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This project was generted with [Angular CLI]( version 6.1.2.
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Angular 6 - CLI Template for DNN 7.x, 8.x, 9.x.

This project was generted with Angular CLI version 7.1.0.


To Develop Angular 6 project with DNN you need 2 different project:

  1. Angular CLI project (this project)
  2. DNN module that host your angular project:

<link> : dnn7.x dnn8.x dnn9.x - .ascx

<link> : dnn9.x - .html

Issues resolved with DNN 7.x and Angular 6

  1. How to develop your Angular CLI (Tested for Angular CLI: 7.1.0) and deploy inside DNN 7.x.
  2. How to pass information from DNN to Angular
  3. Angulare 6 is too fast to load information than DNN. You need to make all information available to DNN in the correct format.
  4. How to use DNN webapi and angular


Example to read info from .ascx

File: /Service/DNN/context.service.ts MODULE = 'AngularTEMPLATE'; Remember to rename this constant as you write it in .ascx file.

Example how to insert in HTTP ModuleId moduleid, TabId and RequestVerificationToken

File: /Http/interceptor.ts

Example how to use DNN and webAPI

file: /Service/demo.service.ts

  • Automatic Routing with Angular app
  declarations: [
  imports: [
    HttpClientModule, // important - this changed in Angular 4.3 
  providers: [    
    {                               // important for http interceptor
      provide: HTTP_INTERCEPTORS,   // important for http interceptor
      useClass: Interceptor,        // important for http interceptor
      multi: true                   // important for http interceptor
    },                              // important for http interceptor
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }

#Link DNN to your Angular project

Now open a dos prompt in your ~/DesktopModules/AngularNGMD and enter the following command

mklink /J dist [FolderOfAngularProject]/dist


This project is just an avolution or code encapsulation made from these important resources by Torsten Weggen and Danile Mettler:

<link> :

<link> :

<link> :

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