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@magnesj magnesj released this Apr 30, 2019 · 65 commits to dev since this release

ResInsight 2019.04 is a general release with several new features and bug fixes.

Main Features

  • Grid Cross Plot
  • Saturation Pressure Plots
  • Sector Model Export
  • Well model for ICD, AICD and ICV
  • Grid Model Annotations
  • Customization of several font sizes in Preferences

For more info see

Enhancements since ResInsight 2018.11

Bugs fixed since ResInsight 2018.11

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@magnesj magnesj released this Feb 4, 2019 · 929 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.11.2 is mainly a patch release including fixes for import of grid- and summary files.

Issues fixed since previous release

#4028 Prepare for patch release
#4032 Well Bore Stability: Fix issue with zero SFG in most cases
#4031 Ensemble : When two ensembles are present and checked, only one ensemble displays curves
#3968 Ensemble : Not possible to plot two ensembles at the same time
#3952 Summary : Improve default behaviour for summary cases and plots

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@magnesj magnesj released this Dec 21, 2018 · 947 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.11.1 is mainly a patch release, including improved support for data source stepping for summary and ensemble curves.

Issues fixed since previous release

#3909 Ensemble : Sort files alphabetically in find dialog
#3891 StimPlan : BETA values for transversal and azimuth
#3886 AppFwk ToolBar Editor : Call calculateValueOptions for existing editors
#3885 Memory Use Warning appearing with fairly low memory use on Linux
#3873 Create LGR : Crash when creating LGR for box model
#3858 MSW export : Put pressure drop text inside quotes
#3835 Ensemble : Statistics curves are always visible
#3834 Ensemble : Curves are visible even if top level is toggled off
#3829 Completion Export : Avoid space in generated file name
#3827 Fishbone Laterals : Whole well is exported instead of lateral only
#3825 Time Step Filtering : Avoid storing of UI only field
#3809 Contour Maps: Support plot creation based on Flow Diagnostics results
#3801 Flow Diagnostics: old projects have read-only items in Injectors/Producers lists
#3798 Contour Map : Animation bar visible in view when info box is disabled
#3796 Summary Plot Stepping toolbar : Update on plot editor close
#3785 Summary Plot : Investigate activation of wrong item on Linux
#3784 Completion Export : Fix duplicate content in exported files
#3782 StimPlan : Beta value of zero invalidates mean calculation
#3781 CARFIN export : Wrong value for NX/NY/NZ
#3780 Remove debug output from QPainter

Summary data source stepping

  • Improved support for specifying a summary curve as basis for data source stepping
  • Support for data source stepping for ensemble curves

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@magnesj magnesj released this Nov 28, 2018 · 1006 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.11 is a major release with several new features.

Main Features

  • Well path creation
    • Users can create their own well paths easily by creating well targets directly in the 3D view
    • Use the full set of extraction tool as we have for imported well paths, like well log extraction curves, intersections, and more
    • Well plan export
  • 2D contour maps
    • Computation and display of oil/gas column
    • Aggregations based on length or volume
    • Aggregation based on user-defined weighting property
  • Completions
    • Easily create multiple fractures along well paths
    • Support export of completions based on perforation intervals
  • Creation of new local grid refinement(LGR)
    • Create new LGRs based on main grid cells intersected by completions
    • Export of CARFIN for generated LGRs
    • Export of COMPDATL for generated LGRs
  • Improved ensemble plotting
  • Well Bore Stability Plots and Casing Design

For more info see

Other Improvements

  • Improved and more intuitive window tiling
  • Memory usage indicator and memory management
  • Time step filtering before importing data

Enhancements since ResInsight 2018.05.01

Bugs fixed since ResInsight 2018.05.01

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@magnesj magnesj released this May 25, 2018 · 2298 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.05.1 is a patch release fixing a blocking bug related to construction of the "Windows menu".

For more information, see issue #2961

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@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this May 22, 2018 · 2302 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.05 is a major release with several new features

Main Features

  • 2D Intersection Views
    • Flattened intersections along wells and user defined poly lines can now be viewed in a separate window, making them easier to inspect.
  • 3D Well Log Curves
    • LAS-curves and well extraction curves can now be drawn inside the 3D View along the well path.
  • Ensemble Curve Set plotting (Preview feature)
    • Summary curve plotting of case ensembles is simplified
    • Supports parameters.txt files describing realization paramenters as used in the ERT workflow
  • Origin restart file support
    • Automatically find the origin files of a restart run
    • Options to import the summary data unified or as separate cases.
    • Option to import the grid results as separate cases.
  • Recursive multi file import dialog
    • Allows finding files spread in a large file hierarchy
    • Supports Grid cases, Summary Cases, Grid Case Groups and Summary Ensembles
  • Completion Data Export
    • Completely reorganized export dialog
    • Support LGR's
  • Visualization of Well Connection Factors
    • Simulation wells CF's
    • CF's from modeled completions and calculated by ResInsight
  • Improved 3D Legend
    • Optional background for improved readability
    • Improved layout and use of screen area
    • On/Off toggle
  • Fracture related improvements
    • None-Darcy flow options
    • Support Asymmetric SteamPlan fractures
    • Perforation length visualization
    • Fracture On/Off toggle in view
    • Fracture color interpolation On/Off
  • Command File improvements
    • Support for Fracture sensitivity studies
      • Scaling of height, width and D-factor
    • Support comment lines
    • Launch command files from GUI

Geo-Mechanical Features

  • Tensor arrow visualization
    • Show principal values as scaled arrows with color and correct direction
  • Import Element Property Tables
    • A subset of the Abaqus input file format supported
    • Visualize as a separate result (Cell Colors, Property Filtering)
  • Mohr circle plot of selected cells
  • Compaction calculation
  • Improved performance on all calculations
  • Improved feedback and recovery when running out of memory.

Other Improvements

  • Color Result command in 3D View
    • Selects the corresponding item in the Project tree
  • Automatically hide irrelevant result inspection plots
  • Improved menu organization
  • Improved several icons
  • Copy/ Paste of Intersections
  • Avoid visualization of well paths way outside grid domain

Complete List of Enhancement-Issues Closed Since v2018.01.01

#51 Cell Results Legend background and text color
#112 Legned Definition on/off Tick-box
#113 Legend Definition Discrete Mapping give unproportional ranges
#1544 Fracture : Visualize perforation length on the fracture
#1752 Plot: Import multiple cases from sub-folders using filter
#1758 Export Completion Data for LGR-grids
#2150 Fractures: Display fracture along well in front of well intersection
#2151 Fracture: All fractures in view on/off control
#2152 Fracture: Fracture color interpolation as user option
#2316 Tensor Vectors: Create Object in Project tree Called "Tensor Results"
#2331 2D Intersection Views: Create project tree item and view window
#2332 2D Intersection View: Command to create view
#2333 2D Intersection View: Grid visualization
#2334 2D Intersection View: Visualization of main well
#2337 2D Intersection View: Length and depth axes along the view edge
#2344 Tensor Vectors: Vector visualization code
#2345 Tensor Vectors: Average Tensors on elements
#2347 Elm Props: Create new Result Position entry called Element
#2348 Elm Props: "Import Element Property Table" command
#2349 Elm Props: Create list of imported files in Geomech Case property panel
#2350 Elm Props: Create Reader of Element Property Tables
#2351 Elm Props: Visualization of imported element property tables as element color result
#2358 Fracture: Show StimPlan grid values in ResultInfo panel when clicking
#2359 Fracture: Adjust default parameters for ellipse fractures InProgress
#2360 Elm Props: Wire up reading of elm prop data into data structures
#2361 AppFwk : Add support for file path and vector of file paths in PdmField
#2369 Elm Props: Close selected files
#2370 Elm Props: Reload selected files
#2372 Elm props: Change modulus and ratio appearance
#2379 Summary cases import dialog Bug
#2383 Multi Case Import: Use the RicFileHierarchyDialog for .EGRID/.GRID files as well
#2384 Multi Case Import: Use RicFileHierarchyDialog as an alternative to Create Grid Case Group from files
#2388 Fracture: Support asymetric StimPlan fractures
#2389 Fracture: Read perforation length from StimPlan file and use as startingpoint
#2390 Intersections: Add Copy/Paste
#2391 Intersections: Context command: "Add to All Views in Case"
#2392 3D View Context command: "Color Result"
#2393 Reservoir Compaction derived Result
#2402 Fracture : Add support for multiple conductivity variants on file
#2412 2D Intersection View: Make the view into a real 2D experience
#2413 2D Intersection View: Add Text info
#2426 2D Intersection View: Add color legend
#2427 2D Intersection View: Support Cell selection as for the other views
#2428 Fracture: Reorganize Fracture Colors tree item
#2436 2D Intersection View: Show fault meshlines in different color and support "faults only"
#2437 2D Intersection View: Add fault labels
#2438 2D Intersection View: 3D Info Box items must follow settings in the main view
#2439 Ellipse fracture Template: Change default Permeability to 1e5
#2440 Export Completions: Add MD-in and MD-out to comments
#2449 2D intersection view. Show UTM intersection point too
#2455 Non-Darcy Flow : Add fields to fracture template
#2456 Non-Darcy Flow : Export the correction factors along with COMPDAT
#2457 2D Intersection View: Origo of the flattened intersection at well start
#2459 Tensor Vectors: Use lines to draw the vectors
#2460 Tensor Vectors: Use result as colormapping on the vectors
#2470 2D Intersection Views: Hide the item when no intersections are present
#2471 Fracture : Block selection of fracture if fracture template is selected in Project Tree
#2475 Fractures: Use filename as default name when importing a StimPlan fracture
#2478 2D Intersection View: Add top axis and make border opaque
#2481 2d Intersection View: Show wellpaths in full length when clipping in main view is off.
#2484 2D Intersection View: 3D Info text: Show only well name, well path name or intersection name
#2485 2D Intersection Views: Add "Show Polyline" option for polyline intersection views
#2490 Non-Darcy Flow : Add symbols after each field label
#2491 Non-Darcy Flow : Add option for user defined fracture width
#2492 Non-Darcy Flow : Ignore WPIMULT export setting if non-Darcy Flow is active
#2493 Batch Fracture Sensitivity Support: Assemble scale fators in group
#2494 Batch Fracture Sensitivity Support: Add height and width scale parameters
#2495 Batch Fracture Sensitivity Support: Add D factor scale factor
#2496 Tensor Vectors: Find better P1-2-3 colors
#2503 2D intersection View: Add Z-scale as info in the 3d info box
#2504 Non-Darcy Flow : Write Documentation
#2505 Batch Fracture Sensitivity Support: Add command file commands
#2507 Non-Darcy Flow : Add display of unit and handle field units
#2509 Fracture : Refactor how unit conversion is implemented
#2519 Mohr Circle: Create plot widget
#2521 Fishbones : Clamp MD ranges to max MD of well path
#2522 Mohr circle: Update plot on 3D view selection
#2523 Mohr Circle: Improve circle appearence
#2527 Mohr Circle: Add friction-cohesion line
#2531 Mohr Circle: Add Info text
#2533 Mohr Circle: Calculate Element FOS
#2537 Mohr circle: Support multi selection of cells
#2538 Mohr Circle: Support time stepping
#2540 Mohr circle: Improve scaling of window
#2544 Well CF Visualization: Add visualization on well paths
#2545 Well CF Visualization: Add object in project tree
#2546 Well CF Visualization: Add data access to virtual transmissibility values
#2547 Well CF Visualization: Add color legend in 3D view
#2551 Cell info plots: Hide when not applicable
#2552 2D intersection Views: Show well head and cell connection status along simulation wells
#2553 Well CF Visualization: Visualization of Simulation Well Connection factors
#2554 System : Create workflow for command files in regression tests
#2556 Origin Summary Cases: Investigate libecl functionality.
#2558 None Darcy Flow: Use prioritized list of stimplan width parameters when extracting
#2561 Fracture Templates: Refurbish unit convert command InProgress
#2564 Compaction. Use topmost cell layer with valid POR as default refernce layer
#2565 Compaction: Remove checkbox enabeling of Compaction. Bug
#2566 Compaction: Add tooltip to reference layer field.
#2568 Well Paths : Avoid visualization of wellpaths way outside grid domain
#2570 Mohr Circle: Documentation
#2571 Tensor Vector: Regression test
#2572 Tensor Vectors: Documentation
#2573 Eclipse Text File Import : Improve error message if required keyword is missing
#2576 Command File : Add support for comment lines
#2580 Export Completion Data: Command in File/Export menu
#2581 3D well log curves: Create 3D curve object on a well path
#2582 3D well log curves: Create add 3D well log extraction curve command
#2584 3D well log curves: Create a collection object to hold curves
#2585 3D well log curves: Create visualization for a curve
#2591 3D well log curves: Add grid along well path
#2592 3D well log curves: Visualize results
#2594 Compaction: User documentation
#2596 3D well log curve: Establish a coordinate system for curve normals
#2597 3D Well Log Curve: Add option to create LAS curve
#2598 3D Well Log Curve: Add option to create RFT curve
#2599 Tensor Vectors: Arrow length scale should follow legend setup
#2600 Well CF Visualization: Add picking on connection factor objects
#2601 Well CF Visualization: Support regeneration of viz on time step changes
#2603 Legend Background: Add option to toggle legend background on/off
#2605 2D Intersection Views: Show Perforation intervals along well paths
#2606 Legend background: Harmonize the widths when several legends are present.
#2613 Tensor Vectors: Should be default off, but have ST selected
#2619 Fracture Sensitivity Support: Add conductivity scale for Ellipse fractures
#2625 Completion Type Legend : Only show categories present in the model
#2626 Fracture Adjustments
#2628 3D well log curves: Scale curves by grid size
#2629 2D Intersection View: Use same code for wellpath visualization as in 3D View
#2633 3D well log curves: Clip plot when well path is clipped
#2635 3D well log curves: Give new curves different colors
#2642 Legend background: add more spacing around content
#2643 Legend background: change background color to be the same as the viewer background.
#2644 Origin Summary Cases: Create import dialog
#2645 Origin Summary Cases: Add support for reading restart file info
#2646 Origin Summary Cases: Add preference settings
#2647 Origin Summary Cases: Support restart files when importing EGRID files
#2649 Ensemble Curves: Implement ensamble parameters file reader
#2650 Ensemble Curves: Add parameters reader unit tests
#2651 Ensemble Curves: Read ensamble parameters when importing summary case
#2652 Ensemble Curves: Add classes for displaying ensamble curve sets
#2653 Ensemble Curves: Add command feature for adding new ensamble curve sets
#2654 Ensemble Curves: Display ensamble curves using single color
#2655 Ensamble Curves: Display ensamble curves using colors based on an ensamble parameter
#2657 Ensemble Curves: Add legend for ensemble parameter colors to plot
#2658 Ensemble Curves: Update plot editor to support ensemble curve sets
#2667 3D Well Log Curves: Command to Delete curve
#2668 3D Well Log Curves: Draw-Plane width control
#2669 3D Well Log Curves: Color control of singel color
#2671 3D Well Log Curves: Option to use a white solid color as Draw Plane Background
#2672 3D Well Log Curves: Max and min value control for each curve
#2673 3D Well Log Curves: Consolidate the Draw Plane position control
#2674 3D Well Log Curves: Show what the value axis direction is
#2676 3D Well Log Curves: Enable pick selection of the 3D Tracks and curves
#2677 3D Well Log Curves: Show the curve value when clicking the curve InProgress
#2684 Well CF Visualization: Option to turn off CF visualization on closed connections
#2685 Origin Summary Cases: Split preference in two parts
#2686 Origin 3D Cases: Add option to open Origin 3D cases as separate cases to the dialog
#2687 Ensemble Curves: "Import Ensemble" Command
#2688 Ensemble Curves: Assign a sensible default color
#2691 Ensemble Curves: Complete the vector selection options in the Property panel
#2692 Ensemble Curves: Add group selection mode to vector selection dialog InProgress
#2697 Export Completions : Support individual COMPDAT sections for each completion type
#2698 Export Completions : Reorganize user interface
#2700 CmdFile : Update export completion commands
#2703 3D Well Log Curves: Implement filled drawing style InProgress
#2704 2D Intersection Views: User Documentation
#2707 Origin 3D Cases: Add default option in preferences dialog
#2708 Well CF Visualization: User Documentation
#2709 Export of COMPDAT : Always export diameter
#2710 Origin Summary Case: Adjust labels in preferences
#2716 Mohr Circle Plot: Investigate calculation performance and improve if feasible
#2717 Compaction: Improve performance of calculation
#2719 Origin Summary Cases: Adjust labels in dialog
#2720 Origin Summary Cases: Cancel must abort the complete operation
#2721 Ensemble Curves: Needs light to dark color sets for legend and better default
#2724 Ensemble Curves: Mouse tracking on curves must show model name/Case Id
#2737 Command File Launcher : Add command for launching command file from UI
#2738 Documentation : Add CmdFile description of RicfExportSimWellFractureCompletions NeedsDoc
#2741 Documentation CmdFile : Update RicfExportWellPathCompletions NeedsDoc
#2743 Origin Summary Cases. Dialog adjustments
#2750 Summary cases: Add Import commands to summary cases tree node
#2760 Ensemble Curves: Show one curve legend NeedsInput
#2767 Documentation : Split Completions doc into separate pages
#2768 Recursive Import Dialog: Use search mode where * does not match path separator
#2771 Ensemble curves. Add context command 'Add curve set' to plot tree nodes
#2773 Export Completions : Update documentation and screenshot
#2775 Ensemble Curves: Add progress when reading summary cases
#2779 Ensemble Curves: Make Import Commands appear more organized in the menues
#2780 Ensemble Curve Sets: Introduce auto naming similar to summary curves
#2782 3D Well Log : Establish Auto Name for the curves
#2797 Ensemble Curves: Support text as parameter values
#2798 Dock Widgets : Improve menus and handling of tabbed dock widgets
#2802 Ensemble Curves: Improve Progress info when loading a lot of summary cases
#2803 Ensemble Cases Performance: Improve importing and loading cases
#2805 GeoMech : Show Element Type in Result info
#2806 Origin Summary Files: Dialog should have "OK to All " instead of "Apply settings to ...."
#2808 CF Visualization: New Icon in the project tree
#2809 Ensemble Curves: New Icons
#2811 Ensamble curve set. Set default ensemble when only one ensemble exists
#2813 Origin Summary Case: Final dialog adjustments
#2818 Summary: Add "Create Summary Plot" and "Create Cross plot" as commands on Summary Cases/groups/Ensembles
#2819 Ensemble Curves: Distinguish between Ensembles and ordinary Summary Case Groups
#2821 Export Completions: Use Split on Well And Completions as default
#2822 Legends: Move Axiscross to bottom right corner. Adjust the legend layout accordingly
#2830 Geomech: Improve performance on results calculations
#2838 Ensemble Curve Name : Auto name and legend adjustments
#2840 Ensemble Curve Sets: Copy/Paste of Curve Sets
#2849 Fishbones: Rename some Commands
#2853 Icons for Summary Case Group and Ensemble
#2856 Menus fixes
#2857 Observed Timehistory Group: Needs better Icons
#2858 Summary Cross Plot: Icons
#2861 Octave Scripts: Better Icons
#2862 Summary Plot: Inconsistent icon usage.
#2875 3D Well Log Curves: User documentation
#2877 Export Completions: Add more variants to well path completion export tests
#2881 Export Completions: Continue exporting other completions if one has a unit mismatch.
#2886 Ensembles: Command to "convert" Summary Case Group to Ensemble
#2887 3D Well Log Curves: Tidy up configuration
#2898 Ensemble curves. Add vector selection to curve set
#2908 Ensemble Curve Sets: Use legend icon for colorlegend-using icon in the normal curve legend
#2909 RFT Plot: Improve icon
#2910 Summary Groups: Set default group name to "Group"
#2933 Calculator : Auto fill address selection based on last entered address

Fixed Bugs Since v2018.01.01

#653 Instabilities when toggling linking on and off for version 1.5.0
#955 Improve handling of state for UI commands
#1742 Fractures: Allow multiple wells to be completed in same cell
#1777 Make access of data in RimStimPlanFractureTemplate robust
#1905 Perforation Intervals: Picking the well pipe does not work at perforations
#1907 Fractures: Ellipse fractures not exported for thin grid layers
#1908 Summary case: When opening a project, avoid opening of closed summary cases
#1909 RimSummaryCurveAppearanceCalculator assertion fails
#1968 Export Completion: Change order to follow well path
#2141 Fracture: Add view Legend for Ellipse-fracture
#2272 Refactor derived field m_anchorPosition in RimFracture
#2322 Fracture Colors. Wrong default value
#2353 Empty function caseName() shadows base class field with same signature
#2363 Crash when try to import Eclipse case wothout UNIFOUT, or with UNIFOUTS keyword
#2364 Fracture: Crash at Completion Export for fracture at start of well path
#2371 Fracture : Crash when import of StimPlan xml fails
#2400 ResInsight 2018-01-01 Keeps Crashing After Loading Model
#2401 Cell RelPerm plot missing vertical scaling with KRWR
#2403 Extraction Curves: Well paths starting inside a cell seems to get strange curves.
#2407 Crash when calculating Water Flooded PV
#2431 3D view: Wrong MD when clicking on well path
#2448 Summary Plot: User define Date range block update of plot for other items
#2450 Unable to Import EGrid
#2465 Property panel: Update UI fields from selected result on tree view object changed
#2466 Guard null pointer access of activeReservoirView
#2467 Unit Conversion: Wrong StimPlan geometry
#2560 CF Export: Must use correct unit of conductivity in transmissibility calculations
#2595 Crash when opening project with a well log LAS curve without connection to well path
#2683 Well CF Visualization: Sim Well pipe color should be gray for closed existing connections
#2690 Summary Plot: Inconsistent summary selection when in-active vectors
#2712 Export Completions : Add flag to control fractures for well path export
#2713 Export Completions : Add viewId to simulation well file command
#2744 Well Log Extractor : Well path completely inside one cell is not detected
#2756 PLT plot: Remove Pseudo Length as Depth type
#2765 Completions : Use max available diameter when combining multiple completions in same cell
#2792 Geomech: Crashes if the import fails (eg corrupt file)
#2816 Summary Curves: If empty autoname, use something
#2829 Geomech: Improve guarding and potential crashes due to lack of memory.
#2831 System : Writing a message to a hidden status bar causes reordering of views
#2854 UNRST and EGRID file matching confused by . in basename
#2859 Well Plots: Inconsistent Icon usage
#2872 IJK Slice Command: Does not work properly on LGR's
#2878 SOIL for solvent models.
#2880 Export Completions Command: make sure all completions are exported if they are listed in the names parameter
#2901 RFT Plot : Default plot shows all time steps, not filtered to match observed data
#2904 Curve creator: Curve visibility setting not working
#2919 Summary Plot Title : Always show "Composed Plot" for curve combinations
#2920 Settings for Property Tree and Property Editor visibility are not saved if main window is closed before plot window.
#2939 Progress Bar missing when loading on linux
#2940 Geomech: Flickering due to missing display translation of model

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@magnesj magnesj released this Feb 22, 2018 · 3384 commits to master since this release

Patch release for ResInsight 2018.01

Complete List of Issues Closed Since v2018.01

#2501 Result Plot: Add "Show Plot Data" to context menu
#2468 Multi grid statistics : Missing case data if no view has been created
#2458 Cell Result: Select chosen result type on load
#2453 Stim plan. Loading from file is very slow
#2451 Export Completions : Broken control of Fishbones main bore cells when combining
#2446 Snapshot : Too many characters in generated file name
#2444 Batch: command File option replacecase only working for 1 case
#2443 Batch: Avoid blocking message box for code related to running command files
#2435 Fracture: Transfer fix of #2374 to 2018.01.01-patch branch
#2434 Eclipse Load of Input Properties Loads the NOECHO Keyword
#2433 Eclipse Input Deck Fails to Load
#2430 Perforations: Not visible in 3D view (II)
#2429 Perforations: Not visible in 3D view (I)
#2422 Perforations: Project tree not updated after import
#2421 Cell RelPerm plot error for Logarithmic Scale
#2419 Clicking on model in 3D view causes crash
#2418 Import of text grid model fails when comments are on same line as keyword
#2414 AppFwk : Do not overwrite field double value with UI text representation
#2411 AppFwk : Increase precision when writing real numbers to XML
#2410 Plt/Rft/Wlp/Well Alloc plots: Depth autoscale is too agressive.
#2408 Summary plot. Axis issues after duplicating plot
#2406 Crash when deleting summary plot
#2404 Intersection: Update 3d view when creating new Intersection Box
#2399 Cell RelPerm plot missing Scaled relperm curves
#2398 Fracture: Hide "New Fracture" in context menu when no Fracture Template is defined
#2385 Main Window: More flexible docking restrictions
#2378 Fractures: Hide "Fracture Colors" in Project tree when not in use
#2377 Summary Plot: Well Production Rates plot not using Right Y-axis
#2375 Flow Diagnostics/PvtRelPerm Plot: Qt exception and crash when initializing flow or PVT curves
#2374 Fracture : Incomplete results when computing intersected StimPlan cells
#2368 Summary Plot: Right Y-Axis scale is changed at Left Y-Axis scale update
#2367 Completion Type calculation Crash when well path file is not found
#2362 Segmentation fault when open project with grdecl-data
#2356 Grid Statistics: Mobile Volume Weighted Mean not toggled off
#2352 Geo mech: Crash when choosing invalid Result Variable
#2340 Snapshot : Space in path is replaced with underscore
#2329 Missing relocate of file path when project has moved
#2328 Crash when calculating "Water Flooded PV"
#2327 Formation RFT Plot: Well picks does not work for RFT plot
#2326 Well allocation plot: Invalid formation names for well path trajectory
#2325 Summary plot: Plot editor plot should have same axis type as target plot
#2319 PLT plot: Plot is auto scaled after reading project file
#2301 Rel.perm Plot: Tooltip missing for cell value
#2277 Improve robustness related to missing files
#2276 Source Stepping : Improve region ordering
#2261 Well Paths: Wrong well path set to current item
#2241 Import Eclipse file: not see "Simulation Wells" othervise UNIFOUT
#2229 Curve creator: Not updated automatically
#2086 Handle extended ascii characters on Linux
#588 Color Result for geomech views does not show correct result position

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@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this Jan 5, 2018 · 3463 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2018.01 is a major release with several new features.

Main Features

  • Improved Summary Plotting
    • Summary plot editor with filtering and multi selection
    • Auto plot titles and improved automatic legend and axis texts
    • Improved curve appearance assignment
    • Import observed data from csv or RSM files
    • Paste curve data from excel or text files
    • Curve calculator to produce derived curves
    • Cross plotting of Summary Data
    • Grouping, reload and closing of summary cases
    • Font size adjustments, axis number format adjustments, Interpolation type setting,
  • New specialized plots
    • Relative Permeability plot for selected cell
    • PVT plot for selected cell
    • RFT plot
    • PLT plot
    • Statistics dialog with detailed histogram and cdf plots
  • Flow Diagnostics improvements
    • Improved flow characteristics plots
      • Cell region filtering
      • Timestep selection
    • Time Of Flight per phase
    • Improved support for multiple connections in same cell
    • Plot of accumulated saturation by time of flight
    • Fluxes are calculated on the fly if not present in the restart files.
  • Support for dynamic nnc values
    • Octave interface
    • Visualization
  • Modelling and exporting completions to eclipse input file format
    • Fishbones
    • Perforation Intervals
    • Hydraulic Fractures
      • Imported from StimPlan
      • Elliptical
  • Command File for batch execution
    • Export Completions
    • Run Octave scripts
    • Replace cases in project
    • Compute case group statistics
    • ...

Other Improvements

  • Improved Formation names support
    • Show in all relevant Well plots. Well log, Allocation, RFT, PLT
    • Import well specific fomation names/well picks with filtering
  • Improved Well Path associated data
    • Support for several LAS files for one well path
    • LAS file date support
    • Automatical and manual assosiation of simulation well and imported well paths
  • Improved performance and support of cases with lots of timesteps
    • Filtering of witch restart timesteps to load
    • Store result index file to speed up opening a case 2. time
    • Dip and Azimuth plane intersection
  • Simple CARFIN export
  • Mobile-pore-volume-weighted average
  • Calculation of injection flooding
  • Import of HDF5 result files from SourSimRL to use as cell result property
  • Export of visible cells to FUXNUM/MULTNUM eclipse ascii files

Complete List of Enhancement-Issues Closed Since v2017.05.02

#733 Batch : Add support for execution of Octave scripts
#861 Summary Plot : Auto Plot title
#1036 Pre-proto : Create FractureDefinition
#1037 Pre-proto: Create Fracture used to locate a fracture definition
#1038 Pre-proto: Command Feature - New well path fracture
#1039 Pre-proto : Command Feature - New fracture
#1040 Visualization of elliptical fracture
#1044 Pre-proto : Command Feature - New simulation well fracture in 3D view
#1086 Fracture Definition: Move width to Fracture Properties
#1088 Fracture: Handle in 3D view to move fracture
#1089 Fracture definition: Add azimuth angle
#1090 Fracture definition: Add perforation length
#1126 Flow Plots: TOF-accumulated phase fractions (SWAT, SGAS, SOIL)
#1138 StimPlan : Visualization of fracture geometry
#1139 StimPlan : Import of data from XML
#1144 Fracture template : Update connected fractures
#1145 Support COMPDAT keyword export for selected wells
#1149 Rotate fracture geometry 90 deg
#1202 Flow: Handle separate phase solutions
#1230 StimPlan : Add legend to 3D view
#1239 StimPlan : Add checkbox to control visibility of fractures
#1250 Show fractures directly as child objects of well / well path
#1251 Select fracture when clicking in 3D view
#1252 Add and use transparent color for both ellipse and stim plan objects
#1259 Convert StimPlan fractures
#1271 Convert coordinates between field/metric for both fracture types
#1272 Allow user to switch between field/metric in property editor for fractures
#1274 Show StimPlan analysis mesh as geometry
#1275 Set defuault values for stimPlan polygon timeStep / property based on content i XML file
#1276 Add dip rotation angle to fracture instances
#1278 Convert data when needed when exporting COMPDAT
#1302 Set fracture unit system for simWell fractures
#1348 Convert fracture to "Along well path" if azimuth is close to well path direction
#1349 Show perforation interval along well path/sim well for each fracture instance
#1351 Add well radius to fracture template and fracture instance
#1352 Add f_eff scaling factor [0..1] to fracture template to control fracture efficiency
#1368 Add tilt angle to fractures (similar to dip rotation angle)
#1377 Flow Characteristics Plot: Calculate for a defined set of cells.
#1387 SourSimRL: Command to delete existing sour sim data from ResInsight
#1441 Fishbones : Establish datastructures and display in project tree
#1442 Fishbones : Visualization of a group of subs
#1450 Fishbones : Add support for vertical wells
#1451 Fishbones : Perforation intervals
#1452 Fishbones : Export laterals to text file
#1461 Fishbones : Compute connection factor for cells penetrated by laterals
#1463 Fishbones : Export well connection factor multipliers
#1464 Fishbones MSW : Export well segments
#1465 Fishbones MSW : Export location of completions
#1467 Fishbones : Data structure for completions
#1468 Fishbones : New feature 'Import Completions'
#1470 Fishbones : Perforation intervals visualization
#1471 Fishbones : Completions visualization
#1474 Fishbones : Set sensible values when creating fishbones subs definition
#1486 Fishbones : Init sub object with MD at mouse intersection with well
#1489 Fishbones : Create Eclipse output file formatter
#1494 Fishbones : When creating new fishbone, create only one sub
#1495 Fishbones : Add new folder in project tree named 'Completions'
#1496 Fishbones : Collapse groups MSW and Success factors by default
#1497 Fishbones : Assign individual colors to well paths when importing well paths
#1498 Fishbones : Assign individual colors to fishbones, and relate to well path color
#1499 Fishbones : Use naming based on index "Fishbones 1"
#1500 Fishbones : Use global index to subs when exporting lateral geometry
#1502 Fishbones : Add "New Perforation" to context menu when clicking on well path
#1504 Fishbones : Use start and end MD as perforation name
#1505 Fishbones : Calculate direction of a completion
#1512 Fishbones : Compute COMPDAT for imported well path branches
#1513 Fishbones : Add 'Fly to Object' for fishbones and perforations
#1515 Fishbones : Describe export algorithm
#1517 Fishbones : Extract pipe properties from RimFishbonesMultipleSubs
#1518 Fishbones : Add UI and export for Abs/Inc and pressure drop
#1519 Fishbones : Aggregated export of COMPDAT for multiple completion types
#1520 Completions : Establish new result type 'Completion Type'
#1523 Completions : Import perforation intervals from file
#1529 Use diameter instead of radius in GUI
#1532 Completions : Export improvements
#1533 Perforation Intervals : Hide from visualization based on time step
#1534 Perforation Intervals : Do not include in export based on time step
#1552 Export Completions: Group export options according to Perf/Fishb/Fractures
#1561 Export completions : Support WPIMULT
#1573 Set unit system on well path
#1574 Fracture Export: Support layer clipping of fracture
#1585 Fracture Truncation: Visualize results of truncation in 3D view
#1589 Refactoring of UI for COMPDAT export
#1590 Add unit support to RimFishbonesCollection
#1593 Use well path unit from completion instances
#1597 Enable commands for creation of completions on Well Path and hide empty containers
#1602 Completion Type : Add fracture category
#1617 Fracture : Add "Fracture Conductivity Factor" on StimPlan template
#1618 Fracture : Show azimuth and well path direction as text
#1633 Export Completions : Improve combo box texts
#1636 Batch concept investigation
#1642 Batch : Replace folder for input files
#1643 Batch Command Line: Allow filename including extension for parameter "case"
#1651 Fishbones : Set default value for Install Success Rate to 1.0
#1662 Octave Interface: Command to push generated Dyn NNC result values back to ResInsight
#1665 Batch command file concept
#1667 MSW Export : Move parameters from export dialog to project
#1668 Use "Export" instead of "OK" in export dialogs System
#1670 LGR : Establish UI for export to CARFIN
#1675 Octave Interface: Get Selected cells interface
#1677 LGR : Store dialog data in project file
#1688 Octave Interface: Make all commands using a [RequestedTimeSteps] handle a single timestep
#1689 Octave Interface: NNC commands: Improve help texts
#1690 Summary: Import clipboard data from Excel as new curves
#1692 SourSimRL: Put results in a separate result type
#1696 Flow Characteristics Plot: Threshold option for aquifer cells
#1697 Export of visible cells to FLUXNUM / MULTNUM .GRDECL file
#1698 Flow: Use opm-flowdiagnostics calculation of fluxes if not present in Eclipse restart file
#1704 Fracture: Fracture Containment should include Top and Base layers
#1717 Implement exportSimWellCompletions for command file interface
#1723 Avoid print of Completion file for empty completions
#1730 Command File : Add time to generated snapshot filename
#1734 Command File : Use caseId as variable name instead of case
#1735 Doc : Add list of all available commands at top of documentation
#1741 Octave Interface: Add command to get available dynamic NNC values
#1760 Octave Interface: Create md-format documentation files of the new commands
#1761 SourSimRL: Default directory when opening soursim data should be the eclipse case directory
#1762 SourSimRL: Use *.sourres as filter in file open dialog
#1763 SourSimRL: Hide soursim file field and result category if HDF5 support is not compiled in
#1766 Time Step Filtering: Create command for import with timestep filtering
#1767 Time Step Filtering: Dialog / filter settings on case
#1768 Many Timesteps: Use coming libEcl support for keyword index-files
#1772 Flow Characteristics Plots: Add command to store them in the same way as for well allocation plots.
#1774 Summary: Needs explicit Excel Paste command on a summary plot and the collection
#1775 SourSimRL: Hide SourSimRL result category if no Sourres file is active
#1778 Flow: When not using "All" phases, the only available grid variable should be TOF
#1781 SourSimRL: Rename "Delete Sour Sim Data" to "Close SourSim Data"
#1783 Summary: Copy/Paste of Excel-pasted curves
#1784 Summary: Improve Paste From Excel dialog
#1787 Flooded Pv: Calculation of Number Of Flooded porevolumes
#1788 Flooded Pv: Create preliminary user interface to show Flooded PV
#1793 Add looping of list of case filenames when executing command file
#1794 Merge pre-proto into dev
#1797 TOF-Acc Sat Plot: Add mouse tracking with data info
#1803 TOF Acc Sat Plot: Needs icon
#1804 Flow Characteristics Plot: Needs icon
#1805 Flow Characteristics Plots: Improve property panel
#1807 Flow Characteristics Plot: Use visible cells in view as region selection
#1814 Observed Data: Create tool to parse keyword based Eclipse User Data files
#1815 Observed Data: Make Observed Data available in summary plotting
#1818 Observed Data: Command to Import observed data (GRF/Ascii)
#1820 Observed Data: Close Command
#1832 Many Timesteps: Add preference option to control caching of result index file
#1834 Many Timesteps: Add preference option to control import of well data
#1835 Tof Acc Sat Plot: Add a max TOF range field
#1836 Flow Characteristics: Region selection threshold fields
#1839 Observed Data: Create tool to parse column based Eclipse User Data files
#1840 Summary: Create named folder object to sort summary cases in
#1841 Curve Creator : Improve the Case Selection to respect the sorting in folders
#1842 RFT Plot: Create new top level RFT-Plot folder and RFT-Plot Object with plot window
#1847 Curve Creator: Create the first version of the new pdm object representing the Curve Creator
#1849 Curve Creator: Use toggles instead of highlight in multi selection lists
#1851 Curve Creator: Appearance settings must not overwrite manual user adjustments
#1852 Curve Creator: Create the first version of the new Curve Creator dialog
#1853 Curve Creator: Convert old project file curve setups
#1855 Flooded PV: Only list properties ending with "F"
#1869 Curve Creator: Preliminary "Edit Summary Curves" context command on Summary Plot
#1886 Curve Creator: Make Edit command behave as advertized
#1887 Curve Creator: Make the new SummaryCurveCollection operational
#1888 Curve Creator: Add auto appearance assignment
#1889 Curve Creator: Improve Dialog based on input and known issues
#1895 Curve Creator: Add checkbox in front of each Symmary Type
#1896 Curve Creator: Add All On/Off toggle on top of TreeSelectionEditors
#1897 Curve Creator: Use only one list for Region to Region options
#1898 Curve Creator: Add basic search fields above all the lists
#1911 Curve Creator: Improve dialog button functions
#1913 Curve creator: Update command 'New Summary Plot'
#1914 Curve creator: Raise the Curve Creator dialog on 'new plot' and 'edit plot' commands
#1915 Curve creator: Remove default curve filter and the stuff around it in Preferences
#1916 Plot project tree: Keep selection of summary cases after grouping, and leave new group expanded
#1917 Plot project tree: Cleanup plot context menu items
#1918 Observed Data: Design architecture and create classes for management of Observed Data and readers
#1919 Curve Creator: Summary Type toggles must be off by default
#1921 Curve Creator: Add the same curve name config that was present in the curve filter
#1923 Curve Creator: Improve performance.
#1928 Curve Creator: Rename and polish Appearance Settings
#1930 Curve creator adjustments
#1939 Curve Creator: Select newly created or edited plot on Apply/OK
#1944 Observed Data: Need to use Symbols, and line style "None"
#1946 Observed Data: Add Command to File->Import menu also
#1947 RFT/PLT Plot: Support Well Log Curves based on Eclipse *.RFT file data
#1948 PLT Plot: Create PLT Plot container and plot objects
#1954 Observed Data : The Observed Data item must reflect the actual content of the imported data
#1962 Observed Data : Add helper class for creation of QDateTime
#1967 Curve Calculator : Create calculation objects and containers
#1969 Curve Calculator : Single select summary address selector
#1970 WLP: Command to create an empty RFT-curve
#1971 WLP: Context command to create a new well log RFT curve from a selected well
#1976 RFT/PLT plot: Needs to define a way to associate SimWells, Well Logs and Well Paths
#1977 Curve Calculator : Main dialog with expression editor and list of calculated curves
#1979 Observed Data: Import observed data file dialog should have sensible filters
#1980 PLT Plot: Map between *.RFT curve data cells and MD and use MD in RFTCurves
#1981 RFT Plot: Remove wrong context menu items from the subitems of RFT Plot
#1982 RFT Plot: LAS file Curves: Support TVD
#1983 RFT plot: Apply colors and symbols to curves
#1984 Ensure correct TimeSpec when creating QDateTime objects
#1985 Curve Calculator : Add expression parser library
#1991 Rel Perm Plot: Create plot window and show curves for last selected cell
#1992 RelPerm Plot: Add toggles to control the 6 curves
#1993 RelPerm Plot: Add legend and sensible colors/symbols to the curves
#1994 PVT Plot: Create first simple working PVT plot window
#1995 PVT Plot: Set up plots with legend axis titles and title
#1997 RFT/PLT Plot: Improve well path simulation well matching logic
#1998 RFT/PLT plot: Make Several LAS files pr Wellpath possible
#2000 Curve Creator: Use descriptive texts for the summary variable shortnames
#2001 RFT Plot: Use only TVD as depth type
#2002 RFT plot: Consider hiding unneccessary stuff in the tree
#2003 Observed Data: Incorporate the new knowledge into the *.RSM parser
#2005 RFT Plot : Show only relevant timesteps in list
#2006 RFT/PLT Plot: Well path-simulation well matching logic: Allow whitespace differences
#2007 RFT Plot: Needs time in timestep list (not only date)
#2010 RFT Plot: Show all relevant curves by default
#2013 Curve Creator: Create map for summary vector name -> description
#2014 Rel Perm Plot: KROW and KROG must be plotted with 1.0 - x-value retreived from the library
#2016 Observed Data: Hide the identifieroverride fields from the GUI and XML output for *.RSM files
#2017 Make sure all new objects are selected after new / edit commands
#2018 Ascii data : Improve ascii import to support general csv
#2019 Ascii data: Improve by import csv data into "Observed Data" NeedsInput
#2020 RFT/PLT Plot: Context command to move LAS- file to another wellpath
#2021 PLT Plot: Add option on LAS-files with flow data to identify flow unit as either [sm^3] or [rm^3]
#2022 Curve Calculator : Add Calculated curve data available for RifEclipseSummaryAddress
#2025 Formations : Use imported formation names by default when sensible
#2027 Make sure all new objects are selected after import commands
#2031 Curve Calculator : Improve usability
#2035 PLT plot: Plot Simulation PLT data against MD
#2036 Well log file. Implement Close command
#2038 RFT Plot: Add formation names
#2039 PLT Plot: Add formation names
#2042 LAS import: Use same name matching to match well-path as used to match simulation well
#2043 Well Path/LAS Import: Ignore underscore in name matching
#2048 Curve Calculator: Add icon to the commands
#2049 Curve Calculator: Make command more available
#2051 Curve Calculator: Edit Calculation command
#2052 Curve Calculator: Add user defined unit-field
#2053 Curve Calculator: Copy/Paste of calculations as context menu in the dialog
#2054 Curve Calculator: Add context menu with available functions/operations
#2058 Context Command: "On - Others Off" as generic command
#2061 RelPerm Plot: Add markers to show cells SWAT SGAS
#2062 Rel Perm Plot: Add "Water/Gas" to the x-axis title
#2063 Rel Perm Plot: Add a "Show Unscaled" toggle
#2071 LAS file: Enable setting date when no date in LAS file
#2072 PLT plot: Handle well flow condition setting (Standard/Reservoir)
#2073 WLP: Add PL (Pseudo Length) to depth axis if a simulation well is used as extraction curve
#2075 RFT Plot: Add "New RFT plot" command to well path as well
#2076 RFT Plot: Add "PRES_FORM" as Las name for Pressure
#2077 Well Allocation Plot: Add formation names
#2078 LAS Support: Add import las files as context command on Wellpaths and Las files in Project tree
#2079 RFT Curves : Improve legend text.
#2080 WLP: Improve Las - file curve legend text
#2081 LAS import: Show message box if date in LAS file is not set.
#2088 Curve calculator improvements
#2089 Cross plot: Add cross plot collection folder
#2090 Cross Plot: Extend RimSummaryPlot to optionally have a value axis as X-axis
#2091 Cross Plot: Extend SummaryCurve to optionally have a X-Axis summary vector
#2092 Cross Plot: Make SummaryPlot be able to plot curves with none-time X-values
#2093 Cross Plot: Add a button to open the summary variable selector in the Summary Curve axis definitions
#2101 PLT Plot: Support other LAS-channel names for the flow
#2102 Statistics Dialog: Create command that opens a dialog presenting the data in the 3D info
#2103 Documentation : Add curve calculator documentation
#2105 Curve Calculator: The dialog must not be modal
#2119 PLT Plot: Handle "Total flow"
#2124 Curve Calculator: Test all available functions etc. to verify their usefulness with vector variables
#2125 Curve Calculations : Handle arguments with different time series (eg. different cases)
#2126 PLT/RFT plot: Filter list of timestep based on Observed data first
#2129 PLT /RFT Plot: Formation names should be on by default
#2136 PLT Plot: Improve curve appearance and ordering
#2138 PLT Plot: Context command "New PLT plot" on wellpaths
#2144 Organize context menus
#2146 Num Flooded PV: Add volume weighted mean to the statistics
#2153 Cross Plot : Interpolate missing values based on time steps for two curves
#2158 Curve Address Selection : Select first case as default
#2167 Statistics Dialog: Add snapshot support
#2168 Summary Plot: Add step/scroll buttons to switch identifier (Well, Group ...) in plot
#2169 Summary plot: Add step/scroll buttons to switch source in plot
#2170 Summary Cross Plot: Add step source/identifier functionality to X-plot also
#2171 PLT plot: Change ui text for LAS files pressure condition setting
#2173 AppFwk: Make Push buttons right adjusted, and only of needed size
#2178 Summary Edit : Do not ask for plot name if auto name produces valid name
#2179 Summary Plot : Change identifier when PgUp/PgDown is pressed
#2186 Summary Plot : Rename Curve Modifier to PlotSourceStepping
#2187 Summary Plot : Add features to allow plot source stepping including tool bar buttons
#2189 RelPerm Plot: Show SATNUM in plot title
#2190 RelPerm Plot: Show symbols on all curves
#2191 Rel Perm Plot: Color adjustments
#2192 Rel Perm Plot: Use unit conversion to show the pressure in case-units
#2211 Curve Calculator: Add a default calculation if empty
#2214 Summary plot: Stepping should use Shift and Ctrl to control meaning of PgUp/Down
#2215 PLT Plot: Use units instead of [R] [S] in legend to distinguish pressure condition
#2235 RelPerm/PVT/Plot: Add unit labels to all relevant axis
#2237 Flooded PV: Progress bar for calculation
#2238 Flooded PV: Make available in result plot (as timeseries) when selecting cells
#2247 Add export FLIXNUM/MULTNUM to context menu on Cell Result item in tree view

Fixed Bugs Since v2017.05.02

#1304 Flow: Handle multiple well-connections in the same cell gracefully
#1361 Well log Plots: Custom depth zoom factors are reset during project file load if Autoscale is on
#1392 Improve Dark 3D-View background support
#1563 WLP: Wrong well MD in Plot Data
#1567 Command line option '--case' is not working
#1594 WLP: Wrong well TVD in Plot Data
#1595 Grid Box updated needed for case Reload
#1599 KDE Desktop : Snapshot to file creates .bmp file
#1614 Crash when importing grdecl parameters with long names
#1622 Fault info is not loaded when loading project again
#1624 Flow: Could not find the requested timestep ... Error message
#1627 Input Properties: Spaces in filepaths are not handled
#1682 NNC Results: Does not respect the "Disable Result Lighting" option
#1702 Faults: Gap in grid creates artificial faults
#1703 Wells: Clip Well Paths needs interpolation
#1750 Range filter indexes for LGRs
#1785 Octave Interface: Generated data from octave is not stored/restored as intended
#1825 Summary: Symbols and line styles are reused even when there are more available
#1829 Summary: Editing case in summary curve does not update the curve
#1859 SummaryPlot: Missing redraw of qwtPlot when deleting curves
#1862 WLP: Show Plot Data missing data
#1868 CellRangeFilter : Wrong label text when range filter is created
#1882 Well paths: Import of well path without grid model causes crash
#1972 Range Filter: When un-selecting range filter, Grid is always set on NeedsInput
#2004 Doc: Misleading well trajectory examples in user documentation
#2087 Summary: Missing update when reload 3D model
#2094 Update well name color to a contrast of 3D-View background color
#2097 Missing SGAS and wrong SOIL in GAS field simulation
#2127 Sim Well Branches: Branch detection setting must be respected globally in all plots etc.
#2165 Fault Import : Crash when importing fault definitions ending with /
#2176 Crash when accessing specific time step in case with many K in LGR
#2177 Property Filter not working for Well through Visible Cells Only
#2188 Fault face disappears when applying a property filter
#2195 Wells : Well connections in main grid is lost if well has connections in LGR
#2202 GeoMech: Handling of invalid result addresses in property filters causes crash

Relevant System Updates

  • Linking with HDF5 librares if present
  • Include a subset of Eigen
  • Updated libecl
  • Updated opm-flowdiagnostics libraries
Assets 4

@magnesj magnesj released this Jun 21, 2017 · 5868 commits to master since this release

Patch release for ResInsight 2017.05

Complete List of Issues Closed Since v2017.05

#1624 Flow: Could not find the requested timestep ... Error message
#1622 Fault info is not loaded when loading project again
#1599 KDE Desktop : Snapshot to file creates .bmp file
#1567 Command line option '--case' is not working
#1595 Grid Box updated needed for case Reload
#1563 WLP: Wrong well MD in Plot Data
#1594 WLP: Wrong well TVD in Plot Data

Assets 4

@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this May 31, 2017 · 5878 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2017.05 is a major release with several new features.

Main Features

  • Embedded Flow Diagnostics including
    • New cell properties ( Time Of Flight, Tracer Cell Fraction, Max Fraction Tracer, Injector Producer Communication)
    • Well Allocation and Flow Plots
    • Well Communication Lines
    • Flow Characteristics Plots ( Flow Capacity vs Storage Capacity, Lorenz Coefficient, Sweep Efficiency )
    • Show Contributing Wells - Command used to set up a 3D View to show which regions and wells that contribute to a well
  • Improved Simulation Wells Support
    • Center to center pipe mode
    • Option to show spheres at center of each connection cell
    • Improved user interface and visibility control
    • Improved well color assignment
  • Advanced Snapshot Export
    Automatically generate and save snapshots for:
    - Selected Eclipse properties
    - Each layer in a range
    - Selected time step range
    - Selected cases
  • Grid property time history curves in Summary plots
  • Show and export plot data as ascii-text

Other Improvements

  • Collapsible group boxes in the property panel
  • Scroll bar for improved flexibility and reduced screen area requirements
  • Improved user interface panels, including Preferences
  • Linking of legends and cursor position between views
  • Zoom using the mouse wheel in Summary Plots
  • Plot simulation well production rates command
  • Well Log Extraction curves from simulation wells
  • Change Data Source command on well log extraction curves
  • Support for Geomechanical time-relative results in well log extraction curves
  • Apply as Cell Result command on property filters
  • Reload Case command
  • Message Panel

Complete List of Enhancement-Issues Closed Since v2016.11

#536 Well path: Adjust pipe thickness in GM views to be more like the one in Eclipse Views
#552 Linked Views: View cursor position in all windows
#559 Linked Views: Linking legend definitions
#644 Preferences: Use tabs to make it more readable
#872 Summary: Export Summary Plot to Ascii Table
#989 Preferences: New Tab "Eclipse" as number two
#1028 Flow: Create Flow Diag Solution object with a minimal setup
#1029 Flow: Add Flow Diag Result type to Eclipse Result Definition with some minimal variable support
#1032 Well log plot: Possibilities for selecting same well path for all curves and tracks
#1046 Flow: Make ordinary property filters work
#1047 Flow: Make category property filters (Tracer with max cell fraction)
#1048 Flow : Add derived results
#1049 Flow: Improve performance by reusing eclipse data
#1052 Flow: Info Box : Update according to flow diag results.
#1054 Flow: Result Info: Enable picking information from flow diag results
#1056 Flow: Cell Edge any property support for flow diag results
#1058 Flow : Convert Time of Flight to days as default
#1099 Flow : Only make Flow Solution and results available when relevant
#1102 Flow Result Definition: Make it easier to select all Injectors/all producers
#1105 Flow Plot: "Flow Diagnostics plots" object
#1106 Flow Plots: Create settings object for Well Allocation Plot window
#1107 Flow Plots: Create well allocation plot window with management
#1108 Flow Plots: Create settings object for "Well Allocation Factors" pie chart
#1109 Flow Plots: Create settings object for "Allocation by Connection" chart
#1110 Flow Plots: Calculate data for "Well Allocation Factors" pie chart
#1111 Flow Plots: Command to update main Well Alloc plot with content from new well
#1114 Flow : Well communication lines
#1116 Flow Plots: Create "Well Allocation Factors" Pie Chart
#1118 Flow Plots: Branch aware "Allocation by Connection" calculation
#1119 Flow Plots: Branch aware "Allocation by Connection" Chart
#1120 Well Alloc Plots: TVD based "Allocation by Connection" Chart
#1122 Flow : Progress bar
#1125 Flow: Info Box/Legend: Limit tracer name list
#1164 Add feature "Add Stored Well Allocation Plot"
#1165 Show titles in well allocation plot
#1166 Well Alloc Plot: The reservoir part of the flow must be included
#1168 Well Alloc plot: Show correct unit/ magnitude on Depth axis.
#1169 Well Alloc plot: Show flow rate unit on X-axis
#1171 Well Alloc Plots: PL (Pseudo length) based flow accumulation plots
#1172 Well Alloc Plots: Combine tracers that contributes little into an "Others" group
#1173 Well Alloc Plots: Legend must be a separate entity.
#1174 Flow: Context Command on Simulation Well : Show Contributing Wells
#1176 Well Alloc Plot: Show well Injector/Producer status
#1178 Flow: Tracer with max fraction must use well colors when sensible
#1179 Flow: Well Colors should possibly use "Cathegory" color table
#1181 Well Alloc Plot: Label the tracks with "Branch"
#1182 Well Alloc Plot: Add dummy point in the top of first branch to better show the resulting flow/allocation
#1183 Property Filter: Context command : Apply As Cell Result
#1185 Summary Curve: Context command on Simulation Well: "Plot Production Rates"
#1190 Disable copy/paste delete of objects related to well allocation plots
#1195 Show progress monitor when an octave script is executed
#1203 Well Alloc Plots: Handle opposite inflow flux in wells.
#1205 Well Alloc plots: Add a "None" option to flow diag solution pull down.
#1207 Flow Plots: Icons for the different items
#1209 Well Alloc Plots: Option to show none-accumulated flow
#1210 Well Alloc Plot: Use Flow Diag results if possible when creating a plot
#1211 Well Aloc Plots: Disable tracer allocation on wells with inconsistent flow
#1212 Well Alloc Plots: Allign the use of gradients
#1216 Well Alloc plot: Sort the tracers according to contribution.
#1221 WLP: Tag and untag relative curve values NeedsInput
#1222 Flow: Improve tracer/well legend and color assignment
#1223 Well Colors: Disable results lightning should have effect on the well pipes as well.
#1226 Summary Plot: Result tooltip text should show the complete timestep text
#1227 Well Alloc plots: Command to delete stored plots
#1264 Flow: Add "Show Well Allocation Plot" command to Project tree context menu
#1279 Flow: Use connections with inconsistent flow as tracer labeled -Xf
#1285 Well Alloc Plot: Change names for flow type
#1286 Well Alloc Plots: Add some negative depth values to TVD and Pseudo Length plots
#1288 Flow: Improve "Show Contributing Wells" command
#1289 Well Alloc Plot: Rename command to "Plot Well Allocation"
#1291 Well Alloc Plot: Handle MSW dummy branches in In Flow Rate mode
#1293 Plots : Context Command to show the plot data as ascii in a separate window in an Excel friendly way.
#1294 Well Alloc Plot: Export well log part to ascii
#1298 Flow : Include wells with "closed" state in the calculations consistently
#1306 Summary Plot Collection : Add feature "Delete Sub Items"
#1319 Make sure clipboard text from plot data widget can be pasted into columns in Excel
#1321 Flow: Flow Capasity plot, Lorenz Coeff, Sweep Eff. ...
#1322 Summary: Add curve type that can show 3D grid data time history
#1323 Summary: Command to show Time History for selected cells
#1325 Well Connection Lines: Always show all lines into/from a visble cell
#1327 Flow: Add a filter field to the Result Definition that filters "By Selection" tracers available in the list
#1331 Flow: Use "-XF" as cross flow ending on tracers
#1335 Well Communication Lines: Show cross flow contributions also
#1336 Summary: Support export of Time History curve data
#1337 Use collapsible group boxes instead of the Qt default
#1359 Flow: Property filter : Sort tracers in category selection list by alphabet
#1360 Well Alloc plots: Description should follow the flow type setting
#1365 AppFwk : Allow list widgets to fill available height
#1366 Summary: Wheel zoom to point
#1373 Well Alloc Plots: Export total allocation in % by right click on the Pie Chart
#1381 Well Alloc Plots: Show flow split in phase fractions when no flow diag solution is selected.
#1382 Flow: Remove the "Flow Diagnostics Solution" items from the Gui
#1383 User Documentation for Release 2017.05
#1399 Property Panel QA. Go through the Gui and do QA on names and grouping
#1401 If project is modified, ask user to save before closing application
#1404 Well Alloc plots: Select corresponding object when clicked
#1406 Automatically show process monitor when executing script
#1414 Preferences: Reorder tabs and improve use of upper case
#1427 WLP: Enable extraction curves on Simulation Wells
#1432 Reload Case Command
#1435 Summary: Curve Filter and Curve adjustments
#1436 Snapshots: Change name of the configurable snapshot command
#1437 Documentation : Add search to
#1453 Documentation: Spell Check
#1457 Documentation: Align usage of mark down
#1458 Documentation: Review of text quality
#1459 Documentation: Reduce size or visual impact of bold text
#1460 Add shortcuts for Save, Save As, Exit and Open
#1477 Documentation : Include reference to Ubuntu install
#1478 Documentation : Update Lorentz plot snapshot
#1482 Well Alloc Plots: Use oil equivalents for gas when showing phase split (Well Flow)
#1483 Flow Characteristics Plot: Avoid cells with pore volume fraction above threshold
#1525 3D view context menu: "Plot Production Rates" default curves
#1535 Flow Characteristics Plot: Run solver for current timestep if results not present

Fixed Bugs Since v2016.11

#117 riGetActiveCellCenters gives negative depth values
#165 riGetTimeStepDays() bug when no restart data for time 0
#171 Scan for FAULTS in INCLUDE-files on Windows
#800 Legend -inf to inf in linked view
#895 WLP: Well log extraction curves are not loaded when opening project files II
#961 Paste of Eclipse case is not available
#1001 Summary: case list not updated when model reloaded
#1006 Summary: Not show lines in Curve Legend for un-named lines
#1010 Grid Case Group: In-active File/Import/Create Grid Case Group
#1011 Statistics: Assertion failed when deleting Source cases
#1012 Summary : Pressing enter after rename causes object to be toggled
#1026 Faults: Shift indexes for"Export Faults ..."
#1030 Summary: Create plot on import not able to turn off
#1031 Linked views : Camera issue between Eclipse and GeoMech case using parallel projection
#1033 Summary : Make sure case curve colors are the same when reimporting the cases
#1051 Statistics cases: Remove fields that is not supposed to be visible
#1073 Summary: Changing line colors when selecting cases in "Curve Filter"
#1096 riTRANXYZ of NNC's not shown on faults from ResInsight150+
#1191 Info Box: Crash when using static cell result with dynamic filter and current time step
#1228 Do not bundle Qt libraries on Linux
#1229 Handle reading of invalid summary file
#1296 Multiselect in property panel lists using ctrl-click is vulnerable to mouse drag
#1353 Info box: Zeros Statistics for PORV with "Visible cells" Cell Range
#1354 Info box: Statistics for PORV for active cells only
#1355 Info Box: Crash when using dynamic cell result having results only for initial time step
#1362 ResInsight doesn't fully load when OPM-FLOW timesteps are <0.00001
#1369 Summary : Summary case from grid case is invalid after grid case is closed
#1379 Snapshot to File: File dialog behaves strange on KDE
#1390 New computed statistics view added to result case not derived statistics
#1394 Statistics view not deleted when last source case is deleted
#1407 Statistics Case: Formation Names and flipX/Y does not work, and are placed strangely
#1418 Cell Results panel Geo Mech: Relative Results Options are not hidden when selecting Formation Names
#1420 Linked Views: Toggling Cell Results when using Formation Names as colors gives wrong colors in Dependent view.
#1444 Summary Cases: Summary case filenames are not reallocated when when opening project

Relevant System Update issues

#1228 Do not bundle Qt libraries on Linux
#1371 Remove OPM parser from the build system and repository
#1384 Create new Regression tests, and general testing
#1389 Update opm-flow-diag to latest
#1396 Update Ert to latest version including support for Intersect
#1398 Include subset of Boost (similar to method used in NRLib)
#1456 Documentation : Update in repository root
#1522 Update license information

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