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@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this Jan 11, 2016 · 7337 commits to master since this release

Release 1.6.0 is a major release, and adds quite a few enhancements to ResInsight in addition to bugfixes.

New Features and Enhancements

The main features of this release can be summarized as follows:

  • Intersections
  • UTM coordinate Grid Box
  • Time-history plot for selected cells
  • Improved statistics features in the Info Box
    • Visible cells only
    • Current time step only
  • General improvements to the Well Log Plots
    • Logarithmic X-axis option
    • Line thickness
    • Line and point style
    • Auto scale control
  • Additional ascii well trajectory import variations supported
  • Wells sorted by name
  • Cell Result property list sorted by name
  • Improved colors when using a Black viewer background
  • Picking legend and Info box enabled

This is the complete list of closed Enhancement issues on github since last release:

#163 Sort well list for "Simulation wells"
#164 Sort parameter lists in "Cell Result"
#166 Intersections : 2D intersections along well paths
#264 Show statistics on filtered parameters
#266 Show grid box with UTM coordinates and scale
#345 Well path import should accept well name alone on a line
#404 Display depth when clicking on a wellpath
#460 WLP: Option to have Logarithmic X-axis for Tracks.
#464 WLP: PERM should always be shown with Log axis as default.
#532 WLP: Curve appearance: Line thickness
#538 WLP: Be aware of Eclipse case unit set. If "field" use feet on depth axis
#606 Result Statistics: Calculate statistics (3D info) based on visible cells.
#607 3D-info box: Add option to show statistics based on visible cells only.
#612 Possibilities for plotting data from grid cells vs time (2D plot)
#625 Result Statistics: Guard against using dynamic property filter together with Visible Cells and All Time steps Statistics
#632 Highlight source Eclipse cell for time history curve in 3D view
#637 Result Plot: Same cell must be selectable several times with different result value
#638 Result Plot: Change title to "Result Plot"
#639 Axis cross: Show E (x, 1) etc. as axis label.
#641 Intersections : Create intersection by drawing polyline at cells
#642 3D-info box: Move date into animation progress bar, away from the statistics.
#643 3D-info box: Separate Grid info from Statistics
#645 Encode date in step names for ODB-files
#646 Result plot : Show selected cells in geo mech view
#647 3D-info box: Make the width more stable
#654 WLP: Keep X Axis Range fixed when set by user
#655 Sort list in "Wells" folder
#656 Improve performance by reusing a text effect
#657 Intersections : User interface for intersections of well Paths
#659 Sort wellpaths when downloading from SSI-hub
#660 Intersections : Use intersection to be aligned with concept naming in other tools
#662 Adjust Legend and axiscross text color to contrast the viewer background
#663 Intersections : Create intersection from simulation wells
#664 Intersections : Add support for picking on intersections
#665 Intersections : Icons for project tree
#667 Grid group under View in project tree to toggle cells on/off
#668 Intersections: Name them from well name dynamically
#669 Grid Box: Default On
#670 Grid Box: Do not use scientific notation on the UTM coordinates
#672 Show “Wells” and “Well log plot” folders in Project-tree also when empty.
#674 3D-info box: Clicking it should select the info box properties in the tree view and property panel
#675 Intersection: Extrapolate well path in the same directions as the well ends/starts
#676 Intersection: Start intersection at the entry point of the well into the reservoir
#678 Intersection: Add the relevant context menu commands
#679 Intersection: Option to show/hide inactive cells
#691 WLP: Option to keep the depth range fixed for a Well Log Plot
#696 Clicking on legend should select legend definition in project tree
#697 WLP: Add support for point and line style
#698 WLP: Add support for logarithmic x axis
#700 Initiate creation of bounding box tree when the first intersection is created

Bugfixes since 1.5.0

#277 Well import from file crash with unrecognized well name
#587 Strange layout in eclipse property filter editor
#597 Wrong date for large UNRST-file
#617 WLP: Wheelzoom at bottom of curve does not work properly
#629 Opening a project file referencing a Odb-file from ResInsight with no odb causes crash
#630 Saving a project file to an existing readonly project file does not give warning
#658 NNC TRANXYZ-value not given in Result Info
#685 Linked Views: Range filter mapping bug with inverted J
#708 Simulation well geometry and color mapping is not as good as in 1.4.0
#711 WLP: Active WLP window makes Octave-script run without progress
#712 Well head cell is shown as completed cell

System updates

#270 Include CRT files in installation package on Windows System

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