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Documentation for Zambeze can be found on ReadTheDocs.

Get in Touch

The main channel to reach the Zambeze team is via the support email:

Bug Report / Feature Request: our preferred channel to report a bug or request a feature is via
Zambeze's Github Issues Track.


Dependency installation should proceed similar to any python package.

pip install -r requirements.txt .

Zambeze CLI

zambeze --help

Development Environment

Code Formatting

Zambeze's code uses Black, a PEP 8 compliant code formatter, and Flake8, a code style guide enforcement tool. To install the these tools you simply need to run the following:

pip install flake8 black

Before every commit, you should run the following:

black .
flake8 .

If errors are reported by flake8, please fix them before commiting the code.

Running Tests

There are a few dependencies that need to be installed to run the pytest, if you installed the requirements.txt file then this should be covered as well.

pip install pytest

From the root directory using pytest we can run:

python3 -m pytest -m unit -sv

Some tests should only be run from the context of the GitLab runner these can be run with:

python3 -m pytest -m gitlab_runner -sv