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@magnesj magnesj released this Sep 24, 2014 · 8784 commits to master since this release

Features and bugfixes

#244 riTrans contains negative values for some cases
#242 Color mapping disappears when changing view mode for static results
#240 Context menu is not available when pointing to a NNC
#239 Fix usage of face center to cell center vectors for riTrans
#238 Move all derived results at bottom of Cell Result list
#237 Fault result color is displayed instead of scalar value colors when cell edge is activated
#236 Reorganize and improve NNC
#231 Performance profiling of ResInsight for large cases
#230 Unconnected NNCS are displayed in Faults->NNCs With No Common Area
#229 The MULTXYZ contains "inf" values (in TEST10K-case)
#223 Picking on faults does not produce correct text in Result Info
#222 Ternary result does not work for cell edge visualization
#221 Result statistics: Added cache and statistics calculation
#219 Cell edge : Support per-face results in combination with cell center results
#218 Consolidate ternary visualization with standard texture result visualization
#217 Ternary: Create result mapping using texture instead of direct colors
#210 Compute non-overlapping NNCs
#206 Recent file list
#204 Context option - Hide Fault
#199 Ternary results: Dynamic face selection does not work
#198 CellEdge visualization is missing on Faults
#190 Make all derived combined result properties have a CellEdge equivalent
#184 Make a Combined MULTXYZ property
#183 Make a Combined riMULTXYZ property
#181 Make a riTRANSXYZbyArea property: Area Normalized Combined TRANSXYZ
#177 Add ability to map a different result on faults than selected grid cell result
#176 Automatically switch to regular 3D mode if a range filter is defined
#175 Add ability to control visibility of individual faults in regular 3D mode

Known issues in ResInsigth 1.3.0

Disabling of automatic fault detection from Preferences ->Grid faults causes instabilities in ResInsight. Leave this option always on. See issue on GitHub (#246).

The installation documentation can be found here: Installation documentation

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