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! Copyright (C) 2000-2018, RAL Space, Science and Technology Facilities Council
! Copyright (C) 2000-2018, University of Oxford
! Copyright (C) 2011-2018, Deutscher Wetterdienst
! This file is part of the Optimal Retrieval of Aerosol and Cloud (ORAC).
! ORAC is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
! terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
! Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later
! version.
! ORAC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
! WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR
! A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
! You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
! ORAC. If not, see <>.
! Name: orac.F90
! Purpose:
! Main program for the Enhanced Cloud Processor prototype. Calls subordinate
! functions to read in data and process.
! Description and Algorithm details:
! Data Preparation Section: reads in driver file and all SAD files but not
! the image data (which is read in segments)
! - read driver file
! - open log file
! - open breakpoint file if required
! - open output and diagnostic files
! - allocate SAD arrays and read in SAD files
! - read RTM data files
! - allocate super-pixel structure SPixel, and the RTM_Pc structure to hold
! RTM data interpolated to a given pressure level Pc.
! Product generation section:
! - initialise super-pixel values (e.g. phase used for first guess state
! vector setting, saved state and error XnSav and SnSav used for first
! guess setting if method is SDAD).
! - modify user selected image area so that coordinates fall on exact
! super-pixel boundaries (and therefore exact image segment boundaries)
! and write log message if values are changed
! - read in image segments up to the user's selected starting point
! - main loop: for each row of super-pixels from user's starting y to end y:
! - convert the y location within the image to y loc within the segment
! (SPixel%Loc%Yseg0)
! - if (row number corresponds to a new segment)
! - read in the next segment from the MSI, cloud flags files etc
! - if (first row in the image)
! - write control structure to the output and diagnostic files
! - for each x location within the row (xstart to xstop in steps of the
! SPixel size)
! - get the current super-pixel values (measurements, cloud flags, geom
! etc)
! - check SPixel quality control flag: if flag indicates the SPixel
! should not be processed:
! - set output state vector and error arrays to indicate missing data
! - else (process the SPixel)
! - call Invert_Marquardt to calculate the current state vector
! - update overall statistics totals
! - write out the retrieved state vector and errors, plus diagnostics
! - end of x loop
! - end of y loop
! - write out overall statistics
! - close files
! Arguments:
! See Wiki.
! History:
! 2000/08/02, AS: Original version (in development)
! 2001/07/11, AS: Preparing main program for integration with other ECP routines.
! 2001/08/15, AS: First fully working version of ECP. Includes image segmentation
! Added status checks at start of main loop and after ReadSatData calls.
! 2001/08/23, AS: Added status check around overall statistics output.
! 2001/09/21, AS: Added initial allocation of SPixel%Ym and Sy. These are
! deallocated each time Get_SPixel is called (in Get_Measurements). Also took
! the opportunity to put an "if" before part of the final stats output to
! avoid divide by zero errors, and replace tabs put in by the Nedit
! auto-indent feature with spaces.
! 2001/09/24, AS: Moved initial allocation of SPixel%Ym, Sy, X and XI to
! AllocSPixel. Makes the main program more readable and avoids
! re-coding test harnesses.
! 2001/10/22, AS: Added calls to deallocate routines for SPixel, RTM_Pc, RTM and
! the MSI_Data structure. The alloc arrays in these structures *should* be
! released automatically at the end of execution. These routines deallocate
! explicitly in case the automatic dealloc isn't done.
! 2001/10/23, AS: Removed conversion of solar channel reflectances from % to
! fraction. MSI files should now be written with fractional values. New
! logical variable to track alloc state of SAD_LUT internal arrays.
! **************** ECV work starts here *************************************
! 2011/03/09, AS: Re-applying changes from late 2001/2, MSI_luns now dimension
! 6 to allow for albedo data.
! 2011/03/22, AS: Removal of phase change. Only 1 cloud class required for each
! retrieval run. SADCloudClass and SAD_LUT array dimensions changed.
! 2011/03/23, AS: Added output of latitude and longitude to output file.
! 2011/03/30, AS: Removal of super-pixel averaging. All super-pixelling will now
! be done in pre-processing. The SPixel structure used here now refers to a
! single pixel from the input files. Removed the modification of image (x,y)
! processing ranges to whole number of super-pixels. Remove use of
! Ctrl%Resoln%Space.
! 2011/04/08, AS: Simplification of selection methods for first guess, a priori,
! limits etc. InvertMarquardt no longer requires SAD_CloudClass argument.
! Removed setting of SPixel%Phase: redundant following removal of phase
! change functionality.
! 2011/05/11, AS: Extension to multiple viewing angles. Elements of the Ctrl
! struct are now pointers to arrays rather than fixed-size arrays, so Ctrl
! cannot be written in a single operation. Removed the writes of Ctrl to the
! diag and out file. It is planned to remove Ctrl from the out file anyway.
! 2011/06/08, CP: Removed diagnostic structure. Added extra output file residual,
! quality indicators, a priori and first guess also input structure MSI_luns
! now dimension 7 to allow for scanline data.
! 2011/06/08, AS: Tidied up log output. Use ORAC not ECP in log file. Trim run
! ID string. Added Write_Log call at end, to get finish time.
! 2011/09/22, CP: remove sw%p as now the same as lw%p
! 2011/10/08, CP: added CWP to output
! 2011/11/08, CP: added y0 and sx to output
! 2011/12/08, MJ: added code to accommodate netcdfoutput
! 2011/12/12, CP: remove relenlog to be compatible with f95
! 2011/12/19, MJ: cleaned up netcdf output, introduced error reporting and added
! file headers.
! 2012/01/05, CP: removed binary output files
! 2012/01/15, CP: added missing for ymfit
! 2012/03/27, MJ: changes netcdf write to 2D arrays
! 2012/07/13, MJ: implements option to read drifile path from command line
! 2012/08/14, MJ: irons out bug that made ORAC crash with gfortran
! 2012/08/14, MJ: changes scaling of CWP output
! 2012/08/22, MJ: includes time in MSI structure and writes it to primary netcdf
! file
! 2012/08/22, MJ: makes adaptions to read netcdf files, start and end indices
! of area to be processed determined by preprocessing file contents and not
! hardwired any more.
! 2012/08/27, MJ: better implements time variable in output.
! 2012/11/01, MJ: implements OpenMP parallelization of along-track loop.
! 2013/01/17, MJ: Adds code to accommodate uncertainties of ctt & cth
! 2013/12/05, MJ: initializes Diag%AK=sreal_fill_value
! 2013/12/10, MJ: initializes ymfit and y0 with MissingXn
! 2014/01/12, GM: Added some missing deallocates.
! 2014/01/28, GM: Cleaned up code.
! 2014/01/29, GM: Some OpenMP fixes. Ctrl is actually shared. No need to make
! it private. Also many variables set to be 'privatefirst' should just be
! 'private', i.e. they do not need to enter the parallel loop initialised.
! Finally status_line was not needed. Status is private within the loop.
! 2014/02/10, MJ: Put the correct boundaries lat/lon for adaptive processing
! back in.
! 2014/06/04, MJ: Introduced "WRAPPER" for c-preprocessor and associated
! variables.
! 2014/06/12, GM: OpenMP functions should be declared by the omp_lib module, not
! explicitly.
! 2014/06/13, GM: Put NetCDF output related includes into subroutines.
! 2014/06/15, GM: Set CTH and CTT values to missing in the case when a retrieval
! is not possible.
! 2014/08/18, AP: Updating to preprocessor's NCDF routines.
! 2014/12/01, CP: added new global and source attributes
! 2014/12/19, AP: YSolar and YThermal now contain the index of solar/thermal
! channels with respect to the channels actually processed, rather than the
! MSI file. Eliminate conf structure.
! 2014/01/30, AP: Read surface level of RTTOV files. Allow warm start
! coordinates to be specified in the driver file. Remove SegSize.
! 2015/02/04, OS: drifile is passed as call argument for WRAPPER
! 2015/05/25, GM: Some cleanup involving Diag.
! 2015/07/31, AP: Rejig Diag for longer, variable state vector.
! 2015/09/07, AP: Allow verbose to be controlled from the driver file.
! 2015/11/17, OS: Minor edit.
! 2015/12/30, AP: Move creation of NCDF files to after the main processing loop.
! 2016/03/04, AP: Homogenisation of I/O modules.
! 2016/07/27, GM: Changes for the multilayer retrieval.
! 2017/03/16, GT: Changes for single-view aerosol retrieval mode.
! 2017/06/21, OS: Added ann phase logical flags, which default to true
! Bugs:
! None known.
#ifndef WRAPPER
program orac
subroutine orac(mytask,ntasks,lower_bound,upper_bound,drifile)
! Modules used by this program.
use Ctrl_m
use Data_m
use Diag_m
use Inversion_m
use omp_lib
use ORAC_Constants_m
use orac_indexing_m
use orac_ncdf_m
use orac_output_m
use prepare_output_m
use read_driver_m
use Read_SAD_m
use read_utils_m
use RTM_m
use RTM_Pc_m
use SAD_Chan_m
use SAD_LUT_m
use SPixel_m
use SPixel_routines_m
use global_attributes_m
use source_attributes_m
! Local variable declarations
implicit none
type(global_attributes_t) :: global_atts
type(source_attributes_t) :: source_atts
type(Ctrl_t) :: Ctrl
type(Data_t) :: MSI_Data
type(Diag_t) :: Diag ! Diagnostic struct returned by Invert_Marquardt
type(RTM_t) :: RTM
type(RTM_Pc_t) :: RTM_Pc(2)
type(SAD_Chan_t), allocatable, dimension(:) :: SAD_Chan
type(SAD_LUT_t) :: SAD_LUT(2)
type(SPixel_t) :: SPixel
integer :: i, j, m
integer :: status ! Status value returned from subroutines
integer :: xstep ! Pixels to skip when processing
integer :: ystep
integer :: TotPix = 0 ! Total number of SPixels processed
integer :: TotMissed= 0 ! Number of SPixels left unprocessed
integer :: TotConv = 0 ! Number of successful inversions
integer :: TotMaxJ = 0 ! Number of inversions with cost > MaxQC
integer :: AvIter = 0 ! Average no. of iterations per successful
! retrieval
real :: AvJ = 0.0 ! Average cost per successful retrieval
! netcdf related variables:
integer :: ncid_primary, ncid_secondary, dims_var(3), ch_var(1)
! Additional types for the scanline output for netcdf are defined
type(output_data_primary_t) :: output_data_1
type(output_data_secondary_t) :: output_data_2
! OpenMP related variables
#ifdef _OPENMP
integer :: n_threads, thread_num
integer :: bitmask
! Some more variables for OpenMP implementation
integer, allocatable, dimension(:) :: totpix_line, totmissed_line
integer, allocatable, dimension(:) :: totconv_line, totmaxj_line
integer, allocatable, dimension(:) :: aviter_line
real, allocatable, dimension(:) :: avj_line
! This is for timing the different parts of the code on AIX IBM PWR7 at ECMWF
integer(kind=lint) :: m0,m1,m2,m3,mclock
real(kind=dreal) :: r0,r1,r2,r3,rtc
real(kind=dreal) :: cpu_secs,real_secs
logical :: lhres
real(kind=sreal) :: range_lat(2),range_lon(2)
! This is for the wrapper
#ifdef WRAPPER
character(len=FilenameLen) :: drifile
integer :: mytask,ntasks,lower_bound,upper_bound
! Initialize timing
write(*,110) r0
write(*,111) m0
110 format(1x,'TIMING: INITIALIZED:',1x,d15.5,1x,'r')
111 format(1x,'TIMING: INITIALIZED:',1x,i10,1x,'m')
112 format(1x,'TIMING: Lead in took:',1x,d15.5,1x,'cpu_secs and',1x,d15.5,1x,'real_secs')
113 format(1x,'TIMING: Along-track loop took:',1x,d15.5,1x,'cpu_secs and',1x,d15.5,1x,'real_secs')
114 format(1x,'TIMING: Lead out took:',1x,d15.5,1x,'cpu_secs and',1x,d15.5,1x,'real_secs')
115 format(1x,'TIMING: Ratio cpu_secs/real_secs:',1x,d15.5)
status = 0
! Program initialization section
! Read Ctrl struct from driver file
#ifdef WRAPPER
call Read_Driver(Ctrl, global_atts, source_atts, drifile)
call Read_Driver(Ctrl, global_atts, source_atts)
! Set output fields to be produced
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_aerosol = Ctrl%Approach == AppAerOx .or. &
Ctrl%Approach == AppAerSw .or. &
Ctrl%Approach == AppAerO1
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_cloud = Ctrl%Approach == AppCld1L .or. &
Ctrl%Approach == AppCld2L
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_cloud_layer_2 = Ctrl%Approach == AppCld2L
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_rho = Ctrl%Approach == AppAerOx .or. &
Ctrl%Approach == AppAerO1
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_swansea = Ctrl%Approach == AppAerSw
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_indexing = .true.
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_phase_pavolonis = .false.
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_cldmask = .true.
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_cldmask_uncertainty = .true.
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_ann_phase = .true.
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_ann_phase_uncertainty = .true.
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_phase = .false.
Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_covariance = .false.
! Set the size of the SAD_Chan and Cloud Class arrays based on the Ctrl
! parameters and read the SAD values.
call Read_SAD(Ctrl, SAD_Chan, SAD_LUT)
! Make read in rttov data in one go, no more segment reads
if (Ctrl%RTMIntSelm /= RTMIntMethNone) then
call read_input_dimensions_rtm(Ctrl%FID%PRTM, Ctrl%FID%LWRTM, &
Ctrl%FID%SWRTM, RTM%Grid%NLon, RTM%Grid%NLat, RTM%NP, &
RTM%LW%NLWF, RTM%SW%NSWF, Ctrl%Ind%NSolar, Ctrl%verbose)
call Read_PRTM_nc(Ctrl, RTM)
if (Ctrl%Ind%NThermal > 0) &
call Read_LwRTM_nc(Ctrl, RTM)
if (Ctrl%Ind%NSolar > 0) &
call Read_SwRTM_nc(Ctrl, RTM)
end if
! Product generation section
! Loop over required super pixel X0,Y0 coordinates
! Set the start/stop positions
if (Ctrl%Ind%X0 < 1 .or. Ctrl%Ind%X0 > Ctrl%Ind%Xmax) &
Ctrl%Ind%X0 = 1
if (Ctrl%Ind%X1 < 1 .or. Ctrl%Ind%X1 > Ctrl%Ind%Xmax) &
Ctrl%Ind%X1 = Ctrl%Ind%Xmax
if (Ctrl%Ind%Y0 < 1 .or. Ctrl%Ind%Y0 > Ctrl%Ind%Ymax) &
Ctrl%Ind%Y0 = 1
if (Ctrl%Ind%Y1 < 1 .or. Ctrl%Ind%Y1 > Ctrl%Ind%Ymax) &
Ctrl%Ind%Y1 = Ctrl%Ind%YMax
Ctrl%Ind%Xdim = Ctrl%Ind%X1 - Ctrl%Ind%X0 + 1
Ctrl%Ind%Ydim = Ctrl%Ind%Y1 - Ctrl%Ind%Y0 + 1
if (Ctrl%verbose) then
write(*,*) 'Start line: ', Ctrl%Ind%Y0
write(*,*) 'Stop line: ', Ctrl%Ind%Y1
write(*,*) 'Total number of lines: ', Ctrl%Ind%Ydim
end if
! Read all the swath data
call Read_Data_nc(Ctrl, MSI_Data, SAD_Chan)
xstep = 1
ystep = 1
! Adaptive processing:
lhres = .false. ! "high" resolution flag
if (Ctrl%InstName(1:5) .eq. 'MODIS') then
! Set special range
range_lat(1) = 42.0
range_lat(2) = 53.0
range_lon(1) = 0.0
range_lon(2) = 18.0
! Look if any pixel in current granule is in special range
lhres=any(MSI_Data%Location%Lat .ge. range_lat(1) .and. &
MSI_Data%Location%Lat .le. range_lat(2) .and. &
MSI_Data%Location%Lon .ge. range_lon(1) .and. &
MSI_Data%Location%Lon .le. range_lon(2))
! If yes, do higher resolution processing there.
if (lhres) then
xstep = 1
ystep = 1
! Otherwise process reduced amount of pixels to speed things up
xstep = 2
ystep = 2
end if
lhres = .true.
xstep = 1
ystep = 1
end if
write(*,*) 'Adaptive processing: ',lhres,xstep,ystep
! Allocate output arrays
call alloc_output_data_primary(Ctrl%Ind%common_indices_t, Ctrl%Invpar%MaxIter, &
call alloc_output_data_secondary(Ctrl%Ind%common_indices_t, output_data_2)
! Set i, the counter for the image x dimension, for the first row processed.
i = Ctrl%Ind%X0
! This is to make things easier for OpenMP
write(*,111) m1
write(*,110) r1
real_secs=(r1-r0) ! * 0.001
write(*,112) cpu_secs,real_secs
write(*,115) cpu_secs
#ifdef _OPENMP
! Along track loop is parallelized with OpenMP
n_threads = omp_get_max_threads()
if (Ctrl%verbose) &
write(*,*) 'ORAC along-track loop now running on', n_threads, 'threads'
! Start OMP section by spawning the threads
!$OMP PRIVATE(i,j,m,thread_num,RTM_Pc,SPixel) &
thread_num = omp_get_thread_num()
if (Ctrl%verbose) write(*,*) 'Thread ', thread_num+1, 'is active'
! Allocate structures required in the main loop
call Alloc_SPixel(Ctrl, RTM, SPixel)
if (Ctrl%RTMIntSelm == RTMIntMethNone) then
RTM_Pc%Hc = sreal_fill_value
RTM_Pc%Tc = sreal_fill_value
RTM_Pc%dHc_dPc = sreal_fill_value
RTM_Pc%dTc_dPc = sreal_fill_value
call Alloc_RTM_Pc(Ctrl, RTM_Pc(1))
if (Ctrl%Approach == AppCld2L) then
call Alloc_RTM_Pc(Ctrl, RTM_Pc(2))
end if
! Number of pressure levels in SPixel will not change from here on
SPixel%RTM%Np = RTM%Np
SPixel%RTM%NP = RTM%Np
end if
! Initialise values required before main loop begins
SPixel%XnSav = MissingXn
SPixel%SnSav = MissingSn
SPixel%Loc%LastX0 = 0
SPixel%Loc%LastY0 = 0
! Start OMP parallel loop for along track direction.
do j = Ctrl%Ind%Y0,Ctrl%Ind%Y1,ystep
! write(*,*) 'thread,Ctrl%Ind%Y0,Ctrl%Ind%Y1,iy: ', thread_num,Ctrl%Ind%Y0,Ctrl%Ind%Y1,j
! Set the location of the pixel within the image (Y0)
SPixel%Loc%Y0 = j
do i = Ctrl%Ind%X0,Ctrl%Ind%X1,xstep
SPixel%Loc%X0 = i
call Zero_Diag(Ctrl, Diag)
TotPix_line(j) = TotPix_line(j)+1
! Set up the super-pixel data values.
call Get_SPixel(Ctrl, SAD_Chan, SAD_LUT, MSI_Data, RTM, SPixel, status)
! Nothing wrong so do the inversion.
if (status == 0) &
call Invert_Marquardt(Ctrl, SPixel, SAD_Chan, SAD_LUT, RTM_Pc, &
Diag, status)
if (status == 0) then
call Set_Diag(Ctrl, SPixel, MSI_Data, Diag)
! Calculate the Cloud water path CWP
call Calc_CWP(Ctrl, SPixel)
! Set values required for overall statistics 1st bit test on QC
! flag determines whether convergence occurred.
if (Diag%Converged) then
TotConv_line(j) = TotConv_line(j)+1
AvIter_line(j) = AvIter_line(j) + Diag%Iterations
AvJ_line(j) = AvJ_line(j) + Diag%Jm + Diag%Ja
end if
if (btest(Diag%QCFlag, CostBit)) then
TotMaxJ_line(j) = TotMaxJ_line(j)+1
end if
! Retrieval suffered fatal error
TotMissed_line(j) = TotMissed_line(j) + 1
SPixel%variables_retrieved = status
SPixel%X0 = MissingXn
SPixel%Xb = MissingXn
SPixel%Xn = MissingXn
SPixel%Sn = MissingSn
SPixel%CWP = MissingXn
SPixel%CWP_uncertainty = MissingSn
SPixel%CWP2 = MissingXn
SPixel%CWP2_uncertainty = MissingSn
SPixel%CTP_corrected = MissingXn
SPixel%CTP_corrected_uncertainty = MissingSn
SPixel%CTH_corrected = MissingXn
SPixel%CTH_corrected_uncertainty = MissingSn
SPixel%CTT_corrected = MissingXn
SPixel%CTT_corrected_uncertainty = MissingSn
! These are not filled as they are FM related products but
! they are actually output so we fill them here for lack of
! better place.
RTM_Pc%Hc = MissingXn
RTM_Pc%dHc_dPc = MissingSn
RTM_Pc%Tc = MissingXn
RTM_Pc%dTc_dPc = MissingSn
end if
! Copy output to spixel_scan_out structures
call prepare_output_primary(Ctrl, i, j, MSI_Data, SPixel, RTM_Pc, &
Diag, output_data_1)
call prepare_output_secondary(Ctrl, i, j, MSI_Data, SPixel, Diag, &
end do ! End of super-pixel X loop
end do ! End of super-pixel Y loop
call Dealloc_SPixel(Ctrl, SPixel)
if (Ctrl%RTMIntSelm /= RTMIntMethNone) then
call Dealloc_RTM_Pc(Ctrl, RTM_Pc(1))
if (Ctrl%Approach == AppCld2L) then
call Dealloc_RTM_Pc(Ctrl, RTM_Pc(2))
end if
end if
write(*,111) m2
write(*,110) r2
real_secs=(r2-r1) ! * 0.001
write(*,113) cpu_secs,real_secs
write(*,115) cpu_secs
! Open the netcdf output files
if (Ctrl%verbose) write(*,*) 'path1: ',trim(Ctrl%FID%L2_primary)
if (Ctrl%Ind%flags%do_indexing) then
! Write channel indexing, LUT class, and Ctrl%Ind%flags to output
output_data_1%y_id = Ctrl%Ind%Y_Id
output_data_1%ch_is = Ctrl%Ind%Ch_Is
call make_bitmask_from_terms( &
Ctrl%Ind%common_indices_t, output_data_1%rho_flags)
call make_bitmask_from_common_file_flags(Ctrl%Ind%flags, bitmask)
! Form a list of all the views available in this file
! (forseeing the eventual desire to process arbitrary views)
m = 0
do i=1,MaxNumViews
do j=1,Ctrl%Ind%Ny
if (Ctrl%Ind%View_Id(j) == i) then
m = m + 1
output_data_1%view_id(m) = i
end if
end do
end do
call nc_create(Ctrl%FID%L2_primary, ncid_primary, Ctrl%Ind%Xdim, &
Ctrl%Ind%Ydim, Ctrl%Ind%NViews, dims_var, 1, global_atts, &
source_atts, Ctrl%Ind%Ny, ch_var, Ctrl%Nx(IDay), &
Ctrl%LUTClassLayers, Ctrl%use_ann_phase, bitmask)
call nc_create(Ctrl%FID%L2_primary, ncid_primary, Ctrl%Ind%Xdim, &
Ctrl%Ind%Ydim, Ctrl%Ind%NViews, dims_var, 1, global_atts, source_atts)
end if
if (Ctrl%verbose) write(*,*) 'path2: ',trim(Ctrl%FID%L2_secondary)
call nc_create(Ctrl%FID%L2_secondary, ncid_secondary, Ctrl%Ind%Xdim, &
Ctrl%Ind%Ydim, Ctrl%Ind%NViews, dims_var, 2, global_atts, source_atts)
! Create NetCDF files and variables
call build_flag_masks(Ctrl, output_data_1)
call def_output_primary(ncid_primary, dims_var, output_data_1, &
Ctrl%Ind%common_indices_t, deflate_level, shuffle_flag, &
Ctrl%verbose, ch_var)
call def_output_secondary(ncid_secondary, dims_var, output_data_2, &
Ctrl%Ind%common_indices_t, deflate_level, shuffle_flag, Ctrl%verbose)
! Write output from spixel_scan_out structures NetCDF files
call write_output_primary(ncid_primary, Ctrl%Ind%common_indices_t, &
call write_output_secondary(ncid_secondary, Ctrl%Ind%common_indices_t, &
TotPix = sum(totpix_line)
Totmissed = sum(totmissed_line)
Totconv = sum(totconv_line)
aviter = sum(aviter_line)
avj = sum(avj_line)
totmaxj = sum(totmaxj_line)
if (Ctrl%verbose) then
write(*,*)' Total super-pixels processed ',TotPix
write(*,*)' Total skipped due to 0 cloud or error ',TotMissed
write(*,*)' No. of retrievals converged ',TotConv
if (TotConv > 0) then
write(*,*)' Avge no. of iter per conv. ',&
write(*,*)' Avge cost per conv ',&
AvJ / float(TotConv)
write(*,*)' No. of retrieval costs > max ',TotMaxJ
end if
end if
! Deallocate some vectors for openMP
! Deallocate any allocatable arrays that have been set and close the output.
! SAD_LUT is an allocatable arrays of structs, each struct containing
! allocatable arrays. Hence call a routine to dealloc the internal arrays
! before deallocating the array of structs.
call Dealloc_SAD_LUT(Ctrl, SAD_LUT(1))
if (Ctrl%Approach == AppCld2L) then
call Dealloc_SAD_LUT(Ctrl, SAD_LUT(2))
end if
if (Ctrl%RTMIntSelm /= RTMIntMethNone) call Dealloc_RTM(Ctrl, RTM)
call Dealloc_Data(Ctrl, MSI_Data)
call dealloc_output_data_primary(output_data_1)
call dealloc_output_data_secondary(output_data_2)
call Dealloc_Ctrl(Ctrl)
! Close netcdf output files
if (nf90_close(ncid_primary) .ne. NF90_NOERR) then
write(*,*) 'ERROR: Error closing primary output file'
stop PrimaryFileCloseErr
end if
if (nf90_close(ncid_secondary) .ne. NF90_NOERR) then
write(*,*) 'ERROR: Error closing secondary output file'
stop SecondaryFileCloseErr
end if
if (Ctrl%verbose) write(*,*) 'ORAC is ending successfully'
write(*,111) m3
write(*,110) r3
real_secs=(r3-r2) ! * 0.001
write(*,114) cpu_secs,real_secs
write(*,115) cpu_secs
#ifdef WRAPPER
end subroutine orac
end program orac