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DNN and Angular 6/7 (CLI Template)
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SPA HTML Module - Visual studio Template for DNN 9.x for Angular 6.x and 7.x

This is a scaffold DNN 9.x module template for Angular 6/7.

Video on youtube:


To Develop Angular 6 project with DNN you need 2 different project:

  1. Angular 6/7 - CLI Template for DNN 7.x, 8.x, 9.x. <link> :

  2. DNN 9.x module that host your angular (this project)

This is a best practice for your developer frontend, because it is independent from DNN.

Frontend developer should love it.

Issues resolved with DNN 7.x and Angular 6

  1. How to develop your Angular CLI (Tested for Angular CLI: 6.1.2) and deploy inside DNN 9.x.
  2. How to pass information from DNN to Angular
  3. How to use DNN webapi and angular


A SPA module has no ascx file as control. Instead it uses a html file.

In your index.html you should have:

AntiForgery Token

This token is usefull for webapi call security.


All angular css and library

[Css:{ path: ""}]
[JavaScript:{ path: "~/DesktopModules/AngularNGMD/dist/main.js", priority:100, provider: "DnnFormBottomProvider"}]
[JavaScript:{ path: "~/DesktopModules/AngularNGMD/dist/polyfills.js", priority:100, provider: "DnnFormBottomProvider"}]
[JavaScript:{ path: "~/DesktopModules/AngularNGMD/dist/runtime.js", priority:100, provider: "DnnFormBottomProvider"}]
[JavaScript:{ path: "~/DesktopModules/AngularNGMD/dist/styles.js", priority:100, provider: "DnnFormBottomProvider"}]
[JavaScript:{ path: "~/DesktopModules/AngularNGMD/dist/vendor.js", priority:100, provider: "DnnFormBottomProvider"}]

Automatic Routing with Angular app

<base href="[ModuleProperties:rawurl]">

Your angular tag selector


Passing information from DNN to Angular:

The solution is to pass to window object all DNN information needed to process correctly your angular app in DNN enviroment. Example: to get resx resources from your module or call DNN webapi.

In your html page you just need to add this script

    window["AngularNGMD"] = [ModuleProperties:All]

Example of script result after DNN parsing the HTML page:

] = {
    "Resources": {
        "BasicSettings_Text": "Basic Client Centric Settings",
        "CollapseAll_Text": "Collapse All",
        "ConfirmDelete_Text": "Are you sure you want to delete this Item",
        "DeleteItem_Text": "Delete",
        "EditItem_Text": "Edit",
        "AddItem_Text": "Add Item",
        "lblAssignedUser_Text": "Assigned User",
        "lblDescription_Text": "Description",
        "lblName_Text": "Name",
        "NoRecords_Text": "No items exists in the database",
        "reqAssignedUser_Text": "Assigned user is required",
        "reqDescription_Text": "Description is required",
        "reqTitle_Text": "Title is required",
        "minTitle_Text": "Minimum title length: 5",
        "CancelEdit_Text": "Cancel",
        "SaveEdit_Text": "Save",
        "NewItem_Description": "Add new item by clicking here",
        "NewItem_Text": "New item"
    "Settings": {},
    "IsEditable": false,
    "EditMode": false,
    "IsAdmin": false,
    "ModuleId": 382,
    "PortalId": 0,
    "UserId": -1,
    "HomeDirectory": "Portals/0/",
    "ModuleDirectory": "/DesktopModules/AngularNG/",
    "RawUrl": "/AngularNG6",
    "PortalLanguages": [
    "CurrentLanguage": "it-IT",
    "Users": [
            "text": "demo123",
            "id": 2


<link> :

###tokens to support building pure SPA modules <link> :

What you need to do step by step:

  1. Create a Folder (example: "Demo-Angular6") inside your DNN /desktopmodule/Demo-Angular6/
  2. Clone this project from git inside /desktopmodule/Demo-Angular6/ (all files should be in root folder)
  3. Open solution (filename.sln) with visual studio 2015
  4. Re-naming the project/solution
  5. Change Assembly name and Namespace
  6. Build your solution and check any error.
  7. It's time to register Module inside your DNN
  • Login as host.
  • Go to host->Estension->Create new module
  • select control module
  • "folder name"
  • "Business Controller": [namespace].Controller.BusinessController,[namespace] (ex. AngularNGMD.Controller.BusinessController,AngularNGMD)
  • insert module name: Demo Angular 6
  • Add "Module definition"
  • Add "Module control (folder, source file: index.html, Type: view)"


This project is just an avolution or code encapsulation made from these important resources by Torsten Weggen and Danile Mettler:

<link> :

<link> :

<link> :

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