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@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this Nov 9, 2015 · 7632 commits to master since this release

Release 1.5.0 of ResInsight is a main release that adds features and improvements.

New Features and Enhancements

The main features of this release can be summarized as follows:

  • Linked views
  • Extract well log curves from grid results
  • Import, export and view LAS-files
  • Improved window management (Position and size is stored, Window tile command)
  • A few smaller improvements

This is the complete list of closed Enhancement issues on github since last release:

#85 synchronised visualisation
#395 Syncronized views with basic options
#396 Create initial Well Log Plot Viewer with setup Gui
#397 Create well log data extraction system
#398 Create Well log extraction from Eclipse data
#399 Create well log extraction from Abaqus data
#400 Syncronized views with filter syncronization (Not GeoMech-Eclipse)
#401 Linked Views: Syncronize Visible Cells between Eclipse-Geomech views
#405 Use Bar as unit for pressure and stress
#408 Store MDI window size and position in RimView
#409 Store/Restore WellLogPlot window geometry
#410 Reduce font-size for axis numbers in Well-Log Plots
#411 Add description to the Well Log plot and use it as Plot title
#412 Improve ctrl+wheel zoom
#413 Update camera with global coordinates if model bounding box overlap or are close
#415 Improve WellLogExtraction Performance
#416 Improve Linked views dialog
#417 Add togglebutton controls to Linked Views and View group
#418 Make a group around the on/off options in the Linked view property panel
#420 Use Case icon in tree view for linked views
#421 Place Linked Views first in Project tree, and only visible when there are linked views
#422 Move WellLog Plots before Scripts and after Wells in the tree view
#423 Hide well log plot collection in tree view when all well log plots have been deleted
#425 Reset X-axis range on well log trace plots when all curves have been deleted
#426 Make selection in tree view control activation of WellLogPlot View, and the other way around.
#427 Make well log plot viewer active when a well log plot is selected in the tree view
#428 Select well log plot inn tree view when selecting the corresponding viewer (MDI window)
#429 Add curve by default to newly created well log plot/plot trace
#430 Set name on geomech WellLog curve from the result value plotted
#435 LAS Support: Import LAS files, display the metadata in the ProjectTree.
#436 LAS Support: Create Well Log curves from LAS-file data.
#437 WLP: TVD as optional y-axis for Well Log Plots
#438 WLP: Show "TVD" or "MD" on the well log plot y-axis according to plot settings
#439 WLP: Set sensible minimum size for plots and tracks
#440 WLP: Set default WellLog plot size to something sensible
#441 WLP: Do not create a maximized WellLog Plot unless the MDI area already is maximized
#443 Linked Views: Cell result is not to be linked by default
#445 Linked Views: Modify the tree view to accomodate only One View Group
#446 Linked Views: Context menu in 3D view should have view link commands
#447 Linked Views: "Link all visible views" should just add unliked views and not complain.
#449 Linked Views: Toggle button for each linked view independently
#455 WLP: Better names for Curves.
#457 WLP: Curve timestep selection must be from dropdown with dates
#459 WLP: Inactive cell areas or empty space should not show a line in the Well Log plot
#466 WLP: Selecting plot items must select the item in the tree and show their properties
#467 WLP: Drag-drop in tree view to organize curves and tracks
#468 WLP: Context menu in 3D on Well Paths to create Log Plot.
#472 WLP: Context command to create LAS curves from a selection of LAS variable entries in the tree view
#480 Toolbutton for tiling of windows
#481 Restore window maximized state
#483 WLP: Gray out settings in the project tree that is overridden by LinkedViews
#485 Plots need to grow in size when adding tracks
#486 Rename Trace to Track everywhere
#488 WLP: Better curve colors needed
#490 WLP: THe Track property panel needs a heading: "Track N" and better names for X-range fields
#492 WLP : New feature "New Well Log LAS Curve"
#498 Display unit names for well log curves
#500 The curve property panel needs to improve
#502 WLP: Deleting a Track should reduce the size of the plot window
#505 Add menu item for LAS curve creation to well path in tree view
#514 "View Link" command features should be available in the project tree view
#521 WLP: Plot icon, Plots Icon, Track icon, Curve icon
#522 LAS Support: Las file icon
#528 WLP: Extraction curves created from context menu in 3D view on well path should use case and property data from context
#533 WLP: Auto curve names: Remove "|", use space or ", "
#534 WLP: Auto curve name: Sort options according to sequence in name.
#535 WLP: Curve name: Split timestep option in Date and Timestep.
#539 Linked Views: When unlinking a Range filter overridden view: Ask user: Keep master range filter ?
#540 Linked Views: Real range filter syncronization between Geomech-Eclipse views
#541 LAS Support: Export Curve/Track and Plot to LAS-file
#544 WLP: allow LAS depth curve to have the name depth and not only dept
#545 WLP: Ignore null/absent values when making the x-axis scale
#547 Don't add "New Well Log LAS Curve" to context menu unless well log files are available
#580 Display well name when clicking on a wellpath
#563 Result Info Text: Print local integration point number instead of node number when showing integration Point results
#570 WLP: vertical axes must be alligned in multi-track plots
#578 Linked Views : Make sure context menu commands are disabled when an override range filter collection is active
#582 WLP: When dropping curves into a track, they too often have the same appearance.
#598 Doc: LAS Support
#599 Doc: Linked Views
#600 Doc: Well log extraction
#601 Doc: Window management
#602 Doc: GeoMech result variable documentation improvements
#618 LAS : Make sure existing data is cleaned up when adding LAS file to a well path with existing LAS file

Fixed bugs

The following bugs that existed in ResInsight 1.4.0 are fixed

#309 IJK assignment fails on a particular model
#331 The POR value colors must not bleed into cells with undefined POR results
#392 Remove Ternary from list of available dynamic results in property filter
#407 3D view context menu "Add property filter" should be disabled for per-cell face color results
#512 Only one time step available for geomechanical case
#513 Total stress calculation must only use POR if all nodes in the element have POR
#542 Crash when opening projectfile when well path files is missing
#549 Property Filter: Adding a new Geomech POR property filter does not update the model
#605 Well path: Deleting and reloading a wellpath reuses old data.

System updates

#338 Upgrade to latest version of AppFwk InProgress
#402 Make Qwt available for usage in ReInsight development
#403 Establish the prefered method for reading Log ASCII Well log files
#434 LAS Support: Incorporate the NR LAS libraries in ResInsight
#613 Use 2015.10 version of ERT

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