A JavaScript library that parses BibTeX parser.
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A JavaScript library that parses BibTeX parser. Forked from bibtex-parser.

Using in Browser

Include bibtexParse.js and call

bibtexParse.toJSON('@article{sample1,title={sample title}}');

Using in Node.js

Install npm install bibtex-parse-js

var bibtexParse = require('bibtex-parse-js');

var sample = bibtexParse.toJSON('@article{sample1,title={sample title}}');


Returns A parsed bibtex file as a JSON Array Object

[ { citationKey: 'SAMPLE1',
    entryType: 'ARTICLE',
    entryTags: { TITLE: 'sample title' } } ]


Contributions are welcome. Please make sure the unit test(test/runTest.js) reflects the changes and completes successfully.

Travis CI

See the latest build and results at https://travis-ci.org/ORCID/bibtexParseJs


(c) 2010 Henrik Muehe. MIT License visit

CommonJS port maintained by Mikola Lysenko visit