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CryptoParty Newcastle Handouts


These handouts are developed with the intent that they be distributed alongside accompanying practical demonstrations at our CryptoParties. They may therefore be missing some of the information that we intend to cover directly at the events. You may want to consider adding some of this information back in if you plan on distributing these without the accompanying practical demonstration.

We formatted these handouts intending to print them on a mono laser printer, so they're not as glamorous as they perhaps could be. If you use these assets to make more glamorous colour versions for your purposes please do let us know!

Editing and Building

These handouts are designed to be as open and easy-to-use as possible. They are formatted using the LaTeX document processing language so they can be edited in plain-text and built into a beautiful PDF with ease.

To generate your own version of a handout it's as easy as editing the .tex file with a text editor and running:

xelatex handout.tex

This will generate you a nice PDF for printing like the ones you see here. If you want to use a graphical tool for editing these, we recommend TeXstudio. It will be available from the package manager on any good Linux distribution, and also works on Windows and macOS.


Another benefit of LaTeX-based templates is that they make it super-easy to allow the community to submit edits and contributions. If you'd like to suggest an edit or correction, feel free to email me at alex@alexhaydock.co.uk, or you can edit the file and submit a pull request here on GitHub directly. Any contributions are gratefully accepted!


  • Some of these handouts use adapted text or images from the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Surveillance Self Defence project. We provide these templates and documents with thanks to them for their materials.
  • Many thanks to Karl Birrane for the original handout design templates found here, and for the hard work updating those templates to use LaTeX.


These handouts, as with everything else in this repository, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. Please feel free to use them for other parties and events.

As always, if you do anything cool with these we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Twitter at @CryptoPartyNCL.