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Home Purchase
Hospital Readmissions
Learning from Airbnb's
New York State Inpatients Mortality
ORIE 4741 Project: A Peek Inside the House Pricing
Predicting Crimes in
Prediction of stock market with sentiment
Preventing Urban
Pump it Up: Data Mining the Water
Quality of NYC
Welcome to our project
World University


This is a repository that contains the list of links of the repositories of the projects.

To add the link of your repository, you need to fork this repository, create a file containing the link to your repository, and create a pull request (PR) from this fork. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Creating a fork:
  2. Click Fork on the top right.
  3. Choose your account.
  4. Add the link to your fork repository:
  5. In the repository you just forked, click Create new file.
  6. Name it as (The name of your project).md.
  7. Type the link of the repository of your project in the following format:
  8. [The name of your project](The url of the repository) by your names. See as an example by editing it (by clicking the pen icon).
  9. Commit new file.
  10. Check if it has the same format as our example.
  11. Create a pull request from a fork:
  12. Navigate back to the original repository (This one).
  13. To the right of the Branch menu, click New pull request.
  14. On the Compare page, click compare across forks.
  15. Confirm that the base fork is the original repository.
  16. Use the head fork drop-down menu to select your fork.
  17. Type the title and description for your pull request.
  18. Click Create pull request.
  19. Then you should be able to see your pull request in the Pull requests tab. We will accept your pull request once we see it.