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Redesigned One-Click Mod Installer and new features!

@OSA413 OSA413 released this
· 228 commits to master since this release
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Redesigned One-Click Mod Installer

Change log:


  • Now it can read and extract AMB files from any platform, create AMB files and remove files from them.
  • Added recursive file addition.
  • Added a feature to extract all files recursively from an AMB file or directory.
  • Improvements in patching of empty AMB files, and it also shrinks unused space when patching by small files.
  • Lots of code review + some Linux optimizations.
  • Fixed crash when progress bar is turned off
  • Improved logging.
  • Crash fix when reading small files
  • Security fix with relative paths while extraction + improved name reading
  • Now it will show the help message when "mods/mods.ini" file does not exist.

Mod Manager

  • Fixed link clicking thing that was broken for 8 months.
  • Added settings for CsbEditor.
  • Added option to recover/restore original files, delete OCMI and configs.
  • Now you can uninstall Mod Loader without installation.

One-Click Mod Installer

  • Completely redesigned, now it looks like it's been worked on.
  • Now it can install custom textures for Dolphin.
  • Now it will ask admin every time you (un)install it (count this as a security fix).
  • Now uses async when downloading and installing mods.
  • Now you can install 1CMI anywhere to download Dolphin mods.
  • Added settings.
  • Added feature to save downloaded archive to a specific folder.
  • Now you can manually enter path/url to mod.
  • Added "Delete files and continue" to the Suspicious dialog.
  • OCMI will offer to select folders to install from and into if it couldn't install it automatically.
  • Progress bar is now smoother.
  • Now you can install mods from directories.
  • Added "About" information.
  • Now you can use local copy of 7-Zip.
  • Added "Retry" button when OCMI couldn't download file completely.
  • Now you can pass a link to mod as argument.
  • Admin on uninstallation is now only required if OCMI was installed.
  • Now you can install Mod Loader using OCMI.
  • Crash fix when deleting readonly directory.