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FingerEyes-Xr for HTML5, A JavaScript library for building professional GIS System.
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FingerEyes-Xr for HTML5


FingerEyes-Xr is a JavaScript library for building the perfect and high quality GIS system based on Web. FingerEyes-Xr provides rich and powerful functions to user with using HTML5.

Main Functions

  • Fast map display by using TMS, WFS, WMS and custom service.
  • Fast querying and processing spatial-related attributes.
  • Spatial analysis based on grid and vector format.
  • Mashup on the map with powerful editing.
  • Perfect editing spatial data based on web(Undo/Redo, Snapping, Split, Merge, Substract, Buffer ...)


  • FingerEyes-Xr is based on the LGPL v2.1 License.

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If you want to see more articles about FingerEyes-Xr, please visit the gisdeveloper web site.

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