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@JacobStoren JacobStoren released this Nov 29, 2016 · 6657 commits to master since this release

ResInsight 2016.11 is a major release that follows the new release naming convention that has become common among the rest of the OPM modules. It could as well have been called ResInsight 2.0.

Main Features

  • Summary Data Plotting
  • Separate window for 2D plots
  • Commands to Snapshot 2D plots
  • Intersection Boxes and axis-aligned planes
  • Formation names can be imported and used for cell coloring and property filtering.
  • Property filters can now toggle sets of integer values or formations on/off
  • Category legend for Eclipse properties ending with "NUM"
  • Many new derived geomechanical results have been implemented

Other Improvements

  • Parallel projection
  • Copy Paste of both well log plots/tracks/curves and summary plots/curve filters/curves.
  • Use any property as a cell-edge color
  • Well log (and summary plot) tooltip showing the curve value at the closest sampling point.
  • Sum as an additional statistics output in the Info Box
  • 3D-label font size control
  • A new generated fault face group: Undefined Grid Faults With Inactive for better Fault QA
  • Support for the PATHS keyword on Eclipse input files when reading FAULTS
  • Command line improvements : Parse multiple entries of "replaceCase" and "replaceSourceCases"
  • Improved LAS-export

Complete list of Enhancement-issues closed since v1.6.0

#157 Include PATHS alias in search for FAULTS data
#168 Add 3D view projection type "Parallel"
#272 Edge-visualization of any property
#275 Split "Undefined grid faults" based on ACTNUM
#282 Property filter with multi selection for integer parameter
#476 Show orientation of geomech tensor components
#569 Enble user to change font size of well names
#611 WLP: Make snapshotting work as with 3D views
#719 Extended Grid Box axis to make sure a label coord is present both above max coord and below min coord
#722 Grid Case Group Statistics: Include in-active cells for ACTNUM statistics
#723 Grid Case Group Statistics: Include "sum" as statistical output
#724 Grid Case Group Statistics: Add option to include in-active cells as 0's in statistical calculations
#734 Use ERT as shared (external) library on Linux
#737 Summary: Create a tree view containing plot objects and corresponding property editor
#748 Info Box - Result Info: Add 'sum' of Cell Property to Statistics.
#755 Summary: Establish a sensible curve data GUI
#756 Summary: First version of Curve Filter item
#757 Summary: Specify solution for splitting 2D plots and 3D views into two or more windows
#758 Summary: Create 2D Plot Main Window
#764 Summary: Support for multiple cases in Curve Filter
#766 Summary: Make "*" count as any valid value in the filters
#771 Summary: Change names etc. in the Plot/Curve/Curve Filter stuff
#773 Summary Curve Filter: Needs Auto Apply toggle
#775 Summary: Summary cases needs a user editable "Short Name"
#776 Summary: Add Case name in curve names
#777 Summary: Create a Curve Filter by default when creating a Summary Plot
#778 Summary: Show unit on Y-Axis
#779 Summary: Y-Axis appearance controls: Log
#780 Summary: Auto apperance for curve filter curves
#781 Summary: New Icons for the different plot-parts
#783 Summary: Make legend show all aspects of the curve
#784 Summary: Use antialiased drawing
#785 Summary : Symbol skip distance to avoid symbol heaps along the curve
#786 Summary: Picking a curve should select it in the tree/property browser
#787 Summary: Delete Curve Filter Command
#788 OPM Parser: Read faults names using opm-parser
#789 OPM Parser: Add properties from standalone files to opm-parser Input Cases
#792 Summary: Window Zoom
#793 Summary: Zoom All
#802 Summary: Improve default docview and toolbar positions
#803 Use (new) default dock and toolbar layout for new versions
#805 Integer value legend for integer parameters
#806 Improved layout of items in preferences
#808 Formation Names: Command to import formation names and k-ranges from file
#809 Formation Names: Create Formation Name Project items
#810 Formation Names: Display the formation name of a Cell in result info when selected (Odb Cases)
#811 Formation Names: Color cells based on Formation Name grouping (Odb cases)
#812 Formation Names: Color cells based on Formation Name grouping (Eclipse cases)
#813 Formation Names: Display the formation name of a Cell in result info when selected (Eclipse Cases)
#814 Intersection Box: Project tree items
#815 Intersection Box: Create the visualization (Odb cases)
#816 Intersection Box: Create the visualization (Eclipse cases)
#817 Intersection Box: Commands (Odb Cases)
#818 Intersection Box: Commands (Eclipse Cases)
#819 Formation Names: Item Commands
#820 LAS: Export TVD along in the Well log export
#821 LAS: Export multiple curves in one go, to same or several LAS-files
#827 Formation Names: Upgrade category-legend to support text levels
#829 Formation Names: Show as colors. Polish and finalization
#831 Formation Names: Adjust legend height to accomodate many layers
#834 Tof-ST: Start to use the provided libraries and code
#837 Formation Names: Show layer names in property filter
#838 Turn the group "Undefined Grid Faults With Inactive" off by default
#839 Formation names: Reverse order of formation names in legend
#840 Summary: Time-Axis Appearance: Range
#842 Summary: Plot Title
#846 Summary: Improve Plot and 3D window management
#849 Summary: Import Summary Case command
#850 Summary: Single and Multi Plot image Export to file commands
#851 Summary: "Open 3D Window" tool button in 2D plot window
#852 Summary: Improve Default Settings
#853 Summary: Y-Axis appearance controls: Range
#855 Summary: Axis appearance: Font size
#856 Summary: Y-Axis appearance controls: Number Format
#857 Summary: Axis title: Auto / User defined
#859 Summary: Time-Axis Appearance: Date / Time from start of simulation
#860 Summary: Axis Title position
#862 Summary: Click on axis selects appropriate Plot( and Axis) in property view
#864 Summary: Curve Filter control of curve auto names
#865 Summary: Sumcase "Short Name" must be called "Display Name"
#866 Summary: Curve Filter Appearance options must be hidden when auto is on
#867 Summary: Copy command for Plots
#868 Summary: Copy Curve Filters and Curves
#869 Summary: Add a right Y-Axis. Curve filter option selects its Y-Axis
#870 Summary: Tooltips showing the closest curve point value
#871 Summary: Curve filter toggle
#873 Summary: Add standard toggle commands to summary plots, curve filters and curves
#876 LAS: Avoid empty lines
#878 Command Line: snapshotAllPlots
#880 LAS: Export of TVDRKB based on first diff between MD and TVD in a well path
#882 Las Export: Polish
#884 Intersection Box: Direct 3D manipulation of box extents and position
#885 Time lapse: Add Time lapse derived results
#886 LAS Export: Set the STEP if the data is resampled
#887 Category Legend: Limit legend height when having few categories
#888 Intersection Box: Enable picking on geometry
#889 Intersection Box: Icons
#890 Faults: "Export Faults ..." Command
#894 Intersection Box: Improve transition between different plane collapse settings.
#896 Intersection Box: Simple slider resolution improvement
#897 Intersection Box: Use Depth instead of Z
#898 Intersection Box: Include inactive cells in intersections
#900 Intersection Box: Move to Intersection folder
#901 WLP: copy/paste well log plots, tracks and curves
#902 Intersection Box: Add viewer context command to create a box at position
#912 Derived Results: More directly derived geomechanical results
#913 Derived Results: Additional results based on user controllable constants
#914 Derived Results: Transformed stress and strain onto intersections
#916 Summary: Autogeneration of plot on import
#917 Summary: Delete option for multiselected Summary Plots
#923 Intersections: Introduce a user defined direction for intersections
#926 Eclipse Input Data : Import custom keyword data
#932 Intersection Box: Improve sensitivity when moving the planes
#939 Derived Results: Finalization : Directly derived
#940 Derived Results: Finalization: Based on Case parameters
#941 Derived Result: Transformed Stress results
#942 Derived Results: Geometrical quantities
#943 Well log plot: Display curve value when pointing with cursor
#956 Documentation
#963 Batch : Parse multiple entries of "replaceCase" and "replaceSourceCases"
#968 Summary Plot: Add Axis folder
#970 Summary: Y-axis title from vector name
#983 Summary: Context command: Switch Axis: Make it multiselect sensitive
#984 Summary: Auto Curve name adjustments
#985 Summary: Auto Curve Name: Add missing items : "Block" and others ?
#988 Summary: Context command Copy/Paste icons should be generic
#1000 System : Add support for copy/paste keyboard shortcuts
#1002 System : Improve restore of main windows from minimized state

Fixed Bugs since v1.6.0

#225 Clear Result Info and Result Plot when closing a case
#254 Faults colors turn gray when Cell Edge is active
#273 "Undefined grid faults" includes faults defined by FAULTS
#279 Enable simultaneous batch mode sessions InProgress
#424 Resinsight refuses to start unless user has write access to scripts-folder.
#478 Missing keyword from INIT-file when LGR is present
#590 Fault labels are not shown outside filters when faults are
#649 Script folder not updating
#717 Octave script can not be executed for multiple case in Project Tree
#725 Grid Case Group: SOIL is not computed when loading multiple cases into a group
#726 File Import Eclipse Case slow search for *.EGRID files
#727 Missing Dynamic parameters not reported for initial time step
#731 Octave script fails first time on new Linux session (RHEL6)
#744 Error message for snapshots in Batch mode
#751 Well pipes for intersections based on Simulation Wells disappears when a Range Filter is applied
#752 Result Info reports "Grid cell" value to be Inf
#760 Input Property rename does not update dependent fields
#791 WLP:Update well path filename if project file is relocated
#823 Import error for large grdecl file
#828 Freeze of Flux model with LGR
#836 WLP: Well log extraction curves are not loaded when opening project files
#875 LAS Export: Wrong number of digits after punctation for numbers under 1000
#879 Summary: Arrow key stepping in vector selection list in curve does not work on linux
#945 Hide faults does not work when Add Well Cells to Range filter is active
#947 Linked views : Crash after disconnection of a linked view with range filters
#949 Intersection : Picking on well path geometry gives z-offset when model is scaled
#959 Derived Results: TNQV on element faces is really THQV
#992 Access of nullpointer when selecting None or static color for property filtered geometry
#995 Well Log Plot : Crash when opening project file

System updates

#996 Update to ERT 2016.10

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