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Magento 1 Facebook integration module
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Orba Magento 1 Facebook Module

Facebook integration for Magento 1

Module allows Your customers to connect their magento account with Facebook account or just use Facebook account to setup magento account using Facebook account details.
It also adds social media buttons on homepage and product and category pages.


  • "Connect with Facebook" allows the customer to link Facebook sessions with magento one. Logging into Facebook will automatically log in the customer to the shop. Same for logout, if a customer logs out from Facebook, magento session will be terminated as well.
  • "Log in with Facebook" works similar but instead of using the Facebook session it only gets the required user information and creates (if necessary) an account in magento. User will the have to login/logout manually each time and the sessions will not be linked.
  • "Like buttons" is a feature that allows to add a social media box with "like" button. Additional buttons on product and category pages can be configured and styled as they're added as magento blocks in magento layout.
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