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ResInsight 2018.11.2 is mainly a patch release including fixes for import of grid- and summary files.

Issues fixed since previous release

#4028 Prepare for patch release
#4032 Well Bore Stability: Fix issue with zero SFG in most cases
#4031 Ensemble : When two ensembles are present and checked, only one ensemble displays curves
#3968 Ensemble : Not possible to plot two ensembles at the same time
#3952 Summary : Improve default behaviour for summary cases and plots

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@magnesj magnesj released this Dec 21, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.11.1 is mainly a patch release, including improved support for data source stepping for summary and ensemble curves.

Issues fixed since previous release

#3909 Ensemble : Sort files alphabetically in find dialog
#3891 StimPlan : BETA values for transversal and azimuth
#3886 AppFwk ToolBar Editor : Call calculateValueOptions for existing editors
#3885 Memory Use Warning appearing with fairly low memory use on Linux
#3873 Create LGR : Crash when creating LGR for box model
#3858 MSW export : Put pressure drop text inside quotes
#3835 Ensemble : Statistics curves are always visible
#3834 Ensemble : Curves are visible even if top level is toggled off
#3829 Completion Export : Avoid space in generated file name
#3827 Fishbone Laterals : Whole well is exported instead of lateral only
#3825 Time Step Filtering : Avoid storing of UI only field
#3809 Contour Maps: Support plot creation based on Flow Diagnostics results
#3801 Flow Diagnostics: old projects have read-only items in Injectors/Producers lists
#3798 Contour Map : Animation bar visible in view when info box is disabled
#3796 Summary Plot Stepping toolbar : Update on plot editor close
#3785 Summary Plot : Investigate activation of wrong item on Linux
#3784 Completion Export : Fix duplicate content in exported files
#3782 StimPlan : Beta value of zero invalidates mean calculation
#3781 CARFIN export : Wrong value for NX/NY/NZ
#3780 Remove debug output from QPainter

Summary data source stepping

  • Improved support for specifying a summary curve as basis for data source stepping
  • Support for data source stepping for ensemble curves

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@magnesj magnesj released this Nov 28, 2018 · 77 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.11 is a major release with several new features.

Main Features

  • Well path creation
    • Users can create their own well paths easily by creating well targets directly in the 3D view
    • Use the full set of extraction tool as we have for imported well paths, like well log extraction curves, intersections, and more
    • Well plan export
  • 2D contour maps
    • Computation and display of oil/gas column
    • Aggregations based on length or volume
    • Aggregation based on user-defined weighting property
  • Completions
    • Easily create multiple fractures along well paths
    • Support export of completions based on perforation intervals
  • Creation of new local grid refinement(LGR)
    • Create new LGRs based on main grid cells intersected by completions
    • Export of CARFIN for generated LGRs
    • Export of COMPDATL for generated LGRs
  • Improved ensemble plotting
  • Well Bore Stability Plots and Casing Design

For more info see

Other Improvements

  • Improved and more intuitive window tiling
  • Memory usage indicator and memory management
  • Time step filtering before importing data

Enhancements since ResInsight 2018.05.01

Bugs fixed since ResInsight 2018.05.01

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@magnesj magnesj released this May 25, 2018 · 1369 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.05.1 is a patch release fixing a blocking bug related to construction of the "Windows menu".

For more information, see issue #2961

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@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this May 22, 2018 · 1373 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.05 is a major release with several new features

Main Features

  • 2D Intersection Views
    • Flattened intersections along wells and user defined poly lines can now be viewed in a separate window, making them easier to inspect.
  • 3D Well Log Curves
    • LAS-curves and well extraction curves can now be drawn inside the 3D View along the well path.
  • Ensemble Curve Set plotting (Preview feature)
    • Summary curve plotting of case ensembles is simplified
    • Supports parameters.txt files describing realization paramenters as used in the ERT workflow
  • Origin restart file support
    • Automatically find the origin files of a restart run
    • Options to import the summary data unified or as separate cases.
    • Option to import the grid results as separate cases.
  • Recursive multi file import dialog
    • Allows finding files spread in a large file hierarchy
    • Supports Grid cases, Summary Cases, Grid Case Groups and Summary Ensembles
  • Completion Data Export
    • Completely reorganized export dialog
    • Support LGR's
  • Visualization of Well Connection Factors
    • Simulation wells CF's
    • CF's from modeled completions and calculated by ResInsight
  • Improved 3D Legend
    • Optional background for improved readability
    • Improved layout and use of screen area
    • On/Off toggle
  • Fracture related improvements
    • None-Darcy flow options
    • Support Asymmetric SteamPlan fractures
    • Perforation length visualization
    • Fracture On/Off toggle in view
    • Fracture color interpolation On/Off
  • Command File improvements
    • Support for Fracture sensitivity studies
      • Scaling of height, width and D-factor
    • Support comment lines
    • Launch command files from GUI

Geo-Mechanical Features

  • Tensor arrow visualization
    • Show principal values as scaled arrows with color and correct direction
  • Import Element Property Tables
    • A subset of the Abaqus input file format supported
    • Visualize as a separate result (Cell Colors, Property Filtering)
  • Mohr circle plot of selected cells
  • Compaction calculation
  • Improved performance on all calculations
  • Improved feedback and recovery when running out of memory.

Other Improvements

  • Color Result command in 3D View
    • Selects the corresponding item in the Project tree
  • Automatically hide irrelevant result inspection plots
  • Improved menu organization
  • Improved several icons
  • Copy/ Paste of Intersections
  • Avoid visualization of well paths way outside grid domain

Complete List of Enhancement-Issues Closed Since v2018.01.01

#51 Cell Results Legend background and text color
#112 Legned Definition on/off Tick-box
#113 Legend Definition Discrete Mapping give unproportional ranges
#1544 Fracture : Visualize perforation length on the fracture
#1752 Plot: Import multiple cases from sub-folders using filter
#1758 Export Completion Data for LGR-grids
#2150 Fractures: Display fracture along well in front of well intersection
#2151 Fracture: All fractures in view on/off control
#2152 Fracture: Fracture color interpolation as user option
#2316 Tensor Vectors: Create Object in Project tree Called "Tensor Results"
#2331 2D Intersection Views: Create project tree item and view window
#2332 2D Intersection View: Command to create view
#2333 2D Intersection View: Grid visualization
#2334 2D Intersection View: Visualization of main well
#2337 2D Intersection View: Length and depth axes along the view edge
#2344 Tensor Vectors: Vector visualization code
#2345 Tensor Vectors: Average Tensors on elements
#2347 Elm Props: Create new Result Position entry called Element
#2348 Elm Props: "Import Element Property Table" command
#2349 Elm Props: Create list of imported files in Geomech Case property panel
#2350 Elm Props: Create Reader of Element Property Tables
#2351 Elm Props: Visualization of imported element property tables as element color result
#2358 Fracture: Show StimPlan grid values in ResultInfo panel when clicking
#2359 Fracture: Adjust default parameters for ellipse fractures InProgress
#2360 Elm Props: Wire up reading of elm prop data into data structures
#2361 AppFwk : Add support for file path and vector of file paths in PdmField
#2369 Elm Props: Close selected files
#2370 Elm Props: Reload selected files
#2372 Elm props: Change modulus and ratio appearance
#2379 Summary cases import dialog Bug
#2383 Multi Case Import: Use the RicFileHierarchyDialog for .EGRID/.GRID files as well
#2384 Multi Case Import: Use RicFileHierarchyDialog as an alternative to Create Grid Case Group from files
#2388 Fracture: Support asymetric StimPlan fractures
#2389 Fracture: Read perforation length from StimPlan file and use as startingpoint
#2390 Intersections: Add Copy/Paste
#2391 Intersections: Context command: "Add to All Views in Case"
#2392 3D View Context command: "Color Result"
#2393 Reservoir Compaction derived Result
#2402 Fracture : Add support for multiple conductivity variants on file
#2412 2D Intersection View: Make the view into a real 2D experience
#2413 2D Intersection View: Add Text info
#2426 2D Intersection View: Add color legend
#2427 2D Intersection View: Support Cell selection as for the other views
#2428 Fracture: Reorganize Fracture Colors tree item
#2436 2D Intersection View: Show fault meshlines in different color and support "faults only"
#2437 2D Intersection View: Add fault labels
#2438 2D Intersection View: 3D Info Box items must follow settings in the main view
#2439 Ellipse fracture Template: Change default Permeability to 1e5
#2440 Export Completions: Add MD-in and MD-out to comments
#2449 2D intersection view. Show UTM intersection point too
#2455 Non-Darcy Flow : Add fields to fracture template
#2456 Non-Darcy Flow : Export the correction factors along with COMPDAT
#2457 2D Intersection View: Origo of the flattened intersection at well start
#2459 Tensor Vectors: Use lines to draw the vectors
#2460 Tensor Vectors: Use result as colormapping on the vectors
#2470 2D Intersection Views: Hide the item when no intersections are present
#2471 Fracture : Block selection of fracture if fracture template is selected in Project Tree
#2475 Fractures: Use filename as default name when importing a StimPlan fracture
#2478 2D Intersection View: Add top axis and make border opaque
#2481 2d Intersection View: Show wellpaths in full length when clipping in main view is off.
#2484 2D Intersection View: 3D Info text: Show only well name, well path name or intersection name
#2485 2D Intersection Views: Add "Show Polyline" option for polyline intersection views
#2490 Non-Darcy Flow : Add symbols after each field label
#2491 Non-Darcy Flow : Add option for user defined fracture width
#2492 Non-Darcy Flow : Ignore WPIMULT export setting if non-Darcy Flow is active
#2493 Batch Fracture Sensitivity Support: Assemble scale fators in group
#2494 Batch Fracture Sensitivity Support: Add height and width scale parameters
#2495 Batch Fracture Sensitivity Support: Add D factor scale factor
#2496 Tensor Vectors: Find better P1-2-3 colors
#2503 2D intersection View: Add Z-scale as info in the 3d info box
#2504 Non-Darcy Flow : Write Documentation
#2505 Batch Fracture Sensitivity Support: Add command file commands
#2507 Non-Darcy Flow : Add display of unit and handle field units
#2509 Fracture : Refactor how unit conversion is implemented
#2519 Mohr Circle: Create plot widget
#2521 Fishbones : Clamp MD ranges to max MD of well path
#2522 Mohr circle: Update plot on 3D view selection
#2523 Mohr Circle: Improve circle appearence
#2527 Mohr Circle: Add friction-cohesion line
#2531 Mohr Circle: Add Info text
#2533 Mohr Circle: Calculate Element FOS
#2537 Mohr circle: Support multi selection of cells
#2538 Mohr Circle: Support time stepping
#2540 Mohr circle: Improve scaling of window
#2544 Well CF Visualization: Add visualization on well paths
#2545 Well CF Visualization: Add object in project tree
#2546 Well CF Visualization: Add data access to virtual transmissibility values
#2547 Well CF Visualization: Add color legend in 3D view
#2551 Cell info plots: Hide when not applicable
#2552 2D intersection Views: Show well head and cell connection status along simulation wells
#2553 Well CF Visualization: Visualization of Simulation Well Connection factors
#2554 System : Create workflow for command files in regression tests
#2556 Origin Summary Cases: Investigate libecl functionality.
#2558 None Darcy Flow: Use prioritized list of stimplan width parameters when extracting
#2561 Fracture Templates: Refurbish unit convert command InProgress
#2564 Compaction. Use topmost cell layer with valid POR as default refernce layer
#2565 Compaction: Remove checkbox enabeling of Compaction. Bug
#2566 Compaction: Add tooltip to reference layer field.
#2568 Well Paths : Avoid visualization of wellpaths way outside grid domain
#2570 Mohr Circle: Documentation
#2571 Tensor Vector: Regression test
#2572 Tensor Vectors: Documentation
#2573 Eclipse Text File Import : Improve error message if required keyword is missing
#2576 Command File : Add support for comment lines
#2580 Export Completion Data: Command in File/Export menu
#2581 3D well log curves: Create 3D curve object on a well path
#2582 3D well log curves: Create add 3D well log extraction curve command
#2584 3D well log curves: Create a collection object to hold curves
#2585 3D well log curves: Create visualization for a curve
#2591 3D well log curves: Add grid along well path
#2592 3D well log curves: Visualize results
#2594 Compaction: User documentation
#2596 3D well log curve: Establish a coordinate system for curve normals
#2597 3D Well Log Curve: Add option to create LAS curve
#2598 3D Well Log Curve: Add option to create RFT curve
#2599 Tensor Vectors: Arrow length scale should follow legend setup
#2600 Well CF Visualization: Add picking on connection factor objects
#2601 Well CF Visualization: Support regeneration of viz on time step changes
#2603 Legend Background: Add option to toggle legend background on/off
#2605 2D Intersection Views: Show Perforation intervals along well paths
#2606 Legend background: Harmonize the widths when several legends are present.
#2613 Tensor Vectors: Should be default off, but have ST selected
#2619 Fracture Sensitivity Support: Add conductivity scale for Ellipse fractures
#2625 Completion Type Legend : Only show categories present in the model
#2626 Fracture Adjustments
#2628 3D well log curves: Scale curves by grid size
#2629 2D Intersection View: Use same code for wellpath visualization as in 3D View
#2633 3D well log curves: Clip plot when well path is clipped
#2635 3D well log curves: Give new curves different colors
#2642 Legend background: add more spacing around content
#2643 Legend background: change background color to be the same as the viewer background.
#2644 Origin Summary Cases: Create import dialog
#2645 Origin Summary Cases: Add support for reading restart file info
#2646 Origin Summary Cases: Add preference settings
#2647 Origin Summary Cases: Support restart files when importing EGRID files
#2649 Ensemble Curves: Implement ensamble parameters file reader
#2650 Ensemble Curves: Add parameters reader unit tests
#2651 Ensemble Curves: Read ensamble parameters when importing summary case
#2652 Ensemble Curves: Add classes for displaying ensamble curve sets
#2653 Ensemble Curves: Add command feature for adding new ensamble curve sets
#2654 Ensemble Curves: Display ensamble curves using single color
#2655 Ensamble Curves: Display ensamble curves using colors based on an ensamble parameter
#2657 Ensemble Curves: Add legend for ensemble parameter colors to plot
#2658 Ensemble Curves: Update plot editor to support ensemble curve sets
#2667 3D Well Log Curves: Command to Delete curve
#2668 3D Well Log Curves: Draw-Plane width control
#2669 3D Well Log Curves: Color control of singel color
#2671 3D Well Log Curves: Option to use a white solid color as Draw Plane Background
#2672 3D Well Log Curves: Max and min value control for each curve
#2673 3D Well Log Curves: Consolidate the Draw Plane position control
#2674 3D Well Log Curves: Show what the value axis direction is
#2676 3D Well Log Curves: Enable pick selection of the 3D Tracks and curves
#2677 3D Well Log Curves: Show the curve value when clicking the curve InProgress
#2684 Well CF Visualization: Option to turn off CF visualization on closed connections
#2685 Origin Summary Cases: Split preference in two parts
#2686 Origin 3D Cases: Add option to open Origin 3D cases as separate cases to the dialog
#2687 Ensemble Curves: "Import Ensemble" Command
#2688 Ensemble Curves: Assign a sensible default color
#2691 Ensemble Curves: Complete the vector selection options in the Property panel
#2692 Ensemble Curves: Add group selection mode to vector selection dialog InProgress
#2697 Export Completions : Support individual COMPDAT sections for each completion type
#2698 Export Completions : Reorganize user interface
#2700 CmdFile : Update export completion commands
#2703 3D Well Log Curves: Implement filled drawing style InProgress
#2704 2D Intersection Views: User Documentation
#2707 Origin 3D Cases: Add default option in preferences dialog
#2708 Well CF Visualization: User Documentation
#2709 Export of COMPDAT : Always export diameter
#2710 Origin Summary Case: Adjust labels in preferences
#2716 Mohr Circle Plot: Investigate calculation performance and improve if feasible
#2717 Compaction: Improve performance of calculation
#2719 Origin Summary Cases: Adjust labels in dialog
#2720 Origin Summary Cases: Cancel must abort the complete operation
#2721 Ensemble Curves: Needs light to dark color sets for legend and better default
#2724 Ensemble Curves: Mouse tracking on curves must show model name/Case Id
#2737 Command File Launcher : Add command for launching command file from UI
#2738 Documentation : Add CmdFile description of RicfExportSimWellFractureCompletions NeedsDoc
#2741 Documentation CmdFile : Update RicfExportWellPathCompletions NeedsDoc
#2743 Origin Summary Cases. Dialog adjustments
#2750 Summary cases: Add Import commands to summary cases tree node
#2760 Ensemble Curves: Show one curve legend NeedsInput
#2767 Documentation : Split Completions doc into separate pages
#2768 Recursive Import Dialog: Use search mode where * does not match path separator
#2771 Ensemble curves. Add context command 'Add curve set' to plot tree nodes
#2773 Export Completions : Update documentation and screenshot
#2775 Ensemble Curves: Add progress when reading summary cases
#2779 Ensemble Curves: Make Import Commands appear more organized in the menues
#2780 Ensemble Curve Sets: Introduce auto naming similar to summary curves
#2782 3D Well Log : Establish Auto Name for the curves
#2797 Ensemble Curves: Support text as parameter values
#2798 Dock Widgets : Improve menus and handling of tabbed dock widgets
#2802 Ensemble Curves: Improve Progress info when loading a lot of summary cases
#2803 Ensemble Cases Performance: Improve importing and loading cases
#2805 GeoMech : Show Element Type in Result info
#2806 Origin Summary Files: Dialog should have "OK to All " instead of "Apply settings to ...."
#2808 CF Visualization: New Icon in the project tree
#2809 Ensemble Curves: New Icons
#2811 Ensamble curve set. Set default ensemble when only one ensemble exists
#2813 Origin Summary Case: Final dialog adjustments
#2818 Summary: Add "Create Summary Plot" and "Create Cross plot" as commands on Summary Cases/groups/Ensembles
#2819 Ensemble Curves: Distinguish between Ensembles and ordinary Summary Case Groups
#2821 Export Completions: Use Split on Well And Completions as default
#2822 Legends: Move Axiscross to bottom right corner. Adjust the legend layout accordingly
#2830 Geomech: Improve performance on results calculations
#2838 Ensemble Curve Name : Auto name and legend adjustments
#2840 Ensemble Curve Sets: Copy/Paste of Curve Sets
#2849 Fishbones: Rename some Commands
#2853 Icons for Summary Case Group and Ensemble
#2856 Menus fixes
#2857 Observed Timehistory Group: Needs better Icons
#2858 Summary Cross Plot: Icons
#2861 Octave Scripts: Better Icons
#2862 Summary Plot: Inconsistent icon usage.
#2875 3D Well Log Curves: User documentation
#2877 Export Completions: Add more variants to well path completion export tests
#2881 Export Completions: Continue exporting other completions if one has a unit mismatch.
#2886 Ensembles: Command to "convert" Summary Case Group to Ensemble
#2887 3D Well Log Curves: Tidy up configuration
#2898 Ensemble curves. Add vector selection to curve set
#2908 Ensemble Curve Sets: Use legend icon for colorlegend-using icon in the normal curve legend
#2909 RFT Plot: Improve icon
#2910 Summary Groups: Set default group name to "Group"
#2933 Calculator : Auto fill address selection based on last entered address

Fixed Bugs Since v2018.01.01

#653 Instabilities when toggling linking on and off for version 1.5.0
#955 Improve handling of state for UI commands
#1742 Fractures: Allow multiple wells to be completed in same cell
#1777 Make access of data in RimStimPlanFractureTemplate robust
#1905 Perforation Intervals: Picking the well pipe does not work at perforations
#1907 Fractures: Ellipse fractures not exported for thin grid layers
#1908 Summary case: When opening a project, avoid opening of closed summary cases
#1909 RimSummaryCurveAppearanceCalculator assertion fails
#1968 Export Completion: Change order to follow well path
#2141 Fracture: Add view Legend for Ellipse-fracture
#2272 Refactor derived field m_anchorPosition in RimFracture
#2322 Fracture Colors. Wrong default value
#2353 Empty function caseName() shadows base class field with same signature
#2363 Crash when try to import Eclipse case wothout UNIFOUT, or with UNIFOUTS keyword
#2364 Fracture: Crash at Completion Export for fracture at start of well path
#2371 Fracture : Crash when import of StimPlan xml fails
#2400 ResInsight 2018-01-01 Keeps Crashing After Loading Model
#2401 Cell RelPerm plot missing vertical scaling with KRWR
#2403 Extraction Curves: Well paths starting inside a cell seems to get strange curves.
#2407 Crash when calculating Water Flooded PV
#2431 3D view: Wrong MD when clicking on well path
#2448 Summary Plot: User define Date range block update of plot for other items
#2450 Unable to Import EGrid
#2465 Property panel: Update UI fields from selected result on tree view object changed
#2466 Guard null pointer access of activeReservoirView
#2467 Unit Conversion: Wrong StimPlan geometry
#2560 CF Export: Must use correct unit of conductivity in transmissibility calculations
#2595 Crash when opening project with a well log LAS curve without connection to well path
#2683 Well CF Visualization: Sim Well pipe color should be gray for closed existing connections
#2690 Summary Plot: Inconsistent summary selection when in-active vectors
#2712 Export Completions : Add flag to control fractures for well path export
#2713 Export Completions : Add viewId to simulation well file command
#2744 Well Log Extractor : Well path completely inside one cell is not detected
#2756 PLT plot: Remove Pseudo Length as Depth type
#2765 Completions : Use max available diameter when combining multiple completions in same cell
#2792 Geomech: Crashes if the import fails (eg corrupt file)
#2816 Summary Curves: If empty autoname, use something
#2829 Geomech: Improve guarding and potential crashes due to lack of memory.
#2831 System : Writing a message to a hidden status bar causes reordering of views
#2854 UNRST and EGRID file matching confused by . in basename
#2859 Well Plots: Inconsistent Icon usage
#2872 IJK Slice Command: Does not work properly on LGR's
#2878 SOIL for solvent models.
#2880 Export Completions Command: make sure all completions are exported if they are listed in the names parameter
#2901 RFT Plot : Default plot shows all time steps, not filtered to match observed data
#2904 Curve creator: Curve visibility setting not working
#2919 Summary Plot Title : Always show "Composed Plot" for curve combinations
#2920 Settings for Property Tree and Property Editor visibility are not saved if main window is closed before plot window.
#2939 Progress Bar missing when loading on linux
#2940 Geomech: Flickering due to missing display translation of model

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@magnesj magnesj released this Feb 22, 2018 · 2455 commits to master since this release

Patch release for ResInsight 2018.01

Complete List of Issues Closed Since v2018.01

#2501 Result Plot: Add "Show Plot Data" to context menu
#2468 Multi grid statistics : Missing case data if no view has been created
#2458 Cell Result: Select chosen result type on load
#2453 Stim plan. Loading from file is very slow
#2451 Export Completions : Broken control of Fishbones main bore cells when combining
#2446 Snapshot : Too many characters in generated file name
#2444 Batch: command File option replacecase only working for 1 case
#2443 Batch: Avoid blocking message box for code related to running command files
#2435 Fracture: Transfer fix of #2374 to 2018.01.01-patch branch
#2434 Eclipse Load of Input Properties Loads the NOECHO Keyword
#2433 Eclipse Input Deck Fails to Load
#2430 Perforations: Not visible in 3D view (II)
#2429 Perforations: Not visible in 3D view (I)
#2422 Perforations: Project tree not updated after import
#2421 Cell RelPerm plot error for Logarithmic Scale
#2419 Clicking on model in 3D view causes crash
#2418 Import of text grid model fails when comments are on same line as keyword
#2414 AppFwk : Do not overwrite field double value with UI text representation
#2411 AppFwk : Increase precision when writing real numbers to XML
#2410 Plt/Rft/Wlp/Well Alloc plots: Depth autoscale is too agressive.
#2408 Summary plot. Axis issues after duplicating plot
#2406 Crash when deleting summary plot
#2404 Intersection: Update 3d view when creating new Intersection Box
#2399 Cell RelPerm plot missing Scaled relperm curves
#2398 Fracture: Hide "New Fracture" in context menu when no Fracture Template is defined
#2385 Main Window: More flexible docking restrictions
#2378 Fractures: Hide "Fracture Colors" in Project tree when not in use
#2377 Summary Plot: Well Production Rates plot not using Right Y-axis
#2375 Flow Diagnostics/PvtRelPerm Plot: Qt exception and crash when initializing flow or PVT curves
#2374 Fracture : Incomplete results when computing intersected StimPlan cells
#2368 Summary Plot: Right Y-Axis scale is changed at Left Y-Axis scale update
#2367 Completion Type calculation Crash when well path file is not found
#2362 Segmentation fault when open project with grdecl-data
#2356 Grid Statistics: Mobile Volume Weighted Mean not toggled off
#2352 Geo mech: Crash when choosing invalid Result Variable
#2340 Snapshot : Space in path is replaced with underscore
#2329 Missing relocate of file path when project has moved
#2328 Crash when calculating "Water Flooded PV"
#2327 Formation RFT Plot: Well picks does not work for RFT plot
#2326 Well allocation plot: Invalid formation names for well path trajectory
#2325 Summary plot: Plot editor plot should have same axis type as target plot
#2319 PLT plot: Plot is auto scaled after reading project file
#2301 Rel.perm Plot: Tooltip missing for cell value
#2277 Improve robustness related to missing files
#2276 Source Stepping : Improve region ordering
#2261 Well Paths: Wrong well path set to current item
#2241 Import Eclipse file: not see "Simulation Wells" othervise UNIFOUT
#2229 Curve creator: Not updated automatically
#2086 Handle extended ascii characters on Linux
#588 Color Result for geomech views does not show correct result position

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@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this Jan 5, 2018 · 2534 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.01 is a major release with several new features.

Main Features

  • Improved Summary Plotting
    • Summary plot editor with filtering and multi selection
    • Auto plot titles and improved automatic legend and axis texts
    • Improved curve appearance assignment
    • Import observed data from csv or RSM files
    • Paste curve data from excel or text files
    • Curve calculator to produce derived curves
    • Cross plotting of Summary Data
    • Grouping, reload and closing of summary cases
    • Font size adjustments, axis number format adjustments, Interpolation type setting,
  • New specialized plots
    • Relative Permeability plot for selected cell
    • PVT plot for selected cell
    • RFT plot
    • PLT plot
    • Statistics dialog with detailed histogram and cdf plots
  • Flow Diagnostics improvements
    • Improved flow characteristics plots
      • Cell region filtering
      • Timestep selection
    • Time Of Flight per phase
    • Improved support for multiple connections in same cell
    • Plot of accumulated saturation by time of flight
    • Fluxes are calculated on the fly if not present in the restart files.
  • Support for dynamic nnc values
    • Octave interface
    • Visualization
  • Modelling and exporting completions to eclipse input file format
    • Fishbones
    • Perforation Intervals
    • Hydraulic Fractures
      • Imported from StimPlan
      • Elliptical
  • Command File for batch execution
    • Export Completions
    • Run Octave scripts
    • Replace cases in project
    • Compute case group statistics
    • ...

Other Improvements

  • Improved Formation names support
    • Show in all relevant Well plots. Well log, Allocation, RFT, PLT
    • Import well specific fomation names/well picks with filtering
  • Improved Well Path associated data
    • Support for several LAS files for one well path
    • LAS file date support
    • Automatical and manual assosiation of simulation well and imported well paths
  • Improved performance and support of cases with lots of timesteps
    • Filtering of witch restart timesteps to load
    • Store result index file to speed up opening a case 2. time
    • Dip and Azimuth plane intersection
  • Simple CARFIN export
  • Mobile-pore-volume-weighted average
  • Calculation of injection flooding
  • Import of HDF5 result files from SourSimRL to use as cell result property
  • Export of visible cells to FUXNUM/MULTNUM eclipse ascii files

Complete List of Enhancement-Issues Closed Since v2017.05.02

#733 Batch : Add support for execution of Octave scripts
#861 Summary Plot : Auto Plot title
#1036 Pre-proto : Create FractureDefinition
#1037 Pre-proto: Create Fracture used to locate a fracture definition
#1038 Pre-proto: Command Feature - New well path fracture
#1039 Pre-proto : Command Feature - New fracture
#1040 Visualization of elliptical fracture
#1044 Pre-proto : Command Feature - New simulation well fracture in 3D view
#1086 Fracture Definition: Move width to Fracture Properties
#1088 Fracture: Handle in 3D view to move fracture
#1089 Fracture definition: Add azimuth angle
#1090 Fracture definition: Add perforation length
#1126 Flow Plots: TOF-accumulated phase fractions (SWAT, SGAS, SOIL)
#1138 StimPlan : Visualization of fracture geometry
#1139 StimPlan : Import of data from XML
#1144 Fracture template : Update connected fractures
#1145 Support COMPDAT keyword export for selected wells
#1149 Rotate fracture geometry 90 deg
#1202 Flow: Handle separate phase solutions
#1230 StimPlan : Add legend to 3D view
#1239 StimPlan : Add checkbox to control visibility of fractures
#1250 Show fractures directly as child objects of well / well path
#1251 Select fracture when clicking in 3D view
#1252 Add and use transparent color for both ellipse and stim plan objects
#1259 Convert StimPlan fractures
#1271 Convert coordinates between field/metric for both fracture types
#1272 Allow user to switch between field/metric in property editor for fractures
#1274 Show StimPlan analysis mesh as geometry
#1275 Set defuault values for stimPlan polygon timeStep / property based on content i XML file
#1276 Add dip rotation angle to fracture instances
#1278 Convert data when needed when exporting COMPDAT
#1302 Set fracture unit system for simWell fractures
#1348 Convert fracture to "Along well path" if azimuth is close to well path direction
#1349 Show perforation interval along well path/sim well for each fracture instance
#1351 Add well radius to fracture template and fracture instance
#1352 Add f_eff scaling factor [0..1] to fracture template to control fracture efficiency
#1368 Add tilt angle to fractures (similar to dip rotation angle)
#1377 Flow Characteristics Plot: Calculate for a defined set of cells.
#1387 SourSimRL: Command to delete existing sour sim data from ResInsight
#1441 Fishbones : Establish datastructures and display in project tree
#1442 Fishbones : Visualization of a group of subs
#1450 Fishbones : Add support for vertical wells
#1451 Fishbones : Perforation intervals
#1452 Fishbones : Export laterals to text file
#1461 Fishbones : Compute connection factor for cells penetrated by laterals
#1463 Fishbones : Export well connection factor multipliers
#1464 Fishbones MSW : Export well segments
#1465 Fishbones MSW : Export location of completions
#1467 Fishbones : Data structure for completions
#1468 Fishbones : New feature 'Import Completions'
#1470 Fishbones : Perforation intervals visualization
#1471 Fishbones : Completions visualization
#1474 Fishbones : Set sensible values when creating fishbones subs definition
#1486 Fishbones : Init sub object with MD at mouse intersection with well
#1489 Fishbones : Create Eclipse output file formatter
#1494 Fishbones : When creating new fishbone, create only one sub
#1495 Fishbones : Add new folder in project tree named 'Completions'
#1496 Fishbones : Collapse groups MSW and Success factors by default
#1497 Fishbones : Assign individual colors to well paths when importing well paths
#1498 Fishbones : Assign individual colors to fishbones, and relate to well path color
#1499 Fishbones : Use naming based on index "Fishbones 1"
#1500 Fishbones : Use global index to subs when exporting lateral geometry
#1502 Fishbones : Add "New Perforation" to context menu when clicking on well path
#1504 Fishbones : Use start and end MD as perforation name
#1505 Fishbones : Calculate direction of a completion
#1512 Fishbones : Compute COMPDAT for imported well path branches
#1513 Fishbones : Add 'Fly to Object' for fishbones and perforations
#1515 Fishbones : Describe export algorithm
#1517 Fishbones : Extract pipe properties from RimFishbonesMultipleSubs
#1518 Fishbones : Add UI and export for Abs/Inc and pressure drop
#1519 Fishbones : Aggregated export of COMPDAT for multiple completion types
#1520 Completions : Establish new result type 'Completion Type'
#1523 Completions : Import perforation intervals from file
#1529 Use diameter instead of radius in GUI
#1532 Completions : Export improvements
#1533 Perforation Intervals : Hide from visualization based on time step
#1534 Perforation Intervals : Do not include in export based on time step
#1552 Export Completions: Group export options according to Perf/Fishb/Fractures
#1561 Export completions : Support WPIMULT
#1573 Set unit system on well path
#1574 Fracture Export: Support layer clipping of fracture
#1585 Fracture Truncation: Visualize results of truncation in 3D view
#1589 Refactoring of UI for COMPDAT export
#1590 Add unit support to RimFishbonesCollection
#1593 Use well path unit from completion instances
#1597 Enable commands for creation of completions on Well Path and hide empty containers
#1602 Completion Type : Add fracture category
#1617 Fracture : Add "Fracture Conductivity Factor" on StimPlan template
#1618 Fracture : Show azimuth and well path direction as text
#1633 Export Completions : Improve combo box texts
#1636 Batch concept investigation
#1642 Batch : Replace folder for input files
#1643 Batch Command Line: Allow filename including extension for parameter "case"
#1651 Fishbones : Set default value for Install Success Rate to 1.0
#1662 Octave Interface: Command to push generated Dyn NNC result values back to ResInsight
#1665 Batch command file concept
#1667 MSW Export : Move parameters from export dialog to project
#1668 Use "Export" instead of "OK" in export dialogs System
#1670 LGR : Establish UI for export to CARFIN
#1675 Octave Interface: Get Selected cells interface
#1677 LGR : Store dialog data in project file
#1688 Octave Interface: Make all commands using a [RequestedTimeSteps] handle a single timestep
#1689 Octave Interface: NNC commands: Improve help texts
#1690 Summary: Import clipboard data from Excel as new curves
#1692 SourSimRL: Put results in a separate result type
#1696 Flow Characteristics Plot: Threshold option for aquifer cells
#1697 Export of visible cells to FLUXNUM / MULTNUM .GRDECL file
#1698 Flow: Use opm-flowdiagnostics calculation of fluxes if not present in Eclipse restart file
#1704 Fracture: Fracture Containment should include Top and Base layers
#1717 Implement exportSimWellCompletions for command file interface
#1723 Avoid print of Completion file for empty completions
#1730 Command File : Add time to generated snapshot filename
#1734 Command File : Use caseId as variable name instead of case
#1735 Doc : Add list of all available commands at top of documentation
#1741 Octave Interface: Add command to get available dynamic NNC values
#1760 Octave Interface: Create md-format documentation files of the new commands
#1761 SourSimRL: Default directory when opening soursim data should be the eclipse case directory
#1762 SourSimRL: Use *.sourres as filter in file open dialog
#1763 SourSimRL: Hide soursim file field and result category if HDF5 support is not compiled in
#1766 Time Step Filtering: Create command for import with timestep filtering
#1767 Time Step Filtering: Dialog / filter settings on case
#1768 Many Timesteps: Use coming libEcl support for keyword index-files
#1772 Flow Characteristics Plots: Add command to store them in the same way as for well allocation plots.
#1774 Summary: Needs explicit Excel Paste command on a summary plot and the collection
#1775 SourSimRL: Hide SourSimRL result category if no Sourres file is active
#1778 Flow: When not using "All" phases, the only available grid variable should be TOF
#1781 SourSimRL: Rename "Delete Sour Sim Data" to "Close SourSim Data"
#1783 Summary: Copy/Paste of Excel-pasted curves
#1784 Summary: Improve Paste From Excel dialog
#1787 Flooded Pv: Calculation of Number Of Flooded porevolumes
#1788 Flooded Pv: Create preliminary user interface to show Flooded PV
#1793 Add looping of list of case filenames when executing command file
#1794 Merge pre-proto into dev
#1797 TOF-Acc Sat Plot: Add mouse tracking with data info
#1803 TOF Acc Sat Plot: Needs icon
#1804 Flow Characteristics Plot: Needs icon
#1805 Flow Characteristics Plots: Improve property panel
#1807 Flow Characteristics Plot: Use visible cells in view as region selection
#1814 Observed Data: Create tool to parse keyword based Eclipse User Data files
#1815 Observed Data: Make Observed Data available in summary plotting
#1818 Observed Data: Command to Import observed data (GRF/Ascii)
#1820 Observed Data: Close Command
#1832 Many Timesteps: Add preference option to control caching of result index file
#1834 Many Timesteps: Add preference option to control import of well data
#1835 Tof Acc Sat Plot: Add a max TOF range field
#1836 Flow Characteristics: Region selection threshold fields
#1839 Observed Data: Create tool to parse column based Eclipse User Data files
#1840 Summary: Create named folder object to sort summary cases in
#1841 Curve Creator : Improve the Case Selection to respect the sorting in folders
#1842 RFT Plot: Create new top level RFT-Plot folder and RFT-Plot Object with plot window
#1847 Curve Creator: Create the first version of the new pdm object representing the Curve Creator
#1849 Curve Creator: Use toggles instead of highlight in multi selection lists
#1851 Curve Creator: Appearance settings must not overwrite manual user adjustments
#1852 Curve Creator: Create the first version of the new Curve Creator dialog
#1853 Curve Creator: Convert old project file curve setups
#1855 Flooded PV: Only list properties ending with "F"
#1869 Curve Creator: Preliminary "Edit Summary Curves" context command on Summary Plot
#1886 Curve Creator: Make Edit command behave as advertized
#1887 Curve Creator: Make the new SummaryCurveCollection operational
#1888 Curve Creator: Add auto appearance assignment
#1889 Curve Creator: Improve Dialog based on input and known issues
#1895 Curve Creator: Add checkbox in front of each Symmary Type
#1896 Curve Creator: Add All On/Off toggle on top of TreeSelectionEditors
#1897 Curve Creator: Use only one list for Region to Region options
#1898 Curve Creator: Add basic search fields above all the lists
#1911 Curve Creator: Improve dialog button functions
#1913 Curve creator: Update command 'New Summary Plot'
#1914 Curve creator: Raise the Curve Creator dialog on 'new plot' and 'edit plot' commands
#1915 Curve creator: Remove default curve filter and the stuff around it in Preferences
#1916 Plot project tree: Keep selection of summary cases after grouping, and leave new group expanded
#1917 Plot project tree: Cleanup plot context menu items
#1918 Observed Data: Design architecture and create classes for management of Observed Data and readers
#1919 Curve Creator: Summary Type toggles must be off by default
#1921 Curve Creator: Add the same curve name config that was present in the curve filter
#1923 Curve Creator: Improve performance.
#1928 Curve Creator: Rename and polish Appearance Settings
#1930 Curve creator adjustments
#1939 Curve Creator: Select newly created or edited plot on Apply/OK
#1944 Observed Data: Need to use Symbols, and line style "None"
#1946 Observed Data: Add Command to File->Import menu also
#1947 RFT/PLT Plot: Support Well Log Curves based on Eclipse *.RFT file data
#1948 PLT Plot: Create PLT Plot container and plot objects
#1954 Observed Data : The Observed Data item must reflect the actual content of the imported data
#1962 Observed Data : Add helper class for creation of QDateTime
#1967 Curve Calculator : Create calculation objects and containers
#1969 Curve Calculator : Single select summary address selector
#1970 WLP: Command to create an empty RFT-curve
#1971 WLP: Context command to create a new well log RFT curve from a selected well
#1976 RFT/PLT plot: Needs to define a way to associate SimWells, Well Logs and Well Paths
#1977 Curve Calculator : Main dialog with expression editor and list of calculated curves
#1979 Observed Data: Import observed data file dialog should have sensible filters
#1980 PLT Plot: Map between *.RFT curve data cells and MD and use MD in RFTCurves
#1981 RFT Plot: Remove wrong context menu items from the subitems of RFT Plot
#1982 RFT Plot: LAS file Curves: Support TVD
#1983 RFT plot: Apply colors and symbols to curves
#1984 Ensure correct TimeSpec when creating QDateTime objects
#1985 Curve Calculator : Add expression parser library
#1991 Rel Perm Plot: Create plot window and show curves for last selected cell
#1992 RelPerm Plot: Add toggles to control the 6 curves
#1993 RelPerm Plot: Add legend and sensible colors/symbols to the curves
#1994 PVT Plot: Create first simple working PVT plot window
#1995 PVT Plot: Set up plots with legend axis titles and title
#1997 RFT/PLT Plot: Improve well path simulation well matching logic
#1998 RFT/PLT plot: Make Several LAS files pr Wellpath possible
#2000 Curve Creator: Use descriptive texts for the summary variable shortnames
#2001 RFT Plot: Use only TVD as depth type
#2002 RFT plot: Consider hiding unneccessary stuff in the tree
#2003 Observed Data: Incorporate the new knowledge into the *.RSM parser
#2005 RFT Plot : Show only relevant timesteps in list
#2006 RFT/PLT Plot: Well path-simulation well matching logic: Allow whitespace differences
#2007 RFT Plot: Needs time in timestep list (not only date)
#2010 RFT Plot: Show all relevant curves by default
#2013 Curve Creator: Create map for summary vector name -> description
#2014 Rel Perm Plot: KROW and KROG must be plotted with 1.0 - x-value retreived from the library
#2016 Observed Data: Hide the identifieroverride fields from the GUI and XML output for *.RSM files
#2017 Make sure all new objects are selected after new / edit commands
#2018 Ascii data : Improve ascii import to support general csv
#2019 Ascii data: Improve by import csv data into "Observed Data" NeedsInput
#2020 RFT/PLT Plot: Context command to move LAS- file to another wellpath
#2021 PLT Plot: Add option on LAS-files with flow data to identify flow unit as either [sm^3] or [rm^3]
#2022 Curve Calculator : Add Calculated curve data available for RifEclipseSummaryAddress
#2025 Formations : Use imported formation names by default when sensible
#2027 Make sure all new objects are selected after import commands
#2031 Curve Calculator : Improve usability
#2035 PLT plot: Plot Simulation PLT data against MD
#2036 Well log file. Implement Close command
#2038 RFT Plot: Add formation names
#2039 PLT Plot: Add formation names
#2042 LAS import: Use same name matching to match well-path as used to match simulation well
#2043 Well Path/LAS Import: Ignore underscore in name matching
#2048 Curve Calculator: Add icon to the commands
#2049 Curve Calculator: Make command more available
#2051 Curve Calculator: Edit Calculation command
#2052 Curve Calculator: Add user defined unit-field
#2053 Curve Calculator: Copy/Paste of calculations as context menu in the dialog
#2054 Curve Calculator: Add context menu with available functions/operations
#2058 Context Command: "On - Others Off" as generic command
#2061 RelPerm Plot: Add markers to show cells SWAT SGAS
#2062 Rel Perm Plot: Add "Water/Gas" to the x-axis title
#2063 Rel Perm Plot: Add a "Show Unscaled" toggle
#2071 LAS file: Enable setting date when no date in LAS file
#2072 PLT plot: Handle well flow condition setting (Standard/Reservoir)
#2073 WLP: Add PL (Pseudo Length) to depth axis if a simulation well is used as extraction curve
#2075 RFT Plot: Add "New RFT plot" command to well path as well
#2076 RFT Plot: Add "PRES_FORM" as Las name for Pressure
#2077 Well Allocation Plot: Add formation names
#2078 LAS Support: Add import las files as context command on Wellpaths and Las files in Project tree
#2079 RFT Curves : Improve legend text.
#2080 WLP: Improve Las - file curve legend text
#2081 LAS import: Show message box if date in LAS file is not set.
#2088 Curve calculator improvements
#2089 Cross plot: Add cross plot collection folder
#2090 Cross Plot: Extend RimSummaryPlot to optionally have a value axis as X-axis
#2091 Cross Plot: Extend SummaryCurve to optionally have a X-Axis summary vector
#2092 Cross Plot: Make SummaryPlot be able to plot curves with none-time X-values
#2093 Cross Plot: Add a button to open the summary variable selector in the Summary Curve axis definitions
#2101 PLT Plot: Support other LAS-channel names for the flow
#2102 Statistics Dialog: Create command that opens a dialog presenting the data in the 3D info
#2103 Documentation : Add curve calculator documentation
#2105 Curve Calculator: The dialog must not be modal
#2119 PLT Plot: Handle "Total flow"
#2124 Curve Calculator: Test all available functions etc. to verify their usefulness with vector variables
#2125 Curve Calculations : Handle arguments with different time series (eg. different cases)
#2126 PLT/RFT plot: Filter list of timestep based on Observed data first
#2129 PLT /RFT Plot: Formation names should be on by default
#2136 PLT Plot: Improve curve appearance and ordering
#2138 PLT Plot: Context command "New PLT plot" on wellpaths
#2144 Organize context menus
#2146 Num Flooded PV: Add volume weighted mean to the statistics
#2153 Cross Plot : Interpolate missing values based on time steps for two curves
#2158 Curve Address Selection : Select first case as default
#2167 Statistics Dialog: Add snapshot support
#2168 Summary Plot: Add step/scroll buttons to switch identifier (Well, Group ...) in plot
#2169 Summary plot: Add step/scroll buttons to switch source in plot
#2170 Summary Cross Plot: Add step source/identifier functionality to X-plot also
#2171 PLT plot: Change ui text for LAS files pressure condition setting
#2173 AppFwk: Make Push buttons right adjusted, and only of needed size
#2178 Summary Edit : Do not ask for plot name if auto name produces valid name
#2179 Summary Plot : Change identifier when PgUp/PgDown is pressed
#2186 Summary Plot : Rename Curve Modifier to PlotSourceStepping
#2187 Summary Plot : Add features to allow plot source stepping including tool bar buttons
#2189 RelPerm Plot: Show SATNUM in plot title
#2190 RelPerm Plot: Show symbols on all curves
#2191 Rel Perm Plot: Color adjustments
#2192 Rel Perm Plot: Use unit conversion to show the pressure in case-units
#2211 Curve Calculator: Add a default calculation if empty
#2214 Summary plot: Stepping should use Shift and Ctrl to control meaning of PgUp/Down
#2215 PLT Plot: Use units instead of [R] [S] in legend to distinguish pressure condition
#2235 RelPerm/PVT/Plot: Add unit labels to all relevant axis
#2237 Flooded PV: Progress bar for calculation
#2238 Flooded PV: Make available in result plot (as timeseries) when selecting cells
#2247 Add export FLIXNUM/MULTNUM to context menu on Cell Result item in tree view

Fixed Bugs Since v2017.05.02

#1304 Flow: Handle multiple well-connections in the same cell gracefully
#1361 Well log Plots: Custom depth zoom factors are reset during project file load if Autoscale is on
#1392 Improve Dark 3D-View background support
#1563 WLP: Wrong well MD in Plot Data
#1567 Command line option '--case' is not working
#1594 WLP: Wrong well TVD in Plot Data
#1595 Grid Box updated needed for case Reload
#1599 KDE Desktop : Snapshot to file creates .bmp file
#1614 Crash when importing grdecl parameters with long names
#1622 Fault info is not loaded when loading project again
#1624 Flow: Could not find the requested timestep ... Error message
#1627 Input Properties: Spaces in filepaths are not handled
#1682 NNC Results: Does not respect the "Disable Result Lighting" option
#1702 Faults: Gap in grid creates artificial faults
#1703 Wells: Clip Well Paths needs interpolation
#1750 Range filter indexes for LGRs
#1785 Octave Interface: Generated data from octave is not stored/restored as intended
#1825 Summary: Symbols and line styles are reused even when there are more available
#1829 Summary: Editing case in summary curve does not update the curve
#1859 SummaryPlot: Missing redraw of qwtPlot when deleting curves
#1862 WLP: Show Plot Data missing data
#1868 CellRangeFilter : Wrong label text when range filter is created
#1882 Well paths: Import of well path without grid model causes crash
#1972 Range Filter: When un-selecting range filter, Grid is always set on NeedsInput
#2004 Doc: Misleading well trajectory examples in user documentation
#2087 Summary: Missing update when reload 3D model
#2094 Update well name color to a contrast of 3D-View background color
#2097 Missing SGAS and wrong SOIL in GAS field simulation
#2127 Sim Well Branches: Branch detection setting must be respected globally in all plots etc.
#2165 Fault Import : Crash when importing fault definitions ending with /
#2176 Crash when accessing specific time step in case with many K in LGR
#2177 Property Filter not working for Well through Visible Cells Only
#2188 Fault face disappears when applying a property filter
#2195 Wells : Well connections in main grid is lost if well has connections in LGR
#2202 GeoMech: Handling of invalid result addresses in property filters causes crash

Relevant System Updates

  • Linking with HDF5 librares if present
  • Include a subset of Eigen
  • Updated libecl
  • Updated opm-flowdiagnostics libraries
Assets 4

@magnesj magnesj released this Jun 21, 2017 · 4939 commits to master since this release

Patch release for ResInsight 2017.05

Complete List of Issues Closed Since v2017.05

#1624 Flow: Could not find the requested timestep ... Error message
#1622 Fault info is not loaded when loading project again
#1599 KDE Desktop : Snapshot to file creates .bmp file
#1567 Command line option '--case' is not working
#1595 Grid Box updated needed for case Reload
#1563 WLP: Wrong well MD in Plot Data
#1594 WLP: Wrong well TVD in Plot Data

Assets 4

@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this May 31, 2017 · 4949 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2017.05 is a major release with several new features.

Main Features

  • Embedded Flow Diagnostics including
    • New cell properties ( Time Of Flight, Tracer Cell Fraction, Max Fraction Tracer, Injector Producer Communication)
    • Well Allocation and Flow Plots
    • Well Communication Lines
    • Flow Characteristics Plots ( Flow Capacity vs Storage Capacity, Lorenz Coefficient, Sweep Efficiency )
    • Show Contributing Wells - Command used to set up a 3D View to show which regions and wells that contribute to a well
  • Improved Simulation Wells Support
    • Center to center pipe mode
    • Option to show spheres at center of each connection cell
    • Improved user interface and visibility control
    • Improved well color assignment
  • Advanced Snapshot Export
    Automatically generate and save snapshots for:
    - Selected Eclipse properties
    - Each layer in a range
    - Selected time step range
    - Selected cases
  • Grid property time history curves in Summary plots
  • Show and export plot data as ascii-text

Other Improvements

  • Collapsible group boxes in the property panel
  • Scroll bar for improved flexibility and reduced screen area requirements
  • Improved user interface panels, including Preferences
  • Linking of legends and cursor position between views
  • Zoom using the mouse wheel in Summary Plots
  • Plot simulation well production rates command
  • Well Log Extraction curves from simulation wells
  • Change Data Source command on well log extraction curves
  • Support for Geomechanical time-relative results in well log extraction curves
  • Apply as Cell Result command on property filters
  • Reload Case command
  • Message Panel

Complete List of Enhancement-Issues Closed Since v2016.11

#536 Well path: Adjust pipe thickness in GM views to be more like the one in Eclipse Views
#552 Linked Views: View cursor position in all windows
#559 Linked Views: Linking legend definitions
#644 Preferences: Use tabs to make it more readable
#872 Summary: Export Summary Plot to Ascii Table
#989 Preferences: New Tab "Eclipse" as number two
#1028 Flow: Create Flow Diag Solution object with a minimal setup
#1029 Flow: Add Flow Diag Result type to Eclipse Result Definition with some minimal variable support
#1032 Well log plot: Possibilities for selecting same well path for all curves and tracks
#1046 Flow: Make ordinary property filters work
#1047 Flow: Make category property filters (Tracer with max cell fraction)
#1048 Flow : Add derived results
#1049 Flow: Improve performance by reusing eclipse data
#1052 Flow: Info Box : Update according to flow diag results.
#1054 Flow: Result Info: Enable picking information from flow diag results
#1056 Flow: Cell Edge any property support for flow diag results
#1058 Flow : Convert Time of Flight to days as default
#1099 Flow : Only make Flow Solution and results available when relevant
#1102 Flow Result Definition: Make it easier to select all Injectors/all producers
#1105 Flow Plot: "Flow Diagnostics plots" object
#1106 Flow Plots: Create settings object for Well Allocation Plot window
#1107 Flow Plots: Create well allocation plot window with management
#1108 Flow Plots: Create settings object for "Well Allocation Factors" pie chart
#1109 Flow Plots: Create settings object for "Allocation by Connection" chart
#1110 Flow Plots: Calculate data for "Well Allocation Factors" pie chart
#1111 Flow Plots: Command to update main Well Alloc plot with content from new well
#1114 Flow : Well communication lines
#1116 Flow Plots: Create "Well Allocation Factors" Pie Chart
#1118 Flow Plots: Branch aware "Allocation by Connection" calculation
#1119 Flow Plots: Branch aware "Allocation by Connection" Chart
#1120 Well Alloc Plots: TVD based "Allocation by Connection" Chart
#1122 Flow : Progress bar
#1125 Flow: Info Box/Legend: Limit tracer name list
#1164 Add feature "Add Stored Well Allocation Plot"
#1165 Show titles in well allocation plot
#1166 Well Alloc Plot: The reservoir part of the flow must be included
#1168 Well Alloc plot: Show correct unit/ magnitude on Depth axis.
#1169 Well Alloc plot: Show flow rate unit on X-axis
#1171 Well Alloc Plots: PL (Pseudo length) based flow accumulation plots
#1172 Well Alloc Plots: Combine tracers that contributes little into an "Others" group
#1173 Well Alloc Plots: Legend must be a separate entity.
#1174 Flow: Context Command on Simulation Well : Show Contributing Wells
#1176 Well Alloc Plot: Show well Injector/Producer status
#1178 Flow: Tracer with max fraction must use well colors when sensible
#1179 Flow: Well Colors should possibly use "Cathegory" color table
#1181 Well Alloc Plot: Label the tracks with "Branch"
#1182 Well Alloc Plot: Add dummy point in the top of first branch to better show the resulting flow/allocation
#1183 Property Filter: Context command : Apply As Cell Result
#1185 Summary Curve: Context command on Simulation Well: "Plot Production Rates"
#1190 Disable copy/paste delete of objects related to well allocation plots
#1195 Show progress monitor when an octave script is executed
#1203 Well Alloc Plots: Handle opposite inflow flux in wells.
#1205 Well Alloc plots: Add a "None" option to flow diag solution pull down.
#1207 Flow Plots: Icons for the different items
#1209 Well Alloc Plots: Option to show none-accumulated flow
#1210 Well Alloc Plot: Use Flow Diag results if possible when creating a plot
#1211 Well Aloc Plots: Disable tracer allocation on wells with inconsistent flow
#1212 Well Alloc Plots: Allign the use of gradients
#1216 Well Alloc plot: Sort the tracers according to contribution.
#1221 WLP: Tag and untag relative curve values NeedsInput
#1222 Flow: Improve tracer/well legend and color assignment
#1223 Well Colors: Disable results lightning should have effect on the well pipes as well.
#1226 Summary Plot: Result tooltip text should show the complete timestep text
#1227 Well Alloc plots: Command to delete stored plots
#1264 Flow: Add "Show Well Allocation Plot" command to Project tree context menu
#1279 Flow: Use connections with inconsistent flow as tracer labeled -Xf
#1285 Well Alloc Plot: Change names for flow type
#1286 Well Alloc Plots: Add some negative depth values to TVD and Pseudo Length plots
#1288 Flow: Improve "Show Contributing Wells" command
#1289 Well Alloc Plot: Rename command to "Plot Well Allocation"
#1291 Well Alloc Plot: Handle MSW dummy branches in In Flow Rate mode
#1293 Plots : Context Command to show the plot data as ascii in a separate window in an Excel friendly way.
#1294 Well Alloc Plot: Export well log part to ascii
#1298 Flow : Include wells with "closed" state in the calculations consistently
#1306 Summary Plot Collection : Add feature "Delete Sub Items"
#1319 Make sure clipboard text from plot data widget can be pasted into columns in Excel
#1321 Flow: Flow Capasity plot, Lorenz Coeff, Sweep Eff. ...
#1322 Summary: Add curve type that can show 3D grid data time history
#1323 Summary: Command to show Time History for selected cells
#1325 Well Connection Lines: Always show all lines into/from a visble cell
#1327 Flow: Add a filter field to the Result Definition that filters "By Selection" tracers available in the list
#1331 Flow: Use "-XF" as cross flow ending on tracers
#1335 Well Communication Lines: Show cross flow contributions also
#1336 Summary: Support export of Time History curve data
#1337 Use collapsible group boxes instead of the Qt default
#1359 Flow: Property filter : Sort tracers in category selection list by alphabet
#1360 Well Alloc plots: Description should follow the flow type setting
#1365 AppFwk : Allow list widgets to fill available height
#1366 Summary: Wheel zoom to point
#1373 Well Alloc Plots: Export total allocation in % by right click on the Pie Chart
#1381 Well Alloc Plots: Show flow split in phase fractions when no flow diag solution is selected.
#1382 Flow: Remove the "Flow Diagnostics Solution" items from the Gui
#1383 User Documentation for Release 2017.05
#1399 Property Panel QA. Go through the Gui and do QA on names and grouping
#1401 If project is modified, ask user to save before closing application
#1404 Well Alloc plots: Select corresponding object when clicked
#1406 Automatically show process monitor when executing script
#1414 Preferences: Reorder tabs and improve use of upper case
#1427 WLP: Enable extraction curves on Simulation Wells
#1432 Reload Case Command
#1435 Summary: Curve Filter and Curve adjustments
#1436 Snapshots: Change name of the configurable snapshot command
#1437 Documentation : Add search to
#1453 Documentation: Spell Check
#1457 Documentation: Align usage of mark down
#1458 Documentation: Review of text quality
#1459 Documentation: Reduce size or visual impact of bold text
#1460 Add shortcuts for Save, Save As, Exit and Open
#1477 Documentation : Include reference to Ubuntu install
#1478 Documentation : Update Lorentz plot snapshot
#1482 Well Alloc Plots: Use oil equivalents for gas when showing phase split (Well Flow)
#1483 Flow Characteristics Plot: Avoid cells with pore volume fraction above threshold
#1525 3D view context menu: "Plot Production Rates" default curves
#1535 Flow Characteristics Plot: Run solver for current timestep if results not present

Fixed Bugs Since v2016.11

#117 riGetActiveCellCenters gives negative depth values
#165 riGetTimeStepDays() bug when no restart data for time 0
#171 Scan for FAULTS in INCLUDE-files on Windows
#800 Legend -inf to inf in linked view
#895 WLP: Well log extraction curves are not loaded when opening project files II
#961 Paste of Eclipse case is not available
#1001 Summary: case list not updated when model reloaded
#1006 Summary: Not show lines in Curve Legend for un-named lines
#1010 Grid Case Group: In-active File/Import/Create Grid Case Group
#1011 Statistics: Assertion failed when deleting Source cases
#1012 Summary : Pressing enter after rename causes object to be toggled
#1026 Faults: Shift indexes for"Export Faults ..."
#1030 Summary: Create plot on import not able to turn off
#1031 Linked views : Camera issue between Eclipse and GeoMech case using parallel projection
#1033 Summary : Make sure case curve colors are the same when reimporting the cases
#1051 Statistics cases: Remove fields that is not supposed to be visible
#1073 Summary: Changing line colors when selecting cases in "Curve Filter"
#1096 riTRANXYZ of NNC's not shown on faults from ResInsight150+
#1191 Info Box: Crash when using static cell result with dynamic filter and current time step
#1228 Do not bundle Qt libraries on Linux
#1229 Handle reading of invalid summary file
#1296 Multiselect in property panel lists using ctrl-click is vulnerable to mouse drag
#1353 Info box: Zeros Statistics for PORV with "Visible cells" Cell Range
#1354 Info box: Statistics for PORV for active cells only
#1355 Info Box: Crash when using dynamic cell result having results only for initial time step
#1362 ResInsight doesn't fully load when OPM-FLOW timesteps are <0.00001
#1369 Summary : Summary case from grid case is invalid after grid case is closed
#1379 Snapshot to File: File dialog behaves strange on KDE
#1390 New computed statistics view added to result case not derived statistics
#1394 Statistics view not deleted when last source case is deleted
#1407 Statistics Case: Formation Names and flipX/Y does not work, and are placed strangely
#1418 Cell Results panel Geo Mech: Relative Results Options are not hidden when selecting Formation Names
#1420 Linked Views: Toggling Cell Results when using Formation Names as colors gives wrong colors in Dependent view.
#1444 Summary Cases: Summary case filenames are not reallocated when when opening project

Relevant System Update issues

#1228 Do not bundle Qt libraries on Linux
#1371 Remove OPM parser from the build system and repository
#1384 Create new Regression tests, and general testing
#1389 Update opm-flow-diag to latest
#1396 Update Ert to latest version including support for Intersect
#1398 Include subset of Boost (similar to method used in NRLib)
#1456 Documentation : Update in repository root
#1522 Update license information

Assets 4

@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this Nov 29, 2016 · 5728 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2016.11 is a major release that follows the new release naming convention that has become common among the rest of the OPM modules. It could as well have been called ResInsight 2.0.

Main Features

  • Summary Data Plotting
  • Separate window for 2D plots
  • Commands to Snapshot 2D plots
  • Intersection Boxes and axis-aligned planes
  • Formation names can be imported and used for cell coloring and property filtering.
  • Property filters can now toggle sets of integer values or formations on/off
  • Category legend for Eclipse properties ending with "NUM"
  • Many new derived geomechanical results have been implemented

Other Improvements

  • Parallel projection
  • Copy Paste of both well log plots/tracks/curves and summary plots/curve filters/curves.
  • Use any property as a cell-edge color
  • Well log (and summary plot) tooltip showing the curve value at the closest sampling point.
  • Sum as an additional statistics output in the Info Box
  • 3D-label font size control
  • A new generated fault face group: Undefined Grid Faults With Inactive for better Fault QA
  • Support for the PATHS keyword on Eclipse input files when reading FAULTS
  • Command line improvements : Parse multiple entries of "replaceCase" and "replaceSourceCases"
  • Improved LAS-export

Complete list of Enhancement-issues closed since v1.6.0

#157 Include PATHS alias in search for FAULTS data
#168 Add 3D view projection type "Parallel"
#272 Edge-visualization of any property
#275 Split "Undefined grid faults" based on ACTNUM
#282 Property filter with multi selection for integer parameter
#476 Show orientation of geomech tensor components
#569 Enble user to change font size of well names
#611 WLP: Make snapshotting work as with 3D views
#719 Extended Grid Box axis to make sure a label coord is present both above max coord and below min coord
#722 Grid Case Group Statistics: Include in-active cells for ACTNUM statistics
#723 Grid Case Group Statistics: Include "sum" as statistical output
#724 Grid Case Group Statistics: Add option to include in-active cells as 0's in statistical calculations
#734 Use ERT as shared (external) library on Linux
#737 Summary: Create a tree view containing plot objects and corresponding property editor
#748 Info Box - Result Info: Add 'sum' of Cell Property to Statistics.
#755 Summary: Establish a sensible curve data GUI
#756 Summary: First version of Curve Filter item
#757 Summary: Specify solution for splitting 2D plots and 3D views into two or more windows
#758 Summary: Create 2D Plot Main Window
#764 Summary: Support for multiple cases in Curve Filter
#766 Summary: Make "*" count as any valid value in the filters
#771 Summary: Change names etc. in the Plot/Curve/Curve Filter stuff
#773 Summary Curve Filter: Needs Auto Apply toggle
#775 Summary: Summary cases needs a user editable "Short Name"
#776 Summary: Add Case name in curve names
#777 Summary: Create a Curve Filter by default when creating a Summary Plot
#778 Summary: Show unit on Y-Axis
#779 Summary: Y-Axis appearance controls: Log
#780 Summary: Auto apperance for curve filter curves
#781 Summary: New Icons for the different plot-parts
#783 Summary: Make legend show all aspects of the curve
#784 Summary: Use antialiased drawing
#785 Summary : Symbol skip distance to avoid symbol heaps along the curve
#786 Summary: Picking a curve should select it in the tree/property browser
#787 Summary: Delete Curve Filter Command
#788 OPM Parser: Read faults names using opm-parser
#789 OPM Parser: Add properties from standalone files to opm-parser Input Cases
#792 Summary: Window Zoom
#793 Summary: Zoom All
#802 Summary: Improve default docview and toolbar positions
#803 Use (new) default dock and toolbar layout for new versions
#805 Integer value legend for integer parameters
#806 Improved layout of items in preferences
#808 Formation Names: Command to import formation names and k-ranges from file
#809 Formation Names: Create Formation Name Project items
#810 Formation Names: Display the formation name of a Cell in result info when selected (Odb Cases)
#811 Formation Names: Color cells based on Formation Name grouping (Odb cases)
#812 Formation Names: Color cells based on Formation Name grouping (Eclipse cases)
#813 Formation Names: Display the formation name of a Cell in result info when selected (Eclipse Cases)
#814 Intersection Box: Project tree items
#815 Intersection Box: Create the visualization (Odb cases)
#816 Intersection Box: Create the visualization (Eclipse cases)
#817 Intersection Box: Commands (Odb Cases)
#818 Intersection Box: Commands (Eclipse Cases)
#819 Formation Names: Item Commands
#820 LAS: Export TVD along in the Well log export
#821 LAS: Export multiple curves in one go, to same or several LAS-files
#827 Formation Names: Upgrade category-legend to support text levels
#829 Formation Names: Show as colors. Polish and finalization
#831 Formation Names: Adjust legend height to accomodate many layers
#834 Tof-ST: Start to use the provided libraries and code
#837 Formation Names: Show layer names in property filter
#838 Turn the group "Undefined Grid Faults With Inactive" off by default
#839 Formation names: Reverse order of formation names in legend
#840 Summary: Time-Axis Appearance: Range
#842 Summary: Plot Title
#846 Summary: Improve Plot and 3D window management
#849 Summary: Import Summary Case command
#850 Summary: Single and Multi Plot image Export to file commands
#851 Summary: "Open 3D Window" tool button in 2D plot window
#852 Summary: Improve Default Settings
#853 Summary: Y-Axis appearance controls: Range
#855 Summary: Axis appearance: Font size
#856 Summary: Y-Axis appearance controls: Number Format
#857 Summary: Axis title: Auto / User defined
#859 Summary: Time-Axis Appearance: Date / Time from start of simulation
#860 Summary: Axis Title position
#862 Summary: Click on axis selects appropriate Plot( and Axis) in property view
#864 Summary: Curve Filter control of curve auto names
#865 Summary: Sumcase "Short Name" must be called "Display Name"
#866 Summary: Curve Filter Appearance options must be hidden when auto is on
#867 Summary: Copy command for Plots
#868 Summary: Copy Curve Filters and Curves
#869 Summary: Add a right Y-Axis. Curve filter option selects its Y-Axis
#870 Summary: Tooltips showing the closest curve point value
#871 Summary: Curve filter toggle
#873 Summary: Add standard toggle commands to summary plots, curve filters and curves
#876 LAS: Avoid empty lines
#878 Command Line: snapshotAllPlots
#880 LAS: Export of TVDRKB based on first diff between MD and TVD in a well path
#882 Las Export: Polish
#884 Intersection Box: Direct 3D manipulation of box extents and position
#885 Time lapse: Add Time lapse derived results
#886 LAS Export: Set the STEP if the data is resampled
#887 Category Legend: Limit legend height when having few categories
#888 Intersection Box: Enable picking on geometry
#889 Intersection Box: Icons
#890 Faults: "Export Faults ..." Command
#894 Intersection Box: Improve transition between different plane collapse settings.
#896 Intersection Box: Simple slider resolution improvement
#897 Intersection Box: Use Depth instead of Z
#898 Intersection Box: Include inactive cells in intersections
#900 Intersection Box: Move to Intersection folder
#901 WLP: copy/paste well log plots, tracks and curves
#902 Intersection Box: Add viewer context command to create a box at position
#912 Derived Results: More directly derived geomechanical results
#913 Derived Results: Additional results based on user controllable constants
#914 Derived Results: Transformed stress and strain onto intersections
#916 Summary: Autogeneration of plot on import
#917 Summary: Delete option for multiselected Summary Plots
#923 Intersections: Introduce a user defined direction for intersections
#926 Eclipse Input Data : Import custom keyword data
#932 Intersection Box: Improve sensitivity when moving the planes
#939 Derived Results: Finalization : Directly derived
#940 Derived Results: Finalization: Based on Case parameters
#941 Derived Result: Transformed Stress results
#942 Derived Results: Geometrical quantities
#943 Well log plot: Display curve value when pointing with cursor
#956 Documentation
#963 Batch : Parse multiple entries of "replaceCase" and "replaceSourceCases"
#968 Summary Plot: Add Axis folder
#970 Summary: Y-axis title from vector name
#983 Summary: Context command: Switch Axis: Make it multiselect sensitive
#984 Summary: Auto Curve name adjustments
#985 Summary: Auto Curve Name: Add missing items : "Block" and others ?
#988 Summary: Context command Copy/Paste icons should be generic
#1000 System : Add support for copy/paste keyboard shortcuts
#1002 System : Improve restore of main windows from minimized state

Fixed Bugs since v1.6.0

#225 Clear Result Info and Result Plot when closing a case
#254 Faults colors turn gray when Cell Edge is active
#273 "Undefined grid faults" includes faults defined by FAULTS
#279 Enable simultaneous batch mode sessions InProgress
#424 Resinsight refuses to start unless user has write access to scripts-folder.
#478 Missing keyword from INIT-file when LGR is present
#590 Fault labels are not shown outside filters when faults are
#649 Script folder not updating
#717 Octave script can not be executed for multiple case in Project Tree
#725 Grid Case Group: SOIL is not computed when loading multiple cases into a group
#726 File Import Eclipse Case slow search for *.EGRID files
#727 Missing Dynamic parameters not reported for initial time step
#731 Octave script fails first time on new Linux session (RHEL6)
#744 Error message for snapshots in Batch mode
#751 Well pipes for intersections based on Simulation Wells disappears when a Range Filter is applied
#752 Result Info reports "Grid cell" value to be Inf
#760 Input Property rename does not update dependent fields
#791 WLP:Update well path filename if project file is relocated
#823 Import error for large grdecl file
#828 Freeze of Flux model with LGR
#836 WLP: Well log extraction curves are not loaded when opening project files
#875 LAS Export: Wrong number of digits after punctation for numbers under 1000
#879 Summary: Arrow key stepping in vector selection list in curve does not work on linux
#945 Hide faults does not work when Add Well Cells to Range filter is active
#947 Linked views : Crash after disconnection of a linked view with range filters
#949 Intersection : Picking on well path geometry gives z-offset when model is scaled
#959 Derived Results: TNQV on element faces is really THQV
#992 Access of nullpointer when selecting None or static color for property filtered geometry
#995 Well Log Plot : Crash when opening project file

System updates

#996 Update to ERT 2016.10

Assets 5
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