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Open Power Security 2.1-DEV

This is a development snapshot of the Open Power Security library. This project aims to create a general-purpose security framework for PHP 5.3 applications.

Current status

Implemented features:

  • Generic authentication subsystem
  • Low-level generic access control system based on security policies and domains.

Not implemented features:

  • ACL tree implementation.
  • User and role implementation.
  • Default security policies.
  • Antivirus integration.
  • Spam protection subsystem.
  • Bot protection subsystem.
  • Passive and active attack protection subsystem.

Authors and license

Open Power Security - Copyright (c) Invenzzia Group 2008-2010

The code was written by:

  • Tomasz "Zyx" Jedrzejewski - design, programming, documentation

The library is available under the terms of New BSD License.

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