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Red Hat Events

This is the data for Red Hat's event website at:

The information in this repository is intended to cover Red Hat presence at conferences, tradeshows, and other events — ranging from Red Hat employees giving talks at a conference to a Red Hat specific event (sponsored event, Internet hangout, IRC session, etc.) to simply having a booth or even people representing Red Hat at an event in some manner.


Adding and modifying events

To add or modify conference and talk data, please see:

If you'd like to learn about the formatting of events, with plenty of examples and explanation, read the document on formatting:



To validate events, you must have Ruby and Bundler installed.

Setting up Ruby and Bundler

On RHEL & Fedora, install both by running:

sudo yum install ruby rubygem-bundler

After dependencies are met, run:

bundle install

Running the validation script

Once everything's set up, it's easy to validate events.


The result will either inform you of success or list errors that need to be fixed.