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AMO-Tools-Desktop is an energy efficiency calculation application for use with industrial equipment such as pumps, furnaces, fans, and motors, as well as for industrial systems such as steam. Currently in beta.
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  • To remove all project-related node modules: npm run clean from the root project directory
  • To install all required packages: npm install
  • To build the angular project: npm run build (or npm run build-prod for a production build)
  • To start the electron app: npm run electron


  • To build a package:npm install && npm run build and then: npm run OS where OS is either mac, linux or windows
  • The packages will be placed in ../output
  • Example: npm install && npm run build-prod && npm run windows will make a production-build installer for Windows

For Developers

  • To generate a new angular module: npm run ng g module path/to/module
  • To generate a new angular component: npm run ng g component path/to/component
  • For more information, see the angular docs
  • For making small, frequent changes try using npm run build-watch. This type of build will watch for changes made to source files and only recompile what is necessary
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