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Idra - Open Data Federation Platform

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Idra is a web application able to federate existing Open Data Management Systems (ODMS) based on different technologies providing a unique access point to search and discover open datasets coming from heterogeneous sources. Idra uniforms representation of collected open datasets, thanks to the adoption of international standards (DCAT-AP) and provides a set of RESTful APIs to be used by third party applications.

Idra supports natively ODMS based on CKAN, DKAN, Socrata, Orion Context Broker (NGSI v2, NGSI-LD) and many other technologies: Idra provides also a set of APIs to federate ODMS not natively supported. In addition, it is possible to federate generic open data portals, that don't expose API, using the web scraping functionality or providing a dump file of the datasets in DCAT-AP format. Furthermore, Idra provides a SPARQL endpoint in order to perform queries on 5 stars RDF linked open data collected from federated ODMS and allows to easily create charts based on federated open datasets (through DatalEt-Ecosystem Provider DEEP )

Idra is an open source software developed by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA inside the EU founded project "FESTIVAL". This project is part of FIWARE. For more information check the FIWARE Catalogue entry for Data Publication. The roadmap of this FIWARE GE is described here

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The instruction to install or use the administration functionalities of Idra can be found at the corresponding section of Read The Docs.


The User Guide for Idra can be found at the corresponding section of Read The Docs.


API Reference Documentation (Apiary):

Idra Sandbox

A demo instance of Idra - Open Data Federation Platform is available at the following link:


Before start to contribute, please read and sign the Contributor License Agreement.

Support / Contact

Any feedback on this documentation is highly welcome, including bugs, typos and suggestions. You can use GitHub issues to provide feedback.



Idra - Open Data Federation Platform is licensed under Affero General Public License (GPL) version 3.

© 2019 Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.

Are there any legal issues with AGPL 3.0? Is it safe for me to use?

There is absolutely no problem in using a product licensed under AGPL 3.0. Issues with GPL (or AGPL) licenses are mostly related with the fact that different people assign different interpretations on the meaning of the term “derivate work” used in these licenses. Due to this, some people believe that there is a risk in just using software under GPL or AGPL licenses (even without modifying it).

For the avoidance of doubt, the owners of this software licensed under an AGPL-3.0 license
wish to make a clarifying public statement as follows:

Please note that software derived as a result of modifying the source code of this software in order to fix a bug or incorporate enhancements is considered a derivative work of the product. Software that merely uses or aggregates (i.e. links to) an otherwise unmodified version of existing software is not considered a derivative work, and therefore it does not need to be released as under the same license, or even released as open source.