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This documentation is deprecated. You can find the new documentation here:

[Deprecated] API Documentation for WAX Trade

API Interfaces

API Response

Direct URL to API:

All successful API responses have return data within the "response" object. A typical response may look like this:

    "status": 1,
    "time": 1528334546,
    "response": {
        "offer": {
            "some_data": "here"

If a response is paginated, the pagination details (current_page and total_pages) occur at the top-level of the object, not inside the response body.

Response Status Codes

All status codes and their titles can be found here.


OPSkins OAuth works automatically with WAX Trade. You can use OAuth to log users into your website via OPSkins and (if desired) perform actions on their behalf via the API. Please see OPSkins OAuth Docs for more information.

Other Notes

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