecuredApplication schema definition (see Part 6);

The files for each companion specification are in a subdirectory with the short name of the specification. The files for the core specification are in the Schema subdirectory.

Release Process

This repository only has the released versions of the normative files.

Draft and Release Candidate are available in the member only repository.

Instructions on requesting access to the member only repository can be found here.

The files in the 1.04 branch are also public to the OPC Foundation website. If someone is looking for the officially released version of the UANodeSets they must follow the links in the specification.

When the files are reviewed and published a tag will be created in this repo with the publication date specified in the UANodeSet.
Note that adding tags is a step that was added late in the process so tags prior to 2019-05-01 do not exist and users must use the dates on the commits.

There are currently 3 branches in the repository:

  • v1.04 - default
  • v1.03
  • master (empty) - only available in a private repository

These branches correspond to a release of the OPC UA specification. When a companion specification is released it will be added to the branch that matches the release of the OPC UA specification used. If errata are later published for a companion specification the version in the appropriate branch will be updated.

Error reporting

If an error or problem is found in any of the files it should be reported as a mantis issue against the appropriate specification.

More information on the process can befound here.