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@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this Aug 23, 2015 · 8452 commits to master since this release

This release is a wrap-up of several small fixes, in addition to align the code base to ResInsight for Geomechanics.

One notable change is that the binary windows distribution now supports Octave 4.0.0, and not the old 3.6.1 version. If you want to use ResInsight on windows with Octave, you must install Octave 4.0.0

The GeoMechanical features are not available in the binary downloads, as they are dependent on the ODB-Api from Simulia.

Closed Issues

General Enhancements

#66 Property writing to and reading from Generate folder from Octave scripts
#80 Navigation mode improvements
#119 Improved naming of Property filters
#226 Cell Edge Result: Check-box in tree
#285 Range Filter Index spesification followed by Enter
#311 Option to turn the light model off
#317 Avoid stopping animation when switching results
#327 Added version number to the 3D view, to make it visible on screenshots
#328 Range Type: «Local/Global» must be renamed to "Current Timestep/ All Timesteps"
#342 Create new Property Filter from context menu

Fixed Bugs

#101 ResInsight does not accept command line parameters
#110 Copy view function resize/move grid
#115 Well survey data on other formats give ResInsight abort
#121 Snapshot All Views to Files set filenames with space
#200 Statistics cases: Regression test does not load correctly "manually"
#260 Segmentation fault when working with faults visualization
#271 Linux start-up script uses unrecognised option in branch "dev"
#278 None existing TRANNNC gives ERT abort which crashes ResInsight
#281 Crash while importing in Resinsight - cvfPlane.cpp: Aborted
#283 Resinsight fails to compile with GCC 4.9 on Ubuntu 14.04
#284 Abort using riSetGridProperty for grid imported on grdecl-format
#287 Case Group Import: Remove case(s) also remove next case in list
#300 ResInsight crashing when importing my Eclipse 300 models
#301 Missing riMULTXYZ for no NTG
#305 Include CRT files on Windows
#316 Do not load and show any results when requesting a none existing result
#321 Throw on riSetActiveCellProperty

System updates

#298 Update install on RH6 Linux, to accomodate the Geomech support if needed.
#325 Update the Octave support to octave 4.0.0
#334 Upgrade ERT to latest version
#390 Update build system to optionally compile against ODB-Api

Geomechanical features

This is the list of the closed GitHub Enhancement issues related to development of the Geomechanichs support. This is not a complete feature list as issues was not generated before we had the baseline in place, but gives some information regarding what we have achived.

#291 Geomech case information needed in the 3D-view-info-box
#292 View management commands for Geomechanical views
#293 Odb "Steps" must be used as primary animation timestep
#294 Remove internal/invisible faces in GeoMech models
#295 Range filter for Geomechanic cases
#296 Odb file reading: Identify and remove performance bottlenecks in basic operations.
#297 Handle project files with Geomech models gracefully in ResInsight without ODB support
#299 Add progress bars when loading Geomech cases
#306 IJK-slice context menu commands in 3DViewer for geomech models
#310 Element Result info when picking Geomechanical cases
#312 Visualize imported wellpaths in the Geomechanical views
#313 Calculate Stress path as a predefined derived result value for Geomechanical cases
#314 Property filters for Geomechanical cases
#318 Use Geomechanical sign on stress tensor
#319 Calculate total stress as a predefined resultvariable
#320 Calculate principal stresses from both the total and ordinary stress tensors as a result variable
#322 Add result field name to 3D-info box
#323 Use Geomechanical sign on strain tensor
#324 Add stress path calculations for the diagonal stress tensor components
#329 Copy View for Geomechanics
#331 The POR value colors must not bleed into cells with undefined POR results
#335 Progress bars when loading geomechanical results
#337 Some of the GeoMech result names must be renamed

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