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The core for Open Power Libraries providing some basic services.

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Open Power Libs 2.0.5

Open Power Libraries is a project of specialized PHP5 libraries to support various frameworks and individual scripts. The design is based on our own experience with other libraries, where the lack of some general idea and vision was visible.

System Requirements

The recommended version to run OPL is PHP 5.3, however - the library does also work on PHP 5.2.


In order to install the library, copy the /lib directory into your project directory tree. The initialization can be done by loading /lib/Opl/Base.php file manually and configuring the autoloader:


// Now you can use OPL and OPT

If your webserver supports PHP 5.3, you may also download official PHAR-s from Invenzzia Website:


// Now you can use OPL and OPT

Please note that the PHAR-s do not contain any extra stuff, like documentations, unit tests etc. - they are just plain libraries.


The examples can be found in the /examples directory. We also recommend to read the user manual and the tutorials published on

Unit Tests

In order to execute the unit tests, you must have the PHPUnit utility. You can install the package using the PEAR installer. Execute the following commands in the console:

$ pear channel-discover
$ pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

Now you can switch into the /tests directory and execute some tests with:

$ phpunit testname

Before running test, make sure that the library paths in tests/paths.ini file are set correctly.

Authors and License

Open Power Libs
Copyright (c) Invenzzia Group 2008-2010

The code was written by:

  • Tomasz "Zyx" Jedrzejewski - design, programming, documentation
  • Jacek "eXtreme" Jedrzejewski - testing, minor improvements, debug console
  • Amadeusz "megaweb" Starzykiewicz - additional programming.

We would like to thank everyone that send us new ideas and find bugs.

The libraries are available under the new BSD license that can be found in LICENSE file. The documentation is available under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 that can be found in LICENSE.DOCS file.

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