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Open Power Autoloader

This is a collection of universal class loaders for PHP 5.3+ compatible with PSR-0 class naming standard. They can be used for loading any project that follows these naming rules.

Version information

This is a development version of Open Power Autoloader



The package provides the following class loaders:

  • \Opl\Autoloader\GenericLoader - generic class loader with dynamic class-to-file translation.
  • \Opl\Autoloader\UniversalLoader - a slower variant of GenericLoader that allows to register subnamespaces, too.
  • \Opl\Autoloader\ClassMapLoader - class loader which uses a predefined map of classes and their paths. Provides greater performance at the cost of flexibility.
  • \Opl\Autoloader\PHARLoader - class loader with predefined maps of classes for self-contained PHAR archives with web and console applications.
  • \Opl\Autoloader\ApcLoader - a modification of ClassMapLoader which allows to cache the class maps in the APC shared memory.
  • \Opl\Autoloader\ChdbLoader - a modification of ClassMapLoader which uses Unix shared memory files and chdb caching extension to store the class maps.

Extra classes:

  • \Opl\Autoloader\CoreTracker - an autoloader decorator that allows to find the common application core loaded every time.

Extra tools:

  • Class map builder - produces the class maps for the given namespaces in the serialized array or chdb shared memory file formats.
  • CoreDump - exports the core dump generated by the CoreTracker, concatenating it into a single PHP file or a list of require statements.

Documentation can be found here.

License and authors

Open Power Autoloader is a part of Open Power Libs 3 foundation - Copyright (c) Invenzzia Group 2008-2011. It is distributed under the terms of New BSD License.


  • Tomasz Jędrzejewski - idea, programming.
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