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  • FlowVisor is a special purpose OpenFlow controller that acts as a transparent proxy between OpenFlow switches and multiple OpenFlow controllers
  • FlowVisor creates rich ''slices'' of network resources and delegates control of each slice to a different controller
    • Slices can be defined by any combination of switch ports (layer 1), src/dst ethernet address or type (layer 2), src/dst IP address or type (layer 3), and src/dst TCP/UDP port or ICMP code/type (layer 4).
  • FlowVisor enforces isolation between each slice, i.e., one slice cannot control another's traffic


  • Make sure you have our public key (otherwise you won't be able to verify our signature) * Obtain the repository public key: $ wget * Install the repository public key: $ sudo apt-key add GPG-KEY-ONLAB

  • Get the latest Debian/Ubuntu binary from our repo: * Add deb stable/ to your /etc/sources.list * sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flowvisor

  • Or get the source directly from the git repository: * git clone git://


  • Report/Track a bug
  • Discuss FlowVisor on the OpenFlow (general) mailing list