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Open OnDemand gmond python module


  • ood_active_puns - Number of active PUNs (from nginx_stage nginx_list)
  • ood_rack_apps - Number of running Rack apps
  • ood_node_apps - Number of running Node apps
  • ood_websocket_connections - Web socket connections reported by Apache mod_status
  • ood_unique_websocket_clients - Web socket connections report by Apache mod_status unique by client
  • ood_client_connections - Number of client connections reported by Apache mod_status
  • ood_unique_client_connections - Number of unique client connects reported by Apache mod_status
  • ood_max_pun_cpu_time_user - Max PUN user CPU time
  • ood_avg_pun_cpu_time_user - Average PUN user CPU time
  • ood_max_pun_cpu_time_system - Max PUN system CPU time
  • ood_avg_pun_cpu_time_system - Average PUN system CPU time
  • ood_max_pun_cpu_percent - Max PUN CPU percent (*)
  • ood_avg_pun_cpu_percent - Average PUN CPU percent (*)
  • ood_max_pun_memory_rss - Max PUN RSS
  • ood_avg_pun_memory_rss - Average PUN RSS
  • ood_max_pun_memory_vms - Max PUN virtual memory
  • ood_avg_pun_memory_vms - Average PUN virtual memory
  • ood_max_pun_memory_percent - Max PUN memory percent
  • ood_avg_pun_memory_percent - Average PUN memory percent

(*) - these metrics are currently always returning 0.


Install dependencies (requires EPEL repo):

yum -y install python2-psutil

Ensure the user running gmond can execute /opt/ood/nginx_stage/sbin/nginx_stage nginx_list. The following sudo config assumes gmond is running as nobody.

Defaults:nobody !syslog
Defaults:nobody !requiretty
nobody ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/opt/ood/nginx_stage/sbin/nginx_stage nginx_list

Must also ensure Apache mod_status is loaded and configured. The below example should have SERVERNAME replaced with OnDemand configured servername defined in /etc/ood/config/ood_portal.yml.


LoadModule status_module modules/
<Location /server-status>
    SetHandler server-status
    Require ip ::1
    Require host SERVERNAME
ExtendedStatus On

<IfModule mod_proxy.c>
    # Show Proxy LoadBalancer status in mod_status
    ProxyStatus On

The server name used to query mod_status is read from /etc/ood/config/ood_portal.yml so ensure the user running gmond can read this file.

Install plugin

Copy the plugin and config to necessary locations and restart gmond.

cp conf.d/ood.pyconf /etc/ganglia/conf.d/ood.pyconf
echo 'include ("/etc/ganglia/conf.d/ood.pyconf")' >> /etc/ganglia/conf.d/modpython.conf
cp python_modules/ /usr/lib64/ganglia/python_modules/
systemctl restart gmond

Example of testing the plugin:

# python /usr/lib64/ganglia/python_modules/
value for ood_active_puns is 43
value for ood_rack_apps is 0
value for ood_node_apps is 16
value for ood_max_pun_cpu_time_user is 25.960000
value for ood_avg_pun_cpu_time_user is 1.640479
value for ood_max_pun_cpu_time_system is 122.860000
value for ood_avg_pun_cpu_time_system is 3.203457
value for ood_max_pun_cpu_percent is 0.000000
value for ood_avg_pun_cpu_percent is 0.000000
value for ood_max_pun_memory_rss is 105934848.000000
value for ood_avg_pun_memory_rss is 24611905.361702
value for ood_max_pun_memory_vms is 3539759104.000000
value for ood_avg_pun_memory_vms is 1039310085.446808
value for ood_max_pun_memory_percent is 0.156851
value for ood_avg_pun_memory_percent is 0.036441
value for ood_websocket_connections is 16
value for ood_unique_websocket_clients is 15
value for ood_client_connections is 79
value for ood_unique_client_connections is 49

Install Ganglia graphs

These example commands would be run on the server that has the Ganglia web interface:

cp graph.d/ood*.json /usr/share/ganglia/graph.d/