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Welcome to the FAQ of the Mod Loader!

Can't find your question? Try to contact me somewhere on the Internet (please, don't use GitHub's issues for questions).

How do I install Mod Loader?

TL;DR - a quick installation video guide is here:

  1. Download Mod Loader. Latest stable release is recommended, but you also can try the latest alpha version (if any available).

  2. Extract all files from the archive to the root directory of the game (if you don't know what root directory is/where to find it, check the quick installation video guide above).

  3. Launch Sonic4ModManager.exe and press "Yes" button on the First Launch Dialogue. You can also install it in the settings menu.

Does this Mod Loader work with both Episode 1 and 2?


What is mods_sha folder for?

This folder stores file hashes of enabled mods (you can select which SHA algorithm to use, default is SHA-1). This is used to track every file change in mods (e.g. when you enable or disable mods or you install a newer version of it). If any file is changed, it will patch/repack original file. If no files were changed, it will do nothing (this saves time when you launch the game).

I want to create a mod! Where should I start?

Mod Loader installation

Description of file extensions

Mod Examples


Linux! At this moment you can use AMBPatcher and other programs written by me through Mono (except for One-Click Mod Installer, because of Mono's implementation of Windows Forms, I'll try to do something with this). You can also use Wine/Proton to run them.

Here's a guide to make Episode 1 to work on Linux:

Episode 2 should work rigth out of the box using Proton 4.11-2.


Check Project page on GitHub. Sometimes I create a TODO list for the next stable version.