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Standard Item Sorts

  • 1 By name ASC (alphabetical, z first)
  • 2 By name DESC (alphabetical, a first)
  • 3 By last_update ASC (oldest first by update)
  • 4 By last_update DESC (newest first by update)
  • 5 By suggested price ASC (lowest first)
  • 6 By suggested price DESC (highest first)
  • 7 By id ASC (oldest first by creation)
  • 8 By id DESC (newest first by creation)

Standard Item Object

Parameter Type Description
id int Item ID
internal_app_id int Internal App ID (see ITrade/GetApps)
def_id int Unique Definition ID, this is a unique & unchanging identifier for each item, regardless of app_id. Not to be confused with sku, which is not unique per wear-tier for VGO items. VGO item def_id range is 900,000,000 ~ 999,999,999.
sku int Item SKU #, mainly utilized for VGO items. For all other items that don't have a sku, this will be the same as def_id.
wear float Wear float value, only applicable for certain apps
tradable bool Is item tradable? Items may be temporarily untradable during certain operations, e.g. transfers.
is_trade_restricted bool If true, item cannot be traded to other users until owner is whitelisted.
trade_hold_expires int / null Trade hold expiration date. null if no trade hold
name string Simpler name for an item (compared to full market_name). May change without notice.
market_name string Full market name e.g. AK-47 Anubis (Minimal Wear). May change without notice.
category string Category name e.g. Covert Rifle
rarity string Category rarity e.g. Covert -- only outputted for VGO
type string Category type e.g. Rifle -- only outputted for VGO
color string Color hex, includes #
image object Generic image URLs
--300px string 300px image URL - (available for all VGO items)
--600px string 600px image URL - (available for all VGO items)
--900px string 900px image URL - (not available for all VGO items yet)
--1800px string 1800px image URL - (not available for all VGO items yet)
--2500px string 2500px image URL - (not available for all VGO items yet)
suggested_price int OPSkins 7-day suggested price (US cents)
suggested_price_floor int The minimum viable suggested price, does not change based on market sales, so this may be considered as a 'stable' price.
preview_urls object Inspection URLs for items. Some of these properties may not be outputted if not available. If they are provided, the image or video itself may not be generated yet, so you should fallback to generic images provided in image object.
--3d_viewer string
--thumb_image string
--front_image_low string
--front_image string
--back_image string
--video string
inspect string / null Steam in-game inspection URL. Can be null.
eth_inspect string / null Ethereum Transaction URL. null for inapplicable apps.
pattern_index int Pattern index (value between 1-1000) (only available for VGO, null for other apps)
paint_index int / null Paint index value for a CS:GO item. 0 or null for items without a paint-index.
wear_tier_index int Wear Tier Index for a VGO item, not set for other apps.
time_created int Unix timestamp of when this item was created
time_updated int Unix timestamp of when this item was last updated
attributes object Item's attributes

Example Output for Standard Item Object

  "id": 6104524,
  "sku": 151,
  "wear": 0.10575609654188,
  "pattern_index": 700,
  "preview_urls": {
    "3d_viewer": "",
    "thumb_image": "",
    "front_image_low": "",
    "front_image": "",
    "back_image": "",
    "video": ""
  "eth_inspect": null,
  "trade_hold_expires": null,
  "internal_app_id": 1,
  "inspect": null,
  "tradable": true,
  "attributes": {
    "serial_sku": 290,
    "serial_sku_wear": 25
  "name": "AK-47 | Anubis (Minimal Wear)",
  "category": "Covert Rifle",
  "rarity": "Covert",
  "type": "Rifle",
  "paint_index": null,
  "color": "#eb4b4b",
  "image": {
    "300px": "",
	  "600px": "",
	  "900px": "",
	  "1800px": "",
	  "2500px": ""
  "suggested_price": 18660,
  "suggested_price_floor": 18660,
  "wear_tier_index": 2
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