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ORCID Message (XSD) Readme


ORCID XSD information

Active XSD versions and base URLs

XSD release version

XSD release candidate(s)

XSD deprecated versions

Sunset versions (unavailable, unsupported, should not be used)

  • Version 1.0.x (includes versions 1.0.1 through 1.0.23)
    Sunset Date: March 1, 2014
  • ORCID Message 1.1
    Sunset Date: April 1, 2015
  • **Version 1.2.x **
    Sunset Date: Aug 1, 2018

API calls for member to ORCID iD holder authorization using OAuth are not affected by XSD versions. Regardless of the XSD version used, the OAuth endpoints are:

About XSD Updates and Versioning

At any one time there may be several available versions of the XSD available for use:

  • Deprecated Version(s) - past version(s) of the XSD. While deprecated versions may still work, developers should be migrating to a current release version. New development should not be done against deprecated versions.
  • Release Version(s) - the XSD version you should be actively migrating to in order to take advantage of either improvements or new functionality.
  • One or more Release Candidates - these versions of the XSD contain in-progress improvements and functionality. They are made available to enable API users to take advantage of new functionality faster than waiting for the next Release Version. These versions are subject to change at any time.

Which XSD version should I be using?

The XSD version you should use depends on what you are trying to do. Most developers will use a current Release Version, or be actively migrating to one. However, if you are developing an integration that takes advantage of new functionality or improvement, you likely will need to use one of the Release Candidates.

Staying informed

You can stay informed of updates to the XSD and API by subscribing to our API Users Group mailing list and forum.

Using XSD versions

Deprecated version(s)

The deprecated version(s) of the XSD are former versions of the XSD. If you are using a deprecated version, you should be planning a migration to move to a release version. Other things of note about deprecated versions:

  • An XSD that has changed to deprecated status will not be removed immediately, though we are actively encouraging all developers to move to the current release version.
  • Developers on deprecated versions should refer to the migration notes to assist in moving to the latest release version.
  • Future functionality will not be supported in deprecated versions.
  • Future versions may not be backward compatible with deprecated versions.
  • Deprecated versions will have a "sunset date", after which they will no longer be supported. Developers experiencing problems with deprecated versions will be directed to move to the release version.

Release version(s)

Release versions of the XSD are fully documented, tested, supported and encouraged for use. Of note about release versions:

  • Our intent is for release versions of the XSD to have longer lifespans than the very fast pace of ORCID new development.
  • When feasible, we will provide estimates of when the next release version is likely to be available, and what it is likely to contain.
  • While more than one release version may be available at any time, we highly recommend that developers update to the latest release version at least once per year to enjoy optimal XSD stability.

Release candidate(s)

Release candidate versions of the XSD contain elements and data structures for future functionality, potential changes and other enhancements. Of note about release candidates:

  • The version number of release candidates will contain "rc" to indicate that they are release candidates (for example, version 1.2_rc1). The first two numbers indicate the target release version for the candidate. For example, the changes and enhancements in version 1.2_rc1 are being considered for inclusion with release version 1.2.
  • Release candidates are generally unsupported, and have limited documentation.
  • Elements and data structure within a release candidate XSD could change at any time based on development needs and feedback from early adopters.
  • We welcome feedback from any developers working with current release candidates.

ORCID-message XSD versions

Version/link Release Date Sunset date Notes Who should be using this version
ORCID XSD 2.1 Nov 17, 2017 Release version

ORCID iDs are expressed in the canonical form with the https prefix
This is a preferred version. All developers should be using or migrating to this version or 2.0. Documentation
ORCID XSD 2.0 Feb 13, 2017 Release version

Change log from 1.2
This is a preferred version. All developers should be using or migrating to this version or 2.1. Documentation
ORCID XSD 2.0_rc4 Jan 24, 2017 Spring 2018 Release candidate version

minor fixes and corrections
ORCID XSD 2.0_rc3 Nov 18, 2016 Spring 2018 Release candidate version

adds bulk works
ORCID XSD 2.0_rc2 Jul 20, 2016 Spring 2018 Release candidate version

adds person section
ORCID XSD 2.0_rc1 Jul 01, 2015 Spring 2018 Release candidate version

adds peer-review section, reformats XSD for activities
ORCID XSD 1.2 Jan 12, 2015 August 1st 2018 Deprecated version

All developers on this version should migrate to version 2.0
XSD 1.2_rcX throughout 2014 Apr 1, 2015 Deprecated versions

XSD 1.2_rc1: adds elements for education or employment affiliations
XSD 1.2_rc2: updates the options for the creation-method field, and adds elements needed for funding
XSD 1.2_rc3: restricts the valid language codes to those supported by ORCID, and removes patents as a separate element (included under the works element)
XSD 1.2_rc4: provides more details about existing elements, email verification info, organization details that create an ORCID record, and funding agency details for funding element
XSD 1.2_rc5: clarifies elements for data provenance - the data source, creation date and modification date; work external IDs are required
XSD 1.2_rc6: adds more work types
These versions were sunset as of Apr 1, 2015. They are no longer available and should not be used.
ORCID XSD 1.1 Nov 25, 2013 Apr 1, 2015 Deprecated version

This version was sunset as of Apr 1, 2015. It is no longer available and should not be used.
ORCID XSD 1.0.x various Mar 1, 2014 Sunset version These versions were sunset as of March 1, 2014. They are no longer available and should not be used. (Versions 1.0.1 - 1.0.23)

Getting help

Technical documentation is included with the read-me file for each version. Current release documentation

The ORCID Member Support Site has additional documentation, tutorials and guides, as well as contact for our support team.

We also invite you to submit questions to the API Users Group mailing list and forum.