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FT2IFI - OpenType font support for OS/2 (based on FreeType)
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Intelligent Font Interface Driver for OS/2 Presentation Manager 

(C) 2010-2013 Alexander Taylor
(C) 2002-2007 KO Myung-Hun 
(C) 2003-2004 Seo, Hyun-Tae 
(C) 1997-2000 Michal Necasek 


(C) 1997-2013 The FreeType Project

FreeType/2-IFI is an OS/2 Presentation Manager font driver that provides
system-wide support for TrueType and OpenType fonts.  It is designed to
replace OS/2's built-in TRUETYPE.DLL driver, and uses the open source
FreeType library for font rendering.  

This repository contains the latest source code for two different versions
of FreeType/2-IFI:

 ft2ifi/      Source code for version 2.x, which is based on FreeType v2 and
              supports OpenType fonts (including TrueType and CFF).  This
              version is quite new and still somewhat experimental, but will
              hopefully soon be in a position to supersede...

 legacy/      Source code for the old version 1.3x.  This is based on the
              extremely old FreeType v1 library, and supports only TrueType
              fonts (not OpenType/CFF).  This version is in maintenance mode.

See the documentation in each of the above directories for more details.
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