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Open Power Template 3.0.1-dev

This library is a universal template engine for PHP 5.3+ and a platform for implementing template languages using a general-purpose compilation framework.

Version information

This is a development version of Open Power Template 3.0.1. Even the basic functionality is not finished yet.


  • PHP 5.3+
  • XMLReader extension
  • Any autoloader capable of loading PSR-0 classes, i.e. Open Power Autoloader


The package provides the API for interacting with the templates, and the compilation framework for implementing template languages. In the near future, the package is going to provide a number of available template languages:

  • Declari - XML-based template language known from OPT 2.x
  • Template Attribute Language
  • PHP

License and authors

Open Power Template is a part of Open Power Libs 3 foundation - Copyright (c) Invenzzia Group 2008-2011. It is distributed under the terms of New BSD License.


  • Tomasz Jędrzejewski - idea, programming.