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A template engine for PHP5 featuring XML as a template language and declarative programming.
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Open Power Template 2.1-dev

Open Power Template is a template engine for PHP5 that features XML and declarative programming as a template language. The primary goal is to focus on what you want to get, not - how it is supposed to work.

The project belongs to the Open Power Libs foundation.

Version 2.1 status

2.1 is the new development branch which brings lot of improvements and features. However, it is not considered as stable. There are still some untested and unfinished features that may not work.

In order to find a production-ready branch, please switch to 2.0.


Authors and license

Open Power Template - Copyright (c) Invenzzia Group 2008-2010

The code was written by:

  • Tomasz "Zyx" Jedrzejewski - design, programming, documentation
  • Jacek "eXtreme" Jedrzejewski - testing, minor improvements, debug console
  • Amadeusz "megaweb" Starzykiewicz - additional programming.

The library is available under the terms of New BSD License.

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