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Simmple implicit OAuth with JWT

This one-pager sends you to ORCID to authenticate, then cofirms your identity by checking the returned JWT signature.


  1. Update example.html to use your clientId var clientId = "XXX";
  2. Start a server in this directory using something like python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
  3. Visit http://localhost:8080/example.html and sign in.

Bonus configuration tips

This tool is configured to use sandbox.orcid.org and some dummy credenitals. If you would like to use the live server, update the following lines:

var clientId = "YOUR CLIENT ID";
var orcidAuthUrl = "https://orcid.org/oauth/authorize";
var orcidCert = {"kty":"RSA","e":"AQAB","use":"sig","kid":"production-orcid-org-7hdmdswarosg3gjujo8agwtazgkp1ojs","n":"jxTIntA7YvdfnYkLSN4wk__E2zf_wbb0SV_HLHFvh6a9ENVRD1_rHK0EijlBzikb-1rgDQihJETcgBLsMoZVQqGj8fDUUuxnVHsuGav_bf41PA7E_58HXKPrB2C0cON41f7K3o9TStKpVJOSXBrRWURmNQ64qnSSryn1nCxMzXpaw7VUo409ohybbvN6ngxVy4QR2NCC7Fr0QVdtapxD7zdlwx6lEwGemuqs_oG5oDtrRuRgeOHmRps2R6gG5oc-JqVMrVRv6F9h4ja3UgxCDBQjOVT1BFPWmMHnHCsVYLqbbXkZUfvP2sO1dJiYd_zrQhi-FtNth9qrLLv3gkgtwQ"};